Tuesday, February 13, 2007

פחה Zerubabel & Tarot Reading 2

Tarot Reading On Myself, 021207 1144pm

S/Q – fool
Position 1 (keter of kadmon*) – star, Branwen (pey פ)
Position 2 (chochmah*) – strength, Twrch Trwyth (chet ח)
Position 3 – 2 of pentacles
Position 4 – page of cups
Position 5 – 9 of pentacles
Position 6 – 6 of cups
Position 7 – queen of swords
Position 8 – 10 of swords
Position 9 (yesod*) – hierophant, Taliesin (hey ה)
Position 10 – 5 of pentacles

Pey-chet-hey פחה = govern

P1 – relationship to present situation, hope, psycho-spiritual freedom, early signs of life taking on a new pattern, destiny, rejuvenation of lifeforce

P2 – forces in my favor, strength, endurance, determination, integrity, focus, reason and passion united

P3 – current message from higher self, tricky risky crafty ambiguous situation requiring mental agility and uncanny instinct, a dance of opposites

P4 – preoccupation of subconscious, artistic endeavors, compassion and understanding

P5 – influences from the past, diplomacy, correct speculation & assessment, patience, integrity

P6 – current relationships characterized by innocence

P7 – current psychological state, steely determination, revolutionary intelligence

P8 – unseen forces, suspicion, haunted by injustices, an unrelenting enemy

P9 – hopes, mystical initiation & mentorship; fears, repression and oppression

P10 – outcome, collapse of past value system and psycho-spiritual reorganization

Major Arcana cards– star, strength, hierophant

Minor Arcana cards:

Pentacles – 2, 9, 5 -> integrity despite destitute economic situation drained of resources

Swords – queen, 10 -> courage & intelligence in the face of misfortune & slander

Cups – page, 6 -> artistic renewal

Wands – none -> the speaking silence

*Major Arcana are of the level of kadmon; Minor Arcana: wands-atzilut, cups-beriyah, swords-yetzirah and pentacles-assiyah

Another Hebrew root fell out into this tarot reading. A derivative of the shoresh פחה is found in Haggai 1:1 -

In the second year of King Darius , on the first day of the sixth month, this word of the L-rd came through the prophet Haggai to Zerubabel son of Shealtiel, the governor (פחת) of Judah, and to Joshua son of Jehozadak , the high priest, saying ...

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