Monday, March 05, 2007

Unique Abramelin Blend

ט"ו באדר תשס"ז

The following unique blend is my modified version of both the biblical Holy anointing oil (Shemot 30:22-25) and an incense oil described by Abramelin the mage.

Liorah-Lleucu's experimental Abramelin recipe:

2 parts myrrh
1 part cinnamon
1 part clove
2 parts labdanum
7 parts olive oil

Cinnamon, clove and myrrh all function to augment, raise (in terms of making energy available) and lift spiritual vibrations. From experience, in my own spellwork, cinnamon when burned has certainly proven to pack a whollop. I'm ready to try it again. This time however, I am focusing that previously unfocused power toward recollection of preincarnate memories.

In contradistinction to the typical Abramelin/anointing recipes, I am substituting labdanum for cassia and clove for calamus.

Clove, like cassia, is cinnamon-like. Clove also functions to drive away hostile and negative vibrations.

Labdanum penetrates the deep mind to bring out subconscious and superconscious memory.

My experimental blend has been formulated to bring more fully my preincarnate memories into conscious awareness. I plan to make the incense on Wednesday, under the influence of the archetypes of Moshe and Rhiannon.

I'm currently working on a ritual to accompany using this incense. Likely, I will precede any use of my "Abramelin" incense by banishing negativity using the incense described in the previous entry.

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