Thursday, February 08, 2007


כ" בשבט תשס"ז

I dreamt.

I was a new student in a school for witches. The headmistress came into the dormitory to do an inspection. My bed was the first bed in the dormitory right inside the door. She didn't like my writing pen, as it was not like everyone else's, and wanted to throw me out of school for it. I told her that my pen had been "okayed" by the admissions officer. She wanted to expel me on account of my unusual pen, but she was afraid to. I had a powerful protector, she knew it. So, she reluctantly "let it go".

The headmistress then went on to the student next to me. The headmistress (HM) didn't like this student's blanket, as it too was "different" than all the other students' blankets. The HM was overly strict and thought the woman's blanket was too colorful and not plain enough, like everyone else's. She made some bad remark about the woman's blanket and publically considered expelling the woman, to embarrass her before actually expelling her.

"I think it's a beautiful blanket." I said aloud to the woman next to me, in support of her and the "kosherness" of her blanket. The HM went wild, calling up a curse to expel and destroy us both. She called up many snakes who invaded the dormitory and directed them toward us. But, the snakes all congregated under another student's bed down the line.

I instructed the woman student next to me and other "kosher" students (in terms of having good kavanah) to exit the dormitory quickly.

Then, I revealed (even to me) myself, drawing up my stature saying, "I am Gavriel." [1]

Things in the dormitory started to swirl like a cyclone and all the unkosher (in terms of harboring "evil" kavanah) students remaining and their things, along with the HM and the snakes she had called up, were sucked up out the door at the "top" (reminds me of this pentacle diagram) of the dormitory. The top door through which those with "evil" kavanah were "sucked up" was opposite in the dormitory of the "bottom" door which was proximal to my bed.

I had the knowledge that only I and a man "opposite me" were left alive "about the place" of the dormitory. Everyone else who had remained in the dormitory had been sucked up into whatever fate lay outside the "door" of protected existence.

I woke up.


[1] Gavriel is the archangel who occupies the position of Da'at of Yetzirah and Yesod of Beriyah.

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