Saturday, February 10, 2007

Appropriation Of Divine Lifeforce

כ"ג בשבט תשס"ז

I discussed in a previous entry that I plan to begin my reversal ritual on the Dark Moon of February 17th during the void of course moon. In this discussion I linked the moon's void courses to rectified Tohu, and to opening to receive the Light of rectified Tohu (with which to power manifestation of the ritual's intent) via the procedure of opening a new jar of black sesame seeds.

Interestingly, the day I plan to do all this, February 17th, is also the birthday of Hindu goddess Kali Mah [1]. Kali is a Sanskrit word meaning both "time" and "black", just like the Dark Moon is both "time" and "black". Importantly, in terms of ritual intent, Kali Mah (or alternatively, Mah Kali) is a Divine Feminine archetype of compassion, liberation and enlightenment. A fierce goddess of chaos and complexity, Kali Mah is nevertheless an epitome of compassion. The "compassion of chaos" is kabbalistically called chasdei David hane'emanim [2] and is linked to a doubling of the 50 Gates of Understanding. In other words, Kali Mah is linked to 100 Gates of Understanding.

Transliterated into Hebrew letters, Kali Mah is כלי מאה, meaning "my all" and "multiplying". In other words, all that I know and understand will be multiplied in holiness. How can I say in holiness? Because מאה also means one-hundred (Gates of Understanding, for example) [3], the value of the letter of holiness which is ק kuf. מאה can mean two-hundred too [3]. Thus, there is a multiplying double portion of knowledge and understanding tied into the symbolism of Kali Mah.

The double portion associated with Kali Mah further supports her connection to the idea of rectified chaos, just as the mitzvah of challah and its double portion (of loaves) is associated with the rectification of chaos. In terms of enlightenment, Kali Mah's double portion is additionally connected to the double portion of nevuah received by Elisha HaNavi.

Kali Mah is a Dark Goddess, like the moon of February 17th this year is a Dark Moon. Considering the transcendent magick of void of course moontimes of the upcoming ritual, the Hebrew letter kuf through the Mah of Kali's name corresponds to the power of the material realm to expropriate transcendent Divine lifeforce. Thus, this detail of the day further supports the ritual endeavor toward success.


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