Thursday, February 22, 2007

Avoiding Apocalyptic Wars

ה' באדר תשס"ז

In my previous entry, I posited a connection between the occult method of casting a curse containing a spell of confusion as a component and Purim. In other words, the story of Purim can be seen as an occult duel between archetypal Mordechai and Haman. In the Purim story, Mordechai is the winner and Haman is the loser, where the life or death outcome of each is dependent upon personal merit or lack thereof.

Likely, both Mordechai and Haman each considered his own perspective to be meritorious, while he considered his opponent's perspective to be utterly evil. But, nothing human is ever utterly evil. Moreover, one could posit that the death of Haman demonstrates that Mordechai the Jew was not utterly holy either. The purpose of the Jewish people is not to destroy the world nor those who populate it. Consequently, that the duel between Mordechai and Haman ended with Haman's death, suggests a failure on the part of Mordechai and Esther.

How could the occult duel between Mordechai and Haman have escalated to the point of death to Haman? Here's one possibility - Jason Miller (Protection & Reversal Magick) writes:

Before moving on from reversals, I would like to say that while it may be the case that justice is best served by reversing harm back upon the sender, sometimes this will only cause the sender to resort to more volatile measures against you, followed by you resorting to stronger measures to repel them. This is, of course, how wars begin, and like mundane wars, the gain is often not worth the cost. Becoming obsessed with reversing curses often leads to sending them yourself and can lead to an obsessive life. Like Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights, who only returned such agonies as he received, your whole life can get sucked into a web of justified vengence. This is, to my mind, not a good way to live life or an effective way to deal with interlopers, and so I offer you counter-magick techniques aimed at ridding yourself of your enemy.

We will define counter-magick as magick that is done to counteract an attack, but is not a direct protection from, or reversal of, that attack. The full range of possibilities is wide indeed, and could even include our own offensive curses. However, because this is a book geared toward protection, and there are more than enough ways to deal with these situations without generating our own offensive magick, I will forgo teaching anything meant to outright harm an enemy. We will focus on binding, confusing and expelling - all techniques that are used to get an enemy to stop focusing on causing harm without going ahead and causing harm ourselves.

At this point, I will only be using the least aggressive reversal magick for protection. But, given that I will not support any escalation of what has already been occultly sent out, should I perceive any further "apocalyptic" escalation, I will not hesitate to fully bind my enemies from further harming me, the innocent, the world or themselves by persistently and obsessively trying to "kill the witch".

Stop it now or be bound. So mote it be.

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