Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy Hod & The Holy Eight

י"ח באדר תשס"ז

As mentioned in the previous two posts, Lenpw (Anubis) is associated with the Eye Of Horus-Ra (ayin ע), a symbol of Divine Protection and Guidance. Lenpw is the son of Osiris (as is Horus, who in Egyptian mythology, battled the evil god Set). Winning this battle, Horus-Anubis was granted rebirth in the Underworld. Why are these associations important?

First, on ayin:

The name YHVH יהוה has the kabbalistic value of 26. The full spelling of ayin (ayin-yod-nun עין) has a gematria of 130, where 130 = 5 X 26, representing the situation where YHVH permeates the Malchut of all 5 universes.

In Gnostic kabbalah, this unitary property of ayin is understood to be the Holy Eight ח, where the two points of the ayin are joined by an infinity sign - a sideways eight. Both eight and five are represented by feminine sefirot, Binah and Malchut, respectively. Eight can also represent Hod, the eighth sefirah.

Second, connections in the news tonight:

"NEW YORK (AP) -- Eight children and an adult died and several others were injured in a devastating fire in a three-story home in the Bronx, said authorities who called it one of New York's deadliest blazes in recent memory.

Fire Department spokesman Seth Andrews confirmed the death toll early Thursday. The cause of the late-night fire had not been determined."

Read the full story at link above.
Note: The "diamond-triangle" formation atop the pentagram in the graphic above connects to my dream about Gavriel and to the unique pentacle diagram I associated with that dream.

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