Friday, February 16, 2007

Utter Falsehood

כ"ח בשבט תשס"ז

Nava at Mystical Paths writes:

It is your choice – but look at the choice that is before you. If you strive to live in accordance with your Yetzer Tov – Chaim – Life. And if you permit your Yetzer HaRa to dominate – Mavet – Death. And there is the difference, right before your eyes: living the life of Torah requires effort. Living a life without Torah requires… nothing. Do Teshuva, collect Mitzvot, chesed, break your will...

First of all, a person isn't supposed to "break" his or her will, he or she is supposed to fix it. The only use for a broken will or mind is to be used by other people with ill will. Even a casual observation of human nature suggests that most people already have "broken" wills.

Second, the whole point of mastering one's yetzer hara is not to "dominate" one's yetzer hara via one's yetzer hatov, but to transform and elevate the yetzer hara to holiness, and then to integrate the yetzerim into a united yetzer of singular Divine purpose.

Third, the statement - "living a life without Torah requires … nothing" - is an utter falsehood which invalidates the sacred humanity of all nonJews. Torah lists at least 7 universal Noahide laws REQUIRED of all people, Jews and nonJews alike. That, in itself, demonstrates the untruth of Nava's statement.

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