Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Crown Of Testimony

י"א באדר תשס"ז

As the reversal candle is burning during the upcoming reversal and protection ritual, I will be burning the bark removed to make my baresman (ritual wand). Tree bark in Hebrew is קליפת העץ.

קליפת has a gematria of 620, the same gematria as כתר, the crown

העץ has a gematria of 165, the same gematria as מענה, of testimony

Thus, the words and kavanah of the ritual will ascend to the crown to witness on my behalf. The word מענה is found translated as dwelling place in Devarim 33:27.

The ancient G-d is a dwelling-place, a support are the arms everlasting. He drove out the enemy before you, by His command: Destroy!

This a good pasuk for a ritual aimed to remove the power of enemies from my life.

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