Friday, March 09, 2007

Odd Dream Message

י"ט באדר תשס"ז

The dream I had last night was a rather low level dream. Nevertheless, one character's presence in the dream was so "out of place" within the dream, as was the message in context of the content of the dream, that I am going to document what the strange woman reported to me within the dream.

Her odd message to me was namely this:

Major war is coming soon, maybe as soon as tomorrow. The war's formal initiation involves Pakistan in some way.

That's it, although two other points to note about this strange woman oddly out of place in my dream:

1. She eyed my father as she spoke to me in the presence of my mother in the dream also. Hmmm.

2. Her implication while telling me this message was that all my attempts to order and fix the lives of myself, my children and my grandchildren were futile because war was coming soon.

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