Monday, February 05, 2007

First Tarot Reading

Later yesterday evening, following my first skrying attempt, around 10:30PM, I attempted my first tarot reading - on myself, using a traditional Keltic spread.

Keltic spread I used:


Virgin deck (newly used and never shuffled Llewellyn tarot cards), Universe/querent removed as self-significator, deck now shuffled and cut several times. Face down, 10 cards selected at random and layed out face down in the keltic spread. Cards turned over, revealed and read one at a time, in order 1 to 10. (Keltic Spread Basics)

Significator/Querent – Universe (Cadair Idris)

Position 1 – Emperor (Bran the Blessed) – protection in current situation

Position 2 – King of Pentacles – protector is an intelligent, grounded, ethical, practical leader; obstacle is a corrupt, dangerous, unethical enemy

Position 3 – Four of Swords – message from my higher self is aimed toward recovery by keeping hidden, withdraw, protection in silence

Position 4 – Queen of Cups – basic self is imaginative, romantic, compassionate, loyal, genuine, refined, cultured, just and honest, encourages the dreams and talents of others

Position 5 – Six of Pentacles – past events influencing the present situation –
protection: charitable acts, balancing the scales (see first skrying attempt last evening)
obstacle/enemy: jealousy

Position 6 – Eight of Wands – relationships with others opening, opportunity requiring a swift response in the immediate future, make haste when it surfaces

Position 7 – Two of Pentacles – self factors which might influence outcome: heed red flags, don’t ignore details, think intuitively on my feet like in ICU, don’t guess but don’t be afraid of risk

Position 8 – the Tower (Bala Lake) – things in the environment and unseen forces which might influence the outcome: possible dramatic change breaking through, reversal of circumstances (see reversing curses)

Position 9 – Temperance (Keeper of the Well) – hopes and fears: ability to adapt, managing the change calmly and thoughtfully, synthesis of opposites (see first skrying attempt and Sefer Yetzirah on the mother letters), inner peace, self control, creating visionary art bridging the worlds, harmony

Position 10 – Eight of Swords – possible betrayal or unexpected aggression in response to change of situation, remain on guard, someone isn’t going to like a good change in my situation and may act with an attempt to destroy it

Cards from the major arcana (the stronger driving forces):
Emperor, Tower, Temperance

Cards from the minor arcana (the weaker forces, but the details):
King of pentacles, 4 of swords, queen of cups, 6 of pentacles, 8 of wands, 2 of pentacles, 8 of swords

Details in the details:
8 of swords has a net in it.
2 of pentacles has a stormy sea and foxtail in it.
8 of wands has 5 horned deer in it.
6 of pentacles has a bridge in it.
Queen of cups has a fish image in the throne.
4 of swords has a guard dog in it.
King of pentacles is pointing toward the east/air point of the pentacle with his left hand.

Overall interpretation: I am being successfully protected by a strong force - even the seeming annoyances are in some way serving to protect me through providing "silence" at critical moments. Additionally, though the protection and upcoming reversal ritual is and will be successful, I need to be aware of and prepared for possible jealous aggression in response to a positive change in my circumstances.

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