Friday, February 09, 2007

Integrating The Light Of Tohu Bit By Bit

Source: AstroProfile Void Of Course Moon Tables

Void of course is a term applied to the time the moon is between signs. For example, it is the time in hours or minutes of the moon leaving the sign of Gemini, but not yet moving into the sign of Cancer. It can be a few minutes or 2 days.

Traditionally, the void course of the moon is considered a time of chaos (tohu), disruption, when nothing works right, and times when we make more mistakes and bad decisions. The old saying exists with respect to the void course of the moon:

Whatever is done in a void of course moon has to be done again, repeatedly; and that which you want to repeat will never have a chance to manifest.

Of course, this dynamic assumes one is powerless in the midst of chaos (tohu). In the case where the power of tohu has been harnessed and mastered, the void course of the moon is a goldmine of a time. A veritable goldmine. A treasure.

If one clicks on the AstroProfile link above, one can see just how frequently the moon is void of course and thus linked into the hidden great light of Tohu. These times occur approximately 12-14 times every month!

Yes, generally the light of tohu shatters whatever it touches, including natural magickal operations. That is, until there is a vessel fit to receive it.

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