Monday, February 26, 2007

Point Of Chaotic Bifurcation, Twig-Cedar

ט' באדר תשס"ז

I previously noted some connections between the brutal murder of Erez Levanon and my third tarot reading of Adar 7th. These noted connections were strikingly similar in a sympathetic way - ayin/Bat Ayin and bala/Bela.

I've found another sympathetic magickal connection between the two events. Yet, this particular connection is opposingly sympathetic. It is a clear point of distinction and a point of chaotic bifurcation [1].

In my tarot reading, the "outcome of the matter" (in position 10) as it pertained to my situation came up to include "a period to incubate the future". The meaning of this phrase can be decribed by the shoresh זמר, which generally means "to energize before final emergence" [2]. In other words, the shoresh זמר can meaningfully describe a "period in which to incubate the future".

More significantly, twig זמורה is from the root זמר. The first name of the murdered man is Erez ארז, meaning cedar. In Ta'anit 20a, twig and cedar are found together with respect to the heart. Ta'anit 20a instructs us to have a soft heart like a twig and not to have a hard heart like a cedar.

While I didn't know Erez Levanon, he was known as a gentle man. Consequently, the "hard heart" (cedar) sympathetically opposing "soft heart" (twig) connects to him through his name (as opposed to any negative character trait). Interestingly, that Erez was indeed a gentle man was also confirmed in my tarot reading - in position 4, which indicated that my subconscious was somehow in communication with a "visionary gentle man". Our destinies were subconsciously linked for some reason, and that information was brought out during the tarot reading, along with all the other connections, before the man was brutally murdered.


[1] In chaos theory, a bifurcation is a point of radical divergence with the potential to reshape the entire world.

[2] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark

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