Monday, March 05, 2007

Black Thread Of לוא

ט"ו באדר תשס"ז

I dreamt.

I traveled with others to a gathering at the fairgrounds outside of a town. I was in the front passenger seat. Someone else was driving.

The fairgrounds had many booths representing many "outcast" peoples. There was a booth there for Israel as well. I was leaving behind "acceptability" to the townpeople of the town by leaving and going to the fairgrounds. I didn't care. I really didn't care. Not one iota. (This is connected to what happened at work yesterday. I didn't care there either. Their threats bounced off me like tiny bubbles. I went to the fairgrounds in the dream and I left the bad situation they had created for me in real life.)

After this, in another place, inside some kind of public room, a large piece of crumpled "whitish" paper maybe a foot or so in size came stealthily toward me in the air near but above the floor. I instinctually put out my left hand against it even though it didn't look apparently threatening.

Yet, it must have been threatening because automatically without commanding it, from the fingertip of my left little finger shot a black string like thick spider silk. It wrapped around the approaching crumpled paper repeatedly, forming an octahedron of encasing black string around it like prison bars. The black string which had shot from the tip of my little finger stopped the paper's approach in its tracks. The two parallel "vertical sides" of the octahedron were longer than the top 3 and bottom 3 "sides" (the diagonal and horizontal "sides").

When the black thread had first emerged from my finger, I had wanted to withdraw my hand - I thought I might be doing black magic. But, the person beside me said, "no, you have to let it play out." The black spider-like thread, though I wasn't controlling it, was a controlled force at a deeper level. The black thread didn't go anywhere but to bind up the crumpled piece of paper that had been stealthily approaching me. It was only "attracted" to the piece of seemingly nonthreatening, but clearly threatening, piece of crumpled paper. I let it play out.

At this point - the Hebrew letters LUA לוא became associated in my mind with the instinctual protective action of the black string. The automatic instinctual protective action is connected to these letters.

I woke up.

Clearly, appearances can be deceiving - the whitish (seemingly good) paper had "evil" intent (to harm me), while the (seemingly bad) black string had "good" intent (to protect me).

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