Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sam Chayyim

כ"ט בשבט תשס"ז

Catherine Yronwode, a hoodoo rootworker writes regarding reading signs in candle magick:

When we burn candles, we often watch and wait for divinatory signs that tell us how the work is going to come out -- that is, whether the spell will be a success or not. Some of the common signs we observe are so-called "coincidences" (especially names and subject matter that relate to those in the spell). We can also consult a system of divination, such as using a pendulum or a Jack Ball, reading or cutting playing cards or tarot cards, or employing Bibliomancy (divination by means of a book such as the Bible). Another easy way to get a divination on candle-burning spells is through ceromancy -- divination by wax. In this case, the wax we "read" is the wax of the candles themselves.

As I was making my kabbalistic name incense last night, I noticed a strange wax formation hanging off the side of my black shabbat candle (which had been dressed with essential lavender oil prior to lighting it). The candle had been burning for quite some time, and I hadn't noticed the figure form on the side of candle. My kavanah was focused on blending my name incense, and yet, at the perfect time, the candle flame caught my eye.

The odd formation was the figure of a man who appeared to be "hanging on" (down and up the side of the candle) to get a glimpse of the flame [1]. The figure wasn't just dripping down the side - it was attached to the main portion of the candle wax via a small projection near the center of the body and had a "head and upper body portion" which was "gazing" at the flame. The attachment was shaped like - well, you know what - it also appeared to look like the death sickle in the hand (not raised, but lowered) of the grim reaper from another angle.

I considered knocking the wax off the body of the candle, as if it were a klipah. But, I decided to let it fall off gently as the candle continued burning. The figure seemed singlemindedly enchanted by the flame.

Later that evening, as I was removing (with a ritually dedicated utility knife) resin stuck to my pestle, I unintentionally scraped off a small bit of the pestle material itself. If you've ever worked with the thick resin of chelbenah, you can easily understand how this might stick to a pestle.

Reflecting upon all this, it's clear that the deep mind was operating here last night, given the figure of a man formed from the candle wax and the "brit milah" performed on my pestle last night. Truth is stranger than fiction could ever be. My name incense is truly an elixir of life everlasting.


[1] The candle I used was a black taper (not shown).

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