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Incense Named "The Delight"

ט"ו באדר תשס"ז

My newest incense recipe to banish negativity is called "The Delight" השעשע.

2 parts frankincense (olibanum) שש
2 parts organic rosemary עע
1 part dragon's blood ה

The kabbalistic Hebrew letter correspondence for each ingredient is listed above and was abstracted from a standard table of correspondences, with the exception of rosemary. The Hebrew letter correspondence for rosemary was derived as follows:

Rosemary = כליל-הר
total gematria = 90 + 205 = 295
digit sum = 16

The 16th letter of the aleph-beit is ayin ע.

Shashua is the first level of revelation of the Essence of the Divine Aur Ein Sof. From the Inner Dimension:

The twice repeated syllable sha (shin ayin) represents in Kabbalah the number (370) of lights that radiate from the countenance of God. When they shine out of and then back into the consciousness of the Divine countenance a sha'ashuah, delight, is born.

I prepared my first batch of השעשע this evening, 15 Adar 5757, during the 6th night hour, under the "planetary" influence of the moon, which holds the keys to heaven and earth [1].


[1] Sefer Yetzirah, R' Aryeh Kaplan (p. 180)

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