Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The King's Daughter

I dreamt.

I was a young woman with a baby. We were both hidden together in some way at my earthly parents' home. There was a family reunion or some similar summertime gathering with picnic tables upon which sat many kinds of food items brought to the gathering by the different people.

I tried to get a plate of food for the baby and myself, but the baby was big and I couldn't manage it well as it took both my hands to hold the baby securely. No one would help me. I was getting frustrated and resigned myself to not feeding the baby or myself until after everyone was gone - when it was safe to put the baby down long enough to gather up a plate of food.

Some part of me was aware that something wasn't quite right. This was my human family, but I was not an earthling. I was an alien on this planet. I didn't know how I had gotten here or why I was here, lost among the humans, but I was for some reason. That much I knew.

The dream morphed. I was now a schoolgirl of teenage age. The local school called upon all parents to send all their children to school for some screening test. All parents complied. Mine too. So, off to the school building I went and stood in line for the "medical" screening, like schoolkids stand in lines for vaccinations.

When I came to the front of the line, I had to sit down in this special chair for the test. I sat and the screener put a headpiece-helmet over me that looked like the head of a monkey. The "bill" of the headpiece looked like a monkey's top lip. I RECOGNIZED this monkey in whose image the headpiece had been made, though I said nothing to the screener. For some reason, I knew I was hidden yet I didn't know why. The monkey was the same monkey who had cared for me when I was a newborn on this planet! THIS MONKEY WAS MY MONKEY! For some reason I felt relieved and very very happy.

As soon as the screener fit the headpiece securely over me, it lit up. It perfectly fit only me, like Cinderella's shoe. They had found me! "We have found her!", the screener whispered to the other screeners. The news reverberated quietly down the line of screeners.

The screening lines shut down and I was quickly and covertly whisked off to a waiting spaceship. I was the King's daughter. I had been hidden because of rebellion in my father's kingdom. Many were trying to find and kill me, to steal my father's throne.

I was grown up enough now to return to my rightful place in the Kingdom. We were flying still in secret, but not entirely in secret, because the King wanted those in his Kingdom to know that His daughter was returning. My father also wanted the rebels to know that His daughter was returning with power. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

On the journey home, my guardians would be instructing me regarding all I had not had the opportunity to learn as a human being.

I woke up.

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