Friday, February 09, 2007

Gavriel, Daniel, Anna & Chanah

כ"א בשבט תשס"ז

I'm not sure the connection, perhaps some failed sympathetic magickal operation aimed against me, but there are some interesting coincidences I'm noting between my dream earlier of being the archangel Gavriel and news later the same day of the sudden death of Anna Nicole Smith. She was only 39 [1] years old. Next to the CNN story about Anna Nicole's sudden death, there was even a front page story about a snake attack, just like snakes were also sent to attack me in my dream.

Gavriel appears by name in the book of Daniel in association with the End of Days. I live in a town called Danville. Daniel is the name of Anna Nicole's son (who died suddenly earlier this year) and 5-month old Dannielynn Hope is her now motherless daughter. The age of Anna Nicole's daughter is pentagonal, like the center of my pentacle [2] here. My middle English name is Ann and my second Hebrew name is Chanah (meaning "favored").

Like I wrote, the coincidences strike me. Death didn't strike me though. For that, I give thanks.

ברוך דייו האמת


[1] 39 is 40 less 1, where 40 is both a pentagonal pyramidal number and an octagonal number

[2] pentacles are considered to be protective devices among witches

UPDATE: Anna Nicole, 1967 - 2007

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