Saturday, February 24, 2007

Adar 7 Tarot - Major Change, Etz Chayim

ז' באדר תשס"ז

Tonight's Adar 7 tarot reading is the third reading I've done on myself. The results of the first (02/05/07) and second (02/13/07) readings have been posted previously.

Reading recorded as performed at 11:11 pm, using the traditional Keltic spread. Deck moved through the smoke of Dragon's Blood incense prior to reading. Deck rests covered with witch's jewels on altar not in use.

S/Q - fool

Position 1 - three of swords
Position 2 - Tower (Bala Lake) ע
Position 3 - ace of cups
Position 4 - king of cups
Position 5 - six of cups
Position 6 - three of wands
Position 7 - nine of wands
Position 8 - ten of wands
Position 9 - six of swords
Position 10 - four of swords

P1 - current situation, estranged

P2 - Divine Providence ע working in my favor toward major change, breakthrough, triumph

P3 - higher self indicates protection and movement toward a blessed, fruitful phase of life

P4 - subconscious in communication with a visionary, gentle man

P5 - innocence influencing current situation

P6 - relationships marked by investigating new directions and broadening perspectives

P7 - wisdom born of experience, warrior discipline, defensive measures influencing outcome

P8 - perseverence within environment influencing situation

P9 - hope for new movement and improvement in situation

P10 - outcome, reprieve, recovery and a period to incubate the future

Only one card, the Tower, from the major arcana fell out into this tarot reading. The Tower, corresponding to the Hebrew letter ayin, by virtue of being the only card from the major arcana, acutely focuses the reading on the concept of Divine Providence. In other words, my destiny is being Divinely directed and driven. The Tower card is pointedly highlighting this fact.

There are 3 wands, 3 cups and 3 swords. These suits from the minor arcana represent Atzilut, Beriyah and Yetzirah, respectively. Importantly, 3-3-3 is balanced in number through the universes. The 9 cards represent the letter tet ט, the vessel of peace. The significator/querent card, the Fool, corresponding to the letter tav ת, the "last" letter of the aleph-beit, represents Malchut (the "last" sefirah) and Assiyah (the "last" universe). The sole card from the major arcana corresponds to Chochmah (in tarot position 2) of the universe of Kadmon, and to Keter in the sefirotic diagram below when results are "shaped by number" as follows.

Taking the values together in order, I have 1-3-3-3-1, which when spread out with dots, looks amazingly like a modified GRA configuration of the sefirotic tree. It's an unusual etz chayim, for sure. It's the modified Natural Array of the sefirot as shown in Figures 2 and 3 of Sefer Yetzirah (pp. 26, 28).

The earth hangs on nothingness (Iyov 26:7) ... the whole sefirotic diagram here "hangs" from the letter "ayin", from the only card of the major arcana.

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