Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clear Confusion, A Witch's View Of Purim

ה' באדר תשס"ז

Jason Miller (Protection & Reversal Magick) writes regarding confusion spells:

Another way to remove an enemy working against you without bringing him or her into direct harm are rites of confusion. Some see this as a type of jinx in and of itself, but confusion spells have been used in hoodoo and witchcraft as protection for many, many years. When faced with an obsessive enemy who will not give up, a bit of confusion can be a tame but effective way to deal with that enemy.

While Mr. Miller discusses confusion spells independent of general reversal magick, confusion may also return to sender in natural consequence to reversal magick alone, if one's enemy has, in the context of casting a curse, incorporated a "confusion spell" into the curse.

Considering that a rite of confusion is a commonly known occult method of protection and/or cursing, one could posit a link between this occult rite and Purim. Three primary themes of Purim are cursing, protection-defense and confusion. While Mordechai and Esther emerged alive from the occult-induced "time of confusion", Haman did not - testifying clearly as to the underlying motives of all hidden amidst the confusion.

Consequently, we can see that true clarity emerges when a curse of confusion doesn't kill the witch. Importantly, each is accountable for the "magick" he or she performs, whether he or she calls his or her magickal operations "magick" or not.

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