Friday, August 31, 2007

Closing Of The Beit

י"ח באלול תשס"ז

I've just found a new bit of symbolism within my dream Adam From Eve. Describing the dream, I wrote:

Washing up in the shower, I saw that my left side was open. There was a big gaping surgical-like wound in my side under the armpit across from the breast area. That was weird. I had no idea how the open wound had gotten there. Odd. It didn't hurt. Nothing was falling out. The wound was clean. I finished washing up and stepped out of the shower to dress. There was a man there to help me. He saw the wound, although as I was showing him the wound, it closed up ...

On the Hebrew letter beit, R. Yitzchak Ginsburgh teaches:

The open north (left ב) side symbolizes the "fear of heaven."... The Mashiach will close the open side (ם)--The integration of free will and Omniscience and the "arrival" of messianic consiousness. ... Speaking Torah--revealing the innate spark of Mashiach.

Thus, my dream pulls together Divine Gevurah (Fear of Heaven) and raises it to Keter (Will/Crown) to reveal my innate personal spark of and connection to the Torah of Mashiach.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oro Shel Moshiach

ט"ז באלול תשס"ז

Dixie Yid writes on the eclectic approach to Torah:

He (Yitzchak Hakohen Kook) said that the light that is emerging today that has the ability to show the deeper unity within such different streams of Torah is called the "Oro Shel Moshiach."

As a Jewitch, it makes sense to me.

Read the entire post here, Mixing Different Traditions & The Light Of Moshiach.

Adam From Eve

ט"ז באלול תשס"ז

I dreamt.

I was traveling with my family in a car. My father and I were arguing (not in real life) because he didn't think I was doing like I was supposed to be doing - in other words, he thought I should be doing like everyone else in the family and get with the program. Only, I wasn't about to get with the program. I am an individual and I am going to be true to myself, I told him, and not to some idea he had of what he thought I should be. He huffed and puffed about it, but he couldn't force me into accepting to be of the generic mold he had in mind.

So, we all went back home. I went to my room. The candles on my altar were still burning. Now, I was glad we had come back home and not went on to our travel destination. It wouldn't have been safe to leave my candles unattended - it was a fire hazard to do so. So, I put out my candles with my candle snuffer and went to take a shower. We were going to head out on another journey afterwards.

Washing up in the shower, I saw that my left side was open. There was a big gaping surgical-like wound in my side under the armpit across from the breast area. That was weird. I had no idea how the open wound had gotten there. Odd. It didn't hurt. Nothing was falling out. The wound was clean. I finished washing up and stepped out of the shower to dress. There was a man there to help me. He saw the wound, although as I was showing him the wound, it closed up even though at some level I realized that it still needed care. We went to find my mother to put a dressing on it.

We found my mother and I layed down on a blanket on the floor for her to put a dressing on the wound. The man wanted to watch, but my mother made him leave while she did it. It was a woman-only thing. He couldn't be there while she dressed the wound.

I woke up,

clueless except for the story in Bereshit where Eve is taken from Adam's side while he slept. Only, in my dream while I slept, Adam (the man) was apparently taken out of Eve's (the woman) side. This is a new spin to an old story.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


י"ד באלול תשס"ז

I'm seriously thinking about going away somewhere where I can be thoroughly alone for Rosh Hashanah this year, taking my black witch's cloak, crown and some ritual supplies with me. The more I think about it, the more appealing it becomes.

I want to be alone in a place where I can "spread out" and not have to hide that I am a Jewish witch. I want to light my candles, and listen to chants without earphones, and sit on the floor within a pentagram, and write in my Book of Shadows. And giggle.

I am sick to death of people right now. Again.

I need to be alone and get away from this area. There's nowhere I want to be but alone.


י"ד באלול תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed with the moon 100% full in Pisces, during the planetary hour of Venus.

The 3 letters:

reish lamed samech רלס

These 3 letters in this order form no shoresh. So what can they mean?

In the order לסר, the letters can mean "to deviate" (from a path). For example, if someone tries to push you off the path you are on and succeeds, one could say that you deviated from that path.

But, the letters did not materialize in my reality as someone trying to push me off a path might have desired. The letters materialized differently, with the kavanah to cause harmful "deviation" in me cut off.

Indeed, that actually and aptly describes an incident today.

Right now I am struggling with a strange anger inside. I'm not quite sure what to do with this new kind of anger. It's different than any I've felt before. This must be a new level of anger. Cool anger. Not hot. Not cold. Cool and deliberate.

Monday, August 27, 2007

She Who Hasn't Forgotten

י"ג באלול תשס"ז


ner Hashem nishmat adam ... Niddah 30b
I have been diligent ... Tehilim 102:8
diligently I have remembered ... Tehilim 119:4

Once upon time, You and I walked together.

See what I am doing. Look here. See what I am making. Edges. i see what You are making. i see edges. What are edges?

Look. See what edges are doing. Looking, i see what edges are doing. What do edges feel like? Ohh! to feeeel edges! to feel edges against edges! to know edges!

Look. See. See edges against edges. These will be your edges and edges. This is what edges will do. Look and see.

i don't have the strength. i can't do it.

I will do it. I will carry you through it, to it that swallows all pain, the brightening and the brilliance.

How wonderful the things for me i see. Yes! Yes! Edges to feel! Wonderful edges with wonderful things to do!

i could remember thinking a doing things, but my senses did not retain perceptions, although a smell would remain within me, marking their actuality. i was unable to fully form and hold onto the ideas that existed in my mind.

Ohhh! to remember the feel of my edges!

Like a hug all me loosened. In an instant, my eyes could see. i was startled and amazed at the impact of remembering whole perceptions. i felt in existence.

How wonderful! This beautiful mo-ment in time!

My mother walking away, toward the yellow and white thing, opening it to pull out a cloth for my bottom. Mother! Mother! i can see!

But words as I had spoken with You would not form in my mouth of edges. Realizing that for as much as definition was desirable, for the first time, i felt limit. Turning around to speak ... but i could not turn around in remembering edges! i turned my head instead.

Ohhh! no! i can feel and hear You, but i cannot see You!

I am here.

i did not understand! i want to come home! i want to come home!

you have edges to feel and do, do you remember?

Yes, i remember how i saw with You.

you will never be alone.

But i cannot see You in this world of edges! And i will not feel and hear You always as i do now, i fear. i want to come home!

Do not fear. I will bring you home. Home is forward. Go. I will never leave you alone. Smell what I feel like. Remember. I will bring you home. I promise. Remember. I will always be with you. Remember and do not be afraid. Look at all the wonderful edges I have made ...

i turned and looked into the room, and tried to speak with my mouth of edges ... yes, i see ...

... ... ... and i remember still today that you will carry me through it, to it ... the brightening and the brilliance.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Justin Owen Penrod Laid To Rest

י"ב באלול תשס

A local man was laid to rest Saturday. Spec. Justin Owen Penrod, 24, of Mahomet, Ill., passed away at 6:15 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, 2007, in Arab Jabour, Iraq.

The Danville Commercial News reports:

Burial was in Danville National Cemetery in Danville with full military honors accorded. Penrod posthumously received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Combat Infantryman Badge and M16 Award Expert Rifle Badge.

Penrod holds another distinction along with these.

Penrod is the first Danville soldier killed in action and buried in the Danville location.

Read more here.

ברוך דיין האמת

May his memory be a blessing.

מדבק Kingdom Of Kedushah

י"ב באלול תשס

This Tuesday the moon is with full power in Pisces (ק). There is also a lunar eclipse Tuesday, where the earth (malchut מ) rises to be stationed between the sun (tiferet ד) and the moon (yesod ב).

Marking this time, a black-pigmented pillar candle empowered with frankincense, myrrh and mugwort (האה) essential oils, inscribed with the magical phrase אברא שלמא כדברא - (I create peace as I combine), will be ritually burned.

Beauty Of Hand-Dipped Simplicity

י"ב באלול תשס

For particularly special spellwork, I am going to begin making my own hand-dipped beeswax (see Witch's Moon graphic above for an idea of what a hand-dipped candle looks like) and Midnight Magic candles. My Midnight Magic candles will be black-pigmented white beeswax to which a blend of frankincense, myrrh and mugwort (האה) essential oils have been added. If you have never smelled a frankincense-myrrh-mugwort blend, you have no idea the magnitude of the magic you are missing. Of course, such a candle oil blend is like cholent - the blends of no two women are quite the same despite that the ingredients may be the same.

Aliyat Hadorot & The Divine Feminine

י"ב באלול תשס"ז

In follow-up to yesterday's entry, Imhotep & Kriat Yam Suf, here is a recrafted repost of a Walking On Fire entry originally posted May 22, 2006, Aliyat Hadorot.


Beginning with background information from this continuing online discussion:

(Pirkei Avot, on the transmission of Torah since Sinai, contributed by 'int')

Moshe received the Torah from Sinai and passed it on to Yehoshua; Yehoshua to the Elders; the Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets passed it on to the Men of the Great Assembly.
(Soncino Talmud Chagigah 16a, footnote 42, contributed by 'melech')

In the J. Hag. II, 2 we are told: At first there was no controversy in Israel except over the laying on of the hands alone. But Shammai and Hillel arose and made them four (in Bab. Shab. 14b, only three points of dispute are mentioned; cf. Tosaf. to our passage). When the disciples of the School of Hillel increased, and they did not study sufficiently under their masters (lit., ‘did not sufficiently minister to their masters’), the controversies in Israel increased, and they became divided into two companies, the one declaring unclean, the other declaring clean. And (the Torah) will not again return to its (uncontroversial) place until the son of David (i.e., the Messiah) will come.
(contributed by 'melech')

Pre-Chazal times were seen as perfect (yeridat ha-dorot and all that) and the controversies only arose much later.
(Gate Of Reincarnations, Chapter 37, The Ari, contributed by 'liorah')

Further down to the east there is an opening to a cave with a garden above it, and to the west side of the cave below there are three cracks. That is where Yossi ben Yoezer, Yossi ben Meshulam, and Yossi ben Yochanan are buried-opposite the three cracks.
(Yerushalmi Chagiga 2:2, contribued by 'TipuseiHarim')

From Moshe to the Yossis, who are the first of the pairs who receive the mesorah as listed in Pirkei Avot, no conflict of halacha arises which cannot be settled.

Yossi ben Yoezer and Yossi ben Yochanan disagree over whether semicha (pressing hands to the head of an animal about to be sacrificed) should be performed on yom tov. This dispute passed through all the zugot, down to Hillel and Shammai (note: 4 or 5 generations later), who added three additional bones of contention (note added: at which time disputes and forgetfulness of Torah increased).
(Temurah 16a, contributed by 'TipuseiHarim')

Chazal says that torah was forgotten by the end of the days of Yossi ben Yoezer.

4 Key Areas Of Disagreement Leading To Torah Being Forgotten

Taken together, the data suggest that there were 4 key areas of disagreement which led to Torah being "forgotten"; the first being the disagreement between Yossi ben Yoezer and Yossi ben Yochanan over semicha and the later 3 during the times of Hillel and Shammai.

Link To The End Of Days

"The language is that by the end of R. Yossi ben Yoezer's days, torah was forgotten" hints to the idea of "the end of days".

First & Subsequent Splits Leading To Forgetfulness

The two Yossis and Hillel and Shammai are 4 men. The "end of days" can refer to the dark feminine principle.1 So, it seems to me a possibility that the third Yossi (ben Meshulam) not mentioned with the 2 Yossis (ben Yoezer and ben Yochanan) who initiated the whole forgetting thing is connected to a split - Yossi ben Meshulam (masculine force) and "the end of days" (feminine force) of one "whole" Yossi, leading to forgetfulness in the feminine force which was expressed as forgetfulness in the masculine force in the time of Hillel and Shammai - see what I'm saying? The whole idea of "forgetting" Torah is linked to the separation between the Divine Masculine and Feminine elements.

There is 1 key area which led to forgetfulness in the feminine, and 1 + 3 = 4 key areas which led to forgetfulness in the masculine.

Master Key To Remembrance, Semichah & Transmission

Consequently, it seems to me that Yossi ben Meshulam is the single master key in the remembrance of the feminine (see Ark of an Enigma), who can in turn "undo" the other 3 areas (see Chest of Manifestation) which led to forgetfulness in the masculine.

Aliyat Ha-Dorot

This is further supported by the fact that pre-Chazal generations were seen as yeridat ha-dorot given that the expressions dor dor, dor v'dor and/or dor l'dor represent an unwanted separation and discontinuity between Netzach and Hod.1 Consequently, the phrase yeridat ha-dorot implies the opposite of separation between these two sefirot. In other words, the phrase yeridat ha-dorot implies a 4-fold unity of the "two sons of Yosef" (Yesod) with Netzach and Hod prior to the dispute between Yossi ben Yoezer and Yossi ben Yochanan. A 4-fold reunification of these sefirot could be called aliyat ha-dorot.

It makes sense too, given that Hod and Netzach are related to learning and transmission, respectively.

Importantly, aliyat hadorot is inextricably interwoven with the idea of the Divine Feminine; that is, She who hasn't forgotten (Torah and He, represented by Yossi ben Meshulam sans split).


1 Sha'are Orah, R. Yosef Gikatilla

Yechidah Lock & Key

י"ב באלול תשס"ז

In follow-up to yesterday's entry, Chest of Manifestation, which describes the arba'ah olamot (4 worlds) connection of the Ark and Chest boxes I have chosen in which to incubate my scribal tools and to create, form and do craftwork, today I make note that the old ways Lock and Key which fits the Ark box represents the Unity of Yechidah. Yechidah is represented by the letter aleph (א) in the female version of the tetragrammaton (האה), as described in A Feminine Equation of the Tetragrammaton.

The Chest of Manifestation, with a ה-pointed pentacle on each side of the א box with 3 (האה) shelves brings down the Unity of Yechidah in fit devekut with Chayah of Atzilut (the א Ark box with it's הה lock and key).

The top (third shelf from the bottom) shelf of the Manfestation Chest will be inscribed with the Shema. The bottom (first shelf from the bottom) shelf will be inscribed with the Malchuto blessing. I haven't decided on the inscription for the middle shelf yet. I may wait until I marry and inscribe my bashert's name on it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


י"א באלול תשס"ז

Dave of Balashon writes on the etymology of the magic word abracadabra:

Despite the temptation to connect the term to Hebrew or Aramaic, I'm inclined to follow Klein, who writes: [the word is] "Late Latin, from Greek abracadabra, in which the letter c (= s) was misread for k. It was originally written as a magical formula on abraxas stones, whence its name."

Interestingly, this bit of magical information connects to my entries Perspective On Ceridwen Transliteration, Torah Of Peace, Deal With It and Chest Of Manifestation.

אברא כדברא - avra k'davra - I create (peace) as I combine, and that's not "Greek" (in terms of "foreign") to me

Chest Of Manifestation

י"א באלול תשס"ז

The Ark box (representing Atzilut) which will shelter my scribal tools (described previously in Ark of an Enigma) will rest upon this base (representing Beriyah, Yetzirah and Assiyah). I call the base a Chest of Manifestation. Together, the Ark and Chest of Manifestation, represent the 4 worlds (arba'ah olamot) which "emerge out of Ein Sof and culminate in our finite physical universe."

א Chest Of Manifestation האה

Temple Pathways Scribal Ink

י"א באלול תשס"ז

My newest original recipe, Temple Pathways scribal ink here.


neither dark nor light
the torah of night

woman hides
holy creative power

questions unspoken, who knows
yes and no

meaning, empty of meaning

a paradox
one whole inclination

pure flames
guard the gate to the demon dance

where lilith laughs
with absolute delight

a wild majesty
in holy motion

secrets rest
and no angel understands


originally published on my musical website here, Chosen

Torah Of Peace, Deal With It

י"א באלול תשס"ז

Foxnews reports today that Greece is in flames and has been burning for two days.

ATHENS, Greece — Police on Saturday arrested and charged a man with arson and multiple counts of homicide in a deadly fire in southern Greece that left six people dead, the fire department said.

The 65-year-old man was arrested in connection with the fire in the southern Peloponnese town of Areopolis, department spokesman Nikos Diamandis said, where five people were burned to death on Friday and one firefighter died of a heart attack while battling the flames. The blaze is one of dozens that are burning across Greece and have killed a total of at least 46 people in the past two days.

The arrest followed the prime minister's declaration of a nationwide state of emergency.

Interestingly, two days ago, Sultan Knish suggested that Torah is extremist, so deal with it:

The Torah is an extremist work for extremist people. For people who actually care and are willing to fight for their beliefs. It has a lot for moderates to hate. It has a lot for them to distrust. Moderates love compromise and the word of G-d is uncompromising. Some time ago when the moderates turned Hellenist, the extremists slaughtered them. We call that Chanukah.

Deal with it, Sultan Knish. The Hellenistic slaughter is a kelipah of Chanukah. Chanukah celebrates the transformation of darkness into brilliance, אתהפכא חשוכא לנהורא.

Matron Who Brings Peace

י"א באלול תשס"ז

Although most of my maternal Celtic-European ancestry is English-British-Welsh (as well as Jewish), I also have some Celtic-Irish and Celtic-Germanic ancestries (as well as Native American) on my father's side. Consequently, as a witch with some Germanic heritage woven into the tapestry of who I am, it is quite legitimate for me to claim the Ertha archetype as one of my own, and I do hereby claim it.

Ertha is the "matron of witches and peace envoys". She also governs "fertility, the hearth, the home, domestic life, and the Wild Hunt." She is the Bringer of Peace and is "hostile to iron". Given Ertha's role as Peace-Bringer, it is not surprising that She is considered hostile to iron, a metal typically used to make war and shorten life. Iron's typical use as a metal of war-making is one reason why a witch doesn't typically put anything made of iron (other than her athame which never cuts anything physical or shortens life) on her altar. Ertha, the matron of witches and peace, is not "hostile" toward the iron of a witch's athame nor toward any other iron which prolongs life and brings peace.

Thus, not only is Ertha the matron of witches and peace, she is also the litmus test by which (internal and external) kavanah is judged as peaceful or warful. No warful intent gets past Ertha and into Sacred Spacetime. Only warful intent is ever cut and transformed by the iron of a witch's athame.

Ark Of An Enigma

י"א באלול תשס"ז

In follow-up to my previous post describing some of my newly chosen scribal tools, Imhotep & Kriat Yam Suf, here is a picture of the Ancient Ark I chose in which to store my scribal tools. Inside the cover of the Ancient Ark, I will engrave my Hebrew and Celtic Craft names, along with the Shema and Malchuto blessing.

I also have chosen the Old Ways Ancient Lock & Key which fits it.

Imhotep & Kriat Yam Suf

י"א באלול תשס"ז

I dreamt.

My little group and I were fleeing pursuers set on destroying or enslaving us. We came to the sea. If we can just get past the creature of the sea, we thought, we will have safely escaped. Those pursuing us wouldn’t be able to get past the creature of the sea, and if they followed us into the sea, they would be slowed down, swallowed up by it, and drown.

We stood on the shore facing into the sea. The waters piled up and created a (paradoxically) distinct yet indistinct place for us to walk through. The creature of the sea was of the waters that piled up, making our walking place. One thing is indistinctly yet distinctly clear, the creature of the sea was neither a fish nor a creature “distinct” from the sea. In other words, the formless creature of the sea was formed of the piled up waters of the sea (another paradox), much in the same manner as Imhotep’s face was formed of the waters which tried to swallow up those in the flying machine in “The Mummy” (or “The Mummy Returns”) movie. The creature of the sea was a male essence, not a female essence like Lilith or Tiamat (as I have read in the midrash and various other mythologies).

We walked into the midst of the sea (guarded by the mouth of the creature of the sea), and emerged safely on the same side of the shore from which we had entered. Yet, we were not in the same place, even though we were in the same place. Another paradox. We were on a different level now and no longer in any real danger. In other words, we were immune to the danger that still existed at the lower level we had left behind and no longer occupied. It was as if our pursuers were now completely immaterial and no longer even existed for us. They were mere illusionary figments of disappearing vapor in a dream. And magic poof – they were gone, not one of them remaining.

I woke up.

James Henry Breasted says of Imhotep (whose name means "the one who comes in peace"): "In priestly wisdom, in magic, in the formulation of wise proverbs; in medicine and architecture; this remarkable figure of Zoser's reign left so notable a reputation that his name was never forgotten. He was the patron spirit of the later scribes ..."

Interestingly, yesterday evening I chose the new Egyptian style solid silver finger stylus and solid bronze (like the Temple laver depicting the basin of the Yam Suf) dipping inkwell (a semi-sphere) I will use to scribe within the pages my Book of Shadows, Sefer Tzelem. Although an expense for me, I decided on sight that these scribal tools were an expense worthy of my Jewitchery, even though only today as I blog this entry am I discovering the symbolism inhered within the tools I chose.

And this is the (Temple pathways knotwork) vessel I chose to keep my small container of scribal ink within.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

2-3 Berries From The Uppermost Bough

ט' באלול תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed with the waxing gibbous moon 77% (עז) full during the planetary hour of Mars (ג).

The 3 letters:

nun-aleph-tet נאט

These letters bring down into actualization the Divine Feminine (of Binah נ) soul power of active restraint (אט). In other words, through this tarot reading, the power of Left Emanation is enabled to act throughout reality (to "restrain" and turn back curses, for example).

Yishayahu 17:6

Yet there shall be left therein gleanings, as at the beating of an olive-tree, two or three berries in the top of the uppermost bough, four or five in the branches of the fruitful tree, saith the LORD, the God of Israel.

וְנִשְׁאַר-בּוֹ עוֹלֵלֹת כְּנֹקֶף זַיִת, שְׁנַיִם שְׁלֹשָׁה גַּרְגְּרִים בְּרֹאשׁ אָמִיר; אַרְבָּעָה חֲמִשָּׁה, בִּסְעִפֶיהָ פֹּרִיָּה--נְאֻם-יְהוָה, אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Magical Mikva

ו' באלול תשס"ז

Another paradigm shift. Rabbi Brody of Lazer Beams has used the "magic" word to describe a mikva:

For a couple to reach their optimal income potential, it is advisable that they take advantage of the wealth of family purity, which includes the magical Jewish soul-purification tool - the mikva (ritual bath).

He wrote magical, oh yes he did. How witchy! LOL.

Mystery Of The Moth

ה' באלול תשס"ז

This evening's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed with the waxing crescent moon 40% full during the planetary hour of the Moon.

The 3 letters:

ayin-shin-chet עשח

עש ח means "moth (עש) of understanding (ח)". This meaning implies and brings down a metamorphosis of understanding, astounding perceptual clarity, and transformative shamanic healing ability.

As a shamanic power animal, on the moth from Cycle of Power Animal Totems:

Moths live in all but polar regions. The wings, bodies and legs of the moth are covered with numerous touch hairs that come off if it is handled. Because of this the moth is highly sensitive to touch. They can feel, smell, taste and determine temperatures with their featherly antennae. The tiny pegs upon them serve as receptors. This gives the moth the ability to perceive everything with clarity. Those with this totem usually have strong psychic and healing abilities. They must be careful not to pick up other people's problems and carry them around in their own energy field. If this happens, confusion and irritability can set in.

The process of metamorphosis is part of the magic moth holds. The egg stage symbolizes the birth of an idea. The larvae stage indicates the laying of a foundation. The chrysalis stage represents the process of creating, and the winged stage allows it to take flight and explore new territory.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the moth is how it wraps its wings around itself. When resting, they either fold their wings, wrap them around their body, or hold them extended by their sides. This suggests a basic nurturing quality and those with this medicine often find themselves in some care giving role.

The hearing ability of the moth is acute. They are capable of detecting ultra sound because their hearing organs are found on their legs. These enable them to sense vibrations emitted around them. Paying attention to what is being said and to what is not being said is part of the teaching the moth holds. Observing the body language of others is useful.

When the moth appears in our life (עש ח) it is asking us to pay attention to issues of sensitivity. Are you overly sensitive or insensitive to those around you? Are you involved in a situation that needs to be reevaluated? Are you honoring the integrity of all concerned?

The transformative qualities of the moth are numerous. It shows us how to develop and refine our psychic gifts. The moth is an optimist and an opportunist. It can teach us how to release unwanted influences and fly into the discovery of our personal joy.

Moth has now openly appeared in my life as a shamanic power animal. The smell of transformative discovery and joy has touched my antennae! Like moth to a flame, so mote it be!

Female Fire

ה' באלול תשס"ז

Just marking this point in time - my mother loves the Goddess incense I purchased for Llughnasadh and burn often as a writing-meditative incense. In fact, she loves it so much, she went to the witchy website where I purchased it and purchased some for herself, along with making a few other incense purchases from the site. She and I purchased the last two 100-packs of it they had in stock.

Paradigm shift. I am so happy to be able to share my love of Goddess incense with my very religious mother.

Way To A Woman's Heart

ה' באלול תשס"ז

My altar besom. Handcrafted from broom corn grown dedicated to the purpose of constructing besoms. Pine wood handle.

From History Of Early American Brooms:

"The sweeping quality of brooms changed in 1797 when Levi Dickenson, a farmer in Hadley, Massachusetts, made a broom for his wife, using the tassels of a variety of sorghum (Sorghum vulgere), a grain he was growing for the seeds. She thought Levi's broom was exceptionally good and told friends and neighbors about it."

How sweet. Levi made a witchy broom for his wife and changed the entire broom-making industry. She really liked his broom, apparently. LOL.

Lilith Segulah For Anger

ה' באלול תשס"ז

From the Albany Times Union, For Love Of Lilith:

For love of Lilith
Hebrew goddess helped an angry artist see the light

First published: Sunday, August 19, 2007

COLONIE -- Richard Callner sits in a wheelchair in his sprawling, multilevel home, staring lovingly at a Gobelin-style tapestry he made in Ein Hood, Israel, more than 30 years ago. The tapestry is rich with swirling colors and figures. It features his favorite goddess: Lilith.

Even though advanced Parkinson's disease has reduced Callner's voice to a scarcely audible whisper, he happily points out the details of the piece. With the help of his daughter, Joanne, he describes how he chose the colors of the tapestry from thousands of spools of yarn the Israeli weavers offered him.

"It works because of the complexity," he breathed.

Of the three tapestries he made on that long-ago trip, two of them hang in his home. The one in the dining room shows a side silhouette of the ancient goddess, who is regarded in Hebrew folklore as the first wife of Adam. She appears to be exhaling a menagerie of birds and flowers. The one hanging in a hallway shows Lilith in a variety of poses in the garden of Eden. She is lying on her back ... flying with birds ... becoming a bird.

At 80 years old, Callner is a legend in the international art world. His paintings have hung in spaces such as the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia; the Museum of Painting and Sculpture in Istanbul; and the Premio Internazionale Per L'Incisione in Biella, Italy. In 2003, the Albany Institute of History & Art held a 50-year retrospective of his work.

He has lived a rich, fruitful life reflected in his massive body of work. He fought in World War II, traveled the world and helped found the University at Albany Master of Fine Arts program. He taught there for almost two decades before retiring in 1991, but has continued to mentor scores of young artists.

Still working

Callner has suffered from Parkinson's for 25 years, yet has refused to stop making art. Even at this late stage, when his body shakes and he can no longer hold a brush steady, he still produces more in an average day than some artists do in a whole year.

Since he can no longer use his home studio, his wife, Carolyn, has dismantled it and they are preparing to sell their home. But at a drawing table in the living room, Callner sorts through more than two dozen small studies he has worked on in the past week. He said it takes him about two hours to complete a study and about four hours to make one of those studies into a full-sized painting.

"The quantity of work that has pored out of this man for his entire life is like a firehose," said Joanne Callner.

Earlier this month, nine of Callner's paintings were hung at the new Parkinson's Disease Center at Albany Medical Center Hospital. He sold the paintings to the hospital for a nominal price after Dr. Eric Molho, who has treated Callner for 15 years, suggested that the pieces would bring great inspiration to others suffering from the debilitating condition.

The watercolors hanging throughout the center reveal a zest for life and unmistakable playfulness. They capture a cross-hatch of brightly colored Spanish fields, apples sitting atop a table with tentacle-like legs and three slug-shaped people standing under an orange sky. They were painted in the mid-1990s, after Callner had already been suffering with the disease for 15 years.

"Even after he's been affected by Parkinson's, his art has evolved and he has continued to be important," said Molho. "It's a tribute to him but also an inspiration to our other patients."

Parkinson's is a degenerative disease of the brain that affects the production of dopamine, which controls movement. The main symptoms of the disease include slowness, stiffness, lack of motor control and tremor. The disease can be controlled in the early stages, but there is no cure.

An altered style

As the disease robbed Callner of his fine motor control, he had to change his style of painting. No longer could he create the intricate landscapes and interiors. Instead, his sense of abstraction increased. His paintings got noiser and his colors bolder.

Callner, who was raised in Chicago, grew up obsessed with art. As a teenager, he dropped out of high school to join the Navy during World War II.

After returning from war, he began formally studying art. Callner's style is culled from a variety of Euopean modernists. While in Paris, he studied with Cubist painter Fernand Leger. He received his MFA from Columbia University in 1952 and began teaching.

Callner spent these years painting angry, grotesque figures in muted colors.

In 1963, while teaching at Olivet College in Michigan, he became obsessed with Lilith. His discovery of the Hebrew goddess precipitated a change, not only in his art, but also in his outlook on life. Suddenly, his work embraced elements of humor, whismy and independence. Since then, most of his paintings have been soaked in vibrant colors and wild textures and abstractions. He began to use the image of Lilith repeatedly. Sometimes she would take the form of a woman, sometimes of a bird, sometimes of color.

Sharing with younger

For Callner, his art is not only what he puts on canvas. It is also sharing what he knows with the hundreds of younger artists who have looked up to him over the years. The artists who have had the chance to work with Callner or study under him say the man has left a monumental impression on not only their work and style, but on their lives.

"Richard is the person who got me to start painting intuitively," said Eileen Walker, who is a graduate of the UAlbany MFA program and works as Callner's assistant. "It's not an easy thing to get across to another person, much less teach it, but Richard has this love of passing along knowledge to those who want to learn it."

Val Tran, another UAlbany MFA, also worked as Callner's assistant while she was a student. In addition to cleaning his brushes and organizing his studio, she said he let her help with some of his underpaintings.

"He has his own specialized color theory," said Tran. "He teaches against the grain."

Walker agreed.

"He teaches you to never use colors out of the tube, to always mix them," said Walker. "It's an art, learning which colors push forward and which colors push back, without having a shape or form do that."

Walker and Tran have been planning an exhibit featuring the work of many of the artists who have worked as Callner's assistants over the years.

"We want to honor Richard and show how much he's given to us," said Walker.

Callner is in love with the palette itself. But when asked what his favorite color is, he can pick just one:

"The one that works."

Danielle Furfaro can be reached at 454-5097 or by e-mail at

Article posted in its entirety. This is a good article and news articles tend to be deleted after a short while. I want to save this one.

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Outer And Inner Magic

ה' באלול תשס"ז

DovBear writes about "Raccoon Club Judaism" and discusses how many strictly observant men participate in religious ritual similar in social design to the way many men participate in fraternal organizations - in other words, to engage in exclusively male camaraderie. From what I have observed at 770 and on the streets of Brooklyn during Sukkot, I think this indeed may be a significant force driving the observance of religious men. The dancing together on Shabbat in shul and in the streets during Sukkot all clearly reveal the "perk" of being included in some kind of male mystical camaraderie.

In contradistinction to ritually-inclined men, one doesn't find a need for female camaraderie among ritually-inclined women, typically. Take witches, for example. Most witches, who like chasidic men are heavily into mystical ritual, are solitary practitioners by choice. Even those witches who belong to an organized coven do not often gather together for a coven ritual. Female witches tend to be eccentric solitary creatures who engage in ritual because it's "in the blood" to do so.

Given these differences between "ritualistic" men and women, it seems that male mysticism tends to be extroverted in nature, while female mysticism tends to be introverted in nature. Generally, anyway.

Friday, August 17, 2007

What An Incredible Day!

ד' באלול תשס"ז

First of all, someone slashed two of my son's tires sometime during the night as everyone slept. But you know what? He's been working 7 days a week outside in this gawdawful heat and he needed a day off.

Then, on my way to work, my car just up and quit on the interstate, exactly 1 mile from the exit I take to work (my car came to a stop right in front of the 1 mile marker to the exit). But you know what? A nice lady stopped as I was walking and gave me a ride to work. Actually, a nice young man also stopped to offer me a ride to work before that, but my mommy has always told me never to get into a car with an unknown man, so I didn't accept it, even at my age.

Then, on account of the first two things that started off my day, I was late to this morning's meeting at work. But you know what? My boss and all those at the meeting weren't the least bit upset with me. In fact, my boss and the building director drove me out to my car to see if they could get it started and off the side of the interstate. When they couldn't get it started, they took me to the car repair place in town, so I could get my car towed and fixed while I was at work. Then, to top it off, when my car was done, my boss drove me back down to the car repair place to pick it up. It was sitting in the parking lot ready to take me home by quitting time.

And best of all, I have a good job and it all happened on payday, so I had the money to fix my car and to help out my son.

Then, in the middle of all this, something went bad on my dad's car too and he also had to take his car in to be repaired today. But you know what? My mom has a car that runs well, so dad is not carless. And most importantly, he is healing very well from triple coronary artery bypass graft surgery and recovering without any significant difficulties. Better the three family vehicles need emergency fixes than my dad's triple CABG need another fix.

Alot of inconvenient things happened today. But you know what? That dealt in the deal is all covered and taken care of.

ברוך דיין האמת

Thursday, August 16, 2007


ב' באלול תשס"ז

Yesterday evening I prepared the incense with which to consecrate my Book of Shadows. The blend was made with the waxing crescent moon 9% full, begun during the planetary hour of Mars, and completed during the planetary hour of the Sun. גוד

Everything is in place to initiate my Book of Shadows into active use this shabbat, shabbat Shoftim.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Reishit - Walking With Purpose

א' באלול תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed with the waxing crescent moon 9% full during the planetary hour of the moon.

The 3 letters:

tet-shin-vav טשו

There is no shoresh or Hebrew word comprised of these letters in this order. So, looking at the letters, one meaning is "his goodfire".

Another meaning comes by looking at the letters in the opposite order, namely ושט, meaning "and walk about" and "and stroll" - in other words, it means to meander about aimlessly, without real purpose. Using this information, we can see that the configuration of letters brought down in my tarot reading means the opposite of walking about aimlessly without purpose. Thus, טשו means to walk with purpose.

Walking in harmony with the spirit of one's purpose in life is the epitome of that called reishit.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Mask And Mirror

The Mask And Mirror by Loreena McKennitt. Excellent! Mystical, elegant, exquisite. Loreena has emerged as my favorite musician. Another breathtaking masterpiece of sound.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shamanic Vs. Modernist Mindset

כ"ט באב תשס"ז

In additional follow-up to my clarification regarding my transliteration of Ceridwen as differing from Elisheva's alternative, more literal transliteration, another distinction between our differing approaches merits making. My approach to transliteration is a shamanic approach. So, even as I was analyzing a soul connection to Celtic Ceridwen, my approach to that Celtic connection was very Native American in nature (and much like the ancient Israelite approach to traditions as well). In addition to Celtic and Jewish ancestries, I also have a significant Native American ancestry (Potawatomi and Cherokee) on my father's side.

XGH at Extreme GH discusses the Native American approach to tradition very well:

In native communities, we see a mindset starkly different than that of fundamentalism. The difference is, Indians understand the literary genre, myth. Of course "myth" is our label, not theirs; they would perhaps speak of "our traditions" or "the wisdom of the elders". Regardless, Indians "get" myth in a way that fundamentalists manifestly do not. For example, each Indian community has its own creation myth, often giving primordial animals a pivotal role. No one seems troubled by the fact that the tale circulated in one region contradicts the tale circulated in another region. No one asks whether Earth was "really" made from foam or mud, or whether the trickster is "really" a coyote or a raven. And no one feels compelled to take up arms to slay the infidel (or the witch - added). It's all good seems to be the general attitude: because Indians relate to the stories as myth. Even if the stories can't be taken literally, they have value because of the worldview they inculcate. They tell Indians how to relate to their world (e.g., respect Mother Earth; always give something back to her when you take something). They tell Indians what their place in the world is (man is not the focal point of creation, but just one of Mother Earth's inhabitants). And the stories inculcate not only a mindset but also a way of life. The stories look backward, and the way of life involves preserving the practices of the past. If you told an Indian that her traditions have no value because they are not science or history, she would tell you that you have a queer value system.

From this description, one can see that my approach to the transliteration of Ceridwen was Native American and shamanic (as opposed to modernist or fundamentalist) in nature.

Read XGH's entire article at the link above.

Perspective On Ceridwen Transliteration

כ"ח באב תשס"ז

Elisheva commented on my Livejournal regarding today's earlier entry, Distinctive Cover, that she envisions the correct Hebrew transliteration of Ceridwen to be קרידואן because a Gaelic "C" seemingly always has a "K" sound. Consequently, I should clarify my chosen Hebrew transliteration (שׂרדון) of Ceridwen.

There is no rule that says I must use a Gaelic "K" sound in my Hebrew transliteration of Ceridwen as it pertains to my own archetypal experience. I am an American-Celtic Jew whose primary spoken language is English, an Indo-European derivative (as is Gaelic). The American English letter "C" certainly may have an "S" sound. Consequently, as far as my own soul experience is concerned, it is quite legitimate for me to ascribe the "S" sound to the "C" of Ceridwen. I don't have to use a Gaelic "K" to describe my intimate experience of the Ceridwen archetype. I can legitimately use the sound which truly correlates to my experience of the archetypal reality in my own life. I'm admittedly not of purely Gaelic/Celtic ancestry. I am a tapestry of many ancestries, including Gaelic/Celtic - all of my ancestries rightly influence my experience and perspective of the Ceridwen archetype.

Thus, regardless of other equally valid ways to transliterate Ceridwen into Hebrew, in my life the Ceridwen archetype manifests through the shoresh שׂרד (being distinctive) and not through the shoresh קרד (to cut off). My vision of Ceridwen comes through שׂרד. In this way, Elisheva and I differ. Our experience of Ceridwen is not the same.

Path Of Anointing Blessings

כ"ח באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed with the new moon dark into Leo, during the planetary hour of Venus.

The 3 letters:

reish-samech-kaf ר-סך

Reish (ר) symbolizes the point of decision [1]. It is a point of chaotic bifurcation with the power to radically change the course of the world.

Samech-kaf (סך) symbolizes the decision path one steps upon following the bifurcation point - that is, being anointed with oil (Divine blessing and sustenance).

The path I am on is so.


[1] The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet, R' Michael Munk

Mabon & The Shema

כ"ח באב תשס"ז

In addition to the High Holy Days of Judaism, the Celtic festival of Mabon also occurs in September (21-23). Astronomical Mabon (the autumnal equinox) this year occurs on September 23rd in my location. It is believed that the name of the festival is derived from the figure Mabon ap Modron of Welsh mythology.

However it may or may not have been derived, transliterated into Hebrew, mabon means "from בון". In turn, the shoresh בון means to "mediate" and to be "in between" two distinctly separate entities. In other words, it stands like Binah, as a Unity of Plurality, in Malchut. שמע From such is True Understanding built.

Thus, the festival of Mabon is reishit, a Gate of Unity and Emunah, mystically embodying the Shema in its purpose - to unify plurality, making a Dwelling for the Divine in this lowest world of reality.

ברוך שם כבוד מלכותו לעולם ועד

Distinctive Cover

כ"ח באב תשס"ז

This afternoon the dark moon is new in Leo, the lion. The Temple is referred to as "the lion". With a soul-quality of Chochmah (Wisdom), the lion symbolizes the intellectual experience of new intuitive vision, the Hebrew letter tet, and through tet, to the bed upon which one rests.

In Celtic mysticism, the goddess Ceridwen is the keeper of the Holy Cauldron of transformative inspiration and Wisdom.

Transliterated into Hebrew letters, Ceridwen is שׂרדון. From the shoresh, שׂרד meaning "being distinctive", the root is employed in Shemot 35:19 to describe the distinctive cover [1] over the holy place worn by the Kohen Hagadol. The suffix "ון" implies continuity of action, perpetuation and everlasting, eternal faithfulness [2].

Thus, the name Ceridwen is a name of eternal faithfulness which distinctively covers the Holy Cauldron and brings down new intuitive Wisdom and visionary inspiration.

In observation of the dark new moon in Leo this afternoon, I will be kindling a 7.5" X 2" herbally charged black pillar, inscribed with the words לשׂרדון בקדש, dressed with Witch's Brew oil and sprinkled with Delight incense, on my altar. A Celtic incense blend will be burned in parallel.


[1] See the new distinctive cover I recently purchased for my bed, Tree of Life Tapestry.

[2] The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet, R' Michael Munk

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tefillin Shel Lev

כ"ז באב תשס"ז

And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be upon thy heart ... Devarim 6:6

וְהָיוּ הַדְּבָרִים הָאֵלֶּה, אֲשֶׁר אָנֹכִי מְצַוְּךָ הַיּוֹם--עַל-לְבָבֶךָ

Tefillin are Jewish reliquaries [1] containing pieces of parchment upon which are written verses from Torah. From wiki:

Tefillin consist of two black leather boxes, one lain on the arm and known as "shel yad" (= "for hand"), and the other lain on the head and known as "shel rosh" (= "for head").

Tefillin means remembrance.

Significantly, the tefillin shel rosh and the tefillin shel yad are not over the heart (lev). They are over the head and hand, respectively.

Like tefillin worn by Jewish men, a Jewitch's spell locket is a parchment-containing reliquary. Unlike the tefillin worn by Jewish men, this Jewitch's reliquary is a tefillin shel lev. Above is a photo of the tefillin shel lev locket-box I have purchased to wear over my heart and to "remember" who I am in environments where I cannot openly wear a pentacle or star of David. Within it I will place a piece of parchment with my Hebrew and Celtic circle names, and a "Jewitch pentacle star", all written on the parchment with dragon's blood ink, and passed through Consecration incense. In this way, even in environments not accepting of Jewitches or Jews, I can "identify myself" and "remember" who I am within the environments, even though no one in those environments may ever know it.


[1] From AzureGreen website - "A Reliquary is used for storing your sacred relics and prayers. Some say that keeping your relics in a reliquary charges them with more energy and power."

Tree Of Life Tapestry

כ"ז באב תשס"ז

This is the exquisite Tree of Life tapestry I've purchased to cover my bed. It will be ritually charged by passing it through an incense blend of 2 parts witch grass, 1 part aloeswood, 1 part nutmeg, 1 part mugwort, 1 part passion flower, 1 gall nut, and 1 part angelica.

The tapestry represents Divine blessing and the tikun of Yosef's nevuah regarding the baker's dream.

Rosh Hashanah Candle Magic

כ"ז באב תשס"ז

For information on unique Jewitch Rosh Hashanah spellwork, see my grimoire here for spell candle details.


כ"ז באב תשס"ז

I dreamt.

Of pouring. And these are the letters revealed as I was waking up to be associated with the pouring:

מי קרא פת

מי Binah
קרא summoned and gave form to
פת the morsel (of bread)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Flood Falls In Brooklyn

כ"ה באב תשס"ז

Torrential rains flooded and crippled New York's public transit systems earlier today. Foxnews reports:

"I don't know that God had rush hour in mind when the storms hit," Bloomberg said at news conference in a Brooklyn neighborhood where the National Weather Service was trying to determine whether a tornado had struck.

"It's nobody's fault. You see how hard the rain was coming down," said Mark Edwards, who tried to get on a subway in Brooklyn only to find that the line was flooded.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Feminine Equation Of The Tetragrammaton

כ"ג באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed during the planetary hour of Pluto (Da'at) with the waning crescent moon 27% [1] full.

The 3 letters in order:

gimel-the missing letter-reish ג""ר

This letter configuration is definitely related to all my "time messages". Specifically, it is related to the post on the sacred shekel. There is an order of 3 overt "steps" (madreigot) and 1 hidden step (madreiga) in BaMidbar 3:47:

You shall take five shekels each according to the head count; in the sacred shekel you shall take--the shekel is twenty gerahs.

.וְלָקַחְתָּ, חֲמֵשֶׁת חֲמֵשֶׁת שְׁקָלִים--לַגֻּלְגֹּלֶת: בְּשֶׁקֶל הַקֹּדֶשׁ תִּקָּח, עֶשְׂרִים גֵּרָה הַשָּׁקֶל

5 shekels
the sacred shekel
20 gerahs

This is what I am thinking.

The digit sum of ג""ר is 5, the gematria of the final letter hei (ה) of gerah. The hei of gerah connects the third madreiga (the final hei of the tetragrammaton through the hei of gerah) with the first madreiga (the first hei of the tetragrammaton through the number of "5" shekels), suggesting a feminine equation of the tetragrammaton. The value of 20 pertains to the sefirah Keter-Malchut of the Crown. The "missing letter" is brought down from Ein Sof through Keter, and into being via the descent of Malchut.

The feminine equation of the tetragrammaton which brings it down is האה, which is some combined proto-form of the Divine names Akvah and Ehevi, with a missing letter in place of the letters ויוה (and be! do!) which extend Akvah/Ehevi into reality. The missing letter may be some sort of heyuli through which Akvah/Ehevi extend.


[1] Twenty-seven is the im hakolel of the tetragrammaton. As the light of the moon wanes, the power of Malchut increases. In other words, the waning moon, as an im hakolel of the tetragrammaton, is focusing Divine energy of the Essential Name into Malchut.

Monday, August 06, 2007


כ"א באב תשס"ז

I dreamt.

First, from the room I am currently occupying, I captured and put outside a flying bat-like creature that had been sent to me through the closet. It had landed on the western wall of my room. I scooped it up off the wall with some sort of vessel and put it outside the door of the house.

Second, from my room when I was a little girl, I gave refuge to and healed a small group of elephant-like creatures who had been experimented on. The experimenters tried to retrieve the creatures from me, but I protected them.

Third, I was an angel. Two other angels found me, and in our meeting to converse with them angel to angel, I revealed myself to be an angel. The two had a message for me. Other angels were looking for me. I was a very important angel - not the angel Gavriel or Michael or any other angel of some other name. I was not "possessed" by an angel. I, myself, was an angel. I was an angel in my own right, by no other name but my own. The other angels critically needed my help. So, I revealed myself to be the angel they were looking for. The two angels told me to expect more angel visits, now that they had found me. Time was critical.

I woke up.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Species - Sitre Torah

כ"א באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed during the planetary hour of the moon with the third quarter waning moon 49% full.

The 3 letters in order:

zayin-nun-pei זנף

These 3 letters form no shoresh in this order. Consequently, to designate meaning, I broke the configuration into 1 word and 1 letter. זן פ

The new configuration - זן פ - means "species" or "variety of" (זן) the letter pei (פ), where pei signifies hidden esoteric knowledge. In other words, the esoteric energy of Sitre Torah is being brought down to nurture (זן) the world and remove negative influences through my humble jewitcheries. As the influence of the moon is waning, the power of malchut is waxing, to bring the esoteric energy into actualization and manifestation.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Primal Feminine Power

כ" באב תשס"ז

My Druid friend, David Drew, has written an excellent article, Be 'Witched'. An excerpt:

The witch is a person of primal feminine power, existing throughout the ages of humanity since the earliest times. She demands respect because of her accumulated wisdom and experience, her benefit to society as a midwife, a healer, a visionary, for her craft of prophecy and story-keeping, raising of children, wise advice and counsel. She stands on the edge of reality and the otherworld, communicating the messages of the ancestors, the spirits and the divine gods and goddesses. The witch is often the unseen core of a tribe, tending the hearth and singing the songs of the earth and of life, what was before, that which is now and the future. Truly she is a guide and the source of truth, like a mirror into which we realize our own strengths and weaknesses.

To read the entire article, see link above.

Bravo David!

Eikev - Just Because

כ" באב תשס"ז

Wiki on Eikev:

Eikev, Ekev, Ekeb, or Eqeb (עקב — Hebrew for “because,” the second word, and the first distinctive word, in the parsha) is the 46th weekly Torah portion (parsha) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading and the third in the book of Deuteronomy. It constitutes Deuteronomy 7:12–11:25. Jews in the Diaspora generally read it in August.

This reminds me of a poem I wrote a long time ago, originally published on my musical website as Presence By The River. Hmm. I wasn't thinking about the Mississippi River at the time, but certainly, given this week's bridge collapse into the Mississippi, and many miraculous survivals, both Jewish and Gentile children of Rivkah, one wonders ... just because.

walking thinking sitting contemplating
thoughtless restless meandering crazy light
I am
looking down upon the waters
flowing through life, quiet solitude covering
like warm mud between my toes, humming busy bees nearby
once a sad river breeze, my hair flowing in tune
thoughtless restless meandering crazy light
I am
smelling sound soft in the air
presence all around
among the reeds and grasses and whispering leaves
shadows of time playing in the mind
conceived, coming down
quiet river breathing, destiny shining, emptiness bursting full
curious creature is the mysterious living creature
I am
full of folly, wonderful folly
like warm mud between my toes, tapping a chaotic rhythm
because, just because I can
thoughtless restless meandering crazy light
because, just because
I am

Argaman Earth Royal Ritual Goblet

כ" באב תשס"ז

This is my new ritual witch's goblet. It's handcrafted with a green basin raised upon a purple stem and base. To me, the royal purple argaman color symbolizes synthesis of the universes of tikun and tohu. The green represents all life of the earth (signifying all existent reality). In the structure of my witch's goblet, all life of the earth (once cast down) now is raised up by the royal purple. ס

As I've posted before regarding lavender:

The royal purple of Torah, Hebrew argaman is derived from the Akkadian word argamannu meaning "purple". Argamannu (argewan, Sanskrit) itself is a synthesis of two Sanskrit adjectives for red - i.e., two different kinds of red - ragamen and ragavan.

Fred at On The Main Line writes regarding the etymology of the Hebrew word for purple:

Talmudists or people who actually read Daniel (ch. 5:7) know that Hebrew argaman, ארגמן, purple, is Aramaic argavana, ארגוונא.

Green (ירוק) is from the Hebrew root ירק meaning "cast down".

3:47 The Sacred Shekel

כ" באב תשס"ז

In follow-up on my thread of time post regarding the "time" of 3:47 - there is only one book of the five books of Moses, as it is currently sectioned into chapters and verses, with a chapter and verse correspondence to 3:47. That book is BaMidbar (Numbers).

BaMidbar 3:47

You shall take five shekels each according to the head count; in the sacred shekel you shall take--the shekel is twenty gerahs.

וְלָקַחְתָּ, חֲמֵשֶׁת חֲמֵשֶׁת שְׁקָלִים--לַגֻּלְגֹּלֶת: בְּשֶׁקֶל הַקֹּדֶשׁ תִּקָּח, עֶשְׂרִים גֵּרָה הַשָּׁקֶל

Five shekels is the redemption price of the firstborn.

The sacred shekel denotes spiritual equality, balanced harmony among the middot, and hishtavut among all forces and all levels of creation.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Time Of Truth

י"ח באב תשס"ז

Today is one traditional (as opposed to astronomical) observance of Lughnasadh. The Hebrew letter tarot reading of traditional Lughnasadh was performed during the planetary hour of Pluto, with the waning gibbous moon 81% full, as I listen to Loreena McKennitt's Book of Secrets CD, and as my ritual Lughnasadh candle and "Goddess" incence burned together on the altar under which rests my Book of Shadows.

The 3 letters in order:

shin-ayin-samekh שעס

שע time, turning towards, pay heed to, hour
ס fundamental truth equally encompassing all levels of Torah and reality

I wonder if the hour my watch stopped unusually in all my time passages of last week is relevant here?

3:47 p.m. Indiana time

Time will tell.

50 Kids Spared On Miracle Bus In Bridge Collapse

י"ח באב תשס"ז

Foxnews reports.

50 Kids' Lives Spared on 'Miracle' School Bus During Bridge Collapse
Thursday, August 02, 2007

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — It stuck out in the first video images from the freeway bridge collapse: a bright yellow school bus, sitting on the concrete deck, slightly tilted to one side perhaps, but more or less upright amid the wreckage.

At the White House on Wednesday night, staffers, directors and concerned neighbors recounted the events leading up to an almost unbelievable outcome. A bus from an inner-city summer youth program, full of kids still wet from a day at a suburban water park, fell nearly 65 feet into the Mississippi gorge, and no one was killed or even seriously injured.

"It was a miracle," said Tony Wagner, president of Pillsbury United Communities, which runs the community center, along with others.

As of 11 p.m. Wednesday, in fact, only one person on the bus, a Waite House staffer, was even being held overnight at the hospital, according to Wagner. In all, there were 50 kids on board, plus a driver from First Student bus company, and eight Waite House staff members.

Amazing. Read the full story at link above.

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