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Secret Of Sar HaTorah

כ"א בשבט תשס"ז

Earlier today, laying half-awake in bed following the dream in which I revealed myself to myself to be the archangel Gavriel, a name suddenly flashed into my mind from nowhere - the name was elisima.

The code is a composite of אלי and סימה.

אלי is from the Hebrew root אלה implying mastering the elements and natural forces. The word itself means "to me". Thus, this part of the code gives "to me" the requisite power of consciousness to master the elements and natural forces. The digit sum of the word אלי is 5, the value of the letter hey (ה), where the letter hey is symbolic of the feminine sefirot of malchut and binah.

סימה is Aramaic meaning "treasure".

Hmm. Where have I read about a secret treasure where angels are involved in its giving? I remember now ...

The codename elisimi means "the secret treasure of God's storehouse has been given to me" as discussed in the mysticism of Sar HaTorah [1]. This is quite interesting given my dream about being the archangel Gavriel. In the mysticism of Sar HaTorah a conversation between God and the angels is recorded prior to giving out this highly prized secret treasure from God's storehouse:

God says: "A mighty battle did My servants and the prosecutor, the greatest of the ministering angels wage." And in the following passage we have the words of this prosecutor, in the name of the angels on high: "This secret should not leave Your storehouse and the secret and cunning from Your treasure. Do not make flesh and blood be like us, do not have humankind in our place .." [1]

So, I've been made to be Gavriel, just as the angels feared and have been given the secret treasure from the storehouse as well. Very good and yay and hip-hip-horray!


[1] The Ancient Jewish Mysticism, Joseph Dan (chapter IX and p. 155)

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