Monday, February 05, 2007

Sefer Tzelem

I obtained my new Book Of Shadows (Sefer Tzelem) this afternoon. It has a wooden cover and a leather spine. It may also be why I was to remain "hidden" (off the internet, see 8 of swords here) until it's acquisition was finalized.

I'm working on the pentacle design which will grace its front and back pages. Right now, it looks something like this:

Notes on my pentacle:

Directions according to Sefer Yetzirah, Ari, Zohar and Tikuney Zohar

Capricorn – W/earth, birth month zodiac sign (nefesh elokit)

Ayin ע – S/water, birth month Hebrew letter (ruach)

Kuf ק – N/fire, month (adar) of return to Torah, mikveh immersion (neshamah)

Samekh ס – E/air, month (kislev) of dream initiation into Druidic mysteries (chayah)

Beith (ogham letter, also a kametz) – Spirit (messianic spark), Imbolg/Tu B’Shevat (yechidah)

Liorah Chanah in paleohebrew
Lleucu in ogham letters
YHVH Eloheinu YHVH in ogham letters

Sefer Tzelem consecration notes:

Pass through smoke of banish negativity incense and dragon’s blood.
Anoint with 5 drops essential eucalyptus oil in olive oil.
Draw pentacle above on front of first page and back of last page.
Write each letter with special ink, with each letter/character, chanting:

Book of words, book of deeds, the art within blessed be.

After writing witch name, chant:
Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le’olam va’ed, amen. So mote it be.

Kiss the front, back, top, bottom, side and spine, saying:
Consecrated are you to me.

Wrap with black cloth and tie with a hand-braided red cord.

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