Friday, February 16, 2007

Lavender - Parah Adumah Temimah

כ"ט בשבט תשס"ז

Lavender (ארגמן-כחלחל), also called elf leaf and spike, is a masculine botanical connected to the planet Mercury and to the element air. Among its powers are love, protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, purification, happiness and peace. [1]

Burned as an incense, lavender induces good sleep and rest. Smelling it often promotes a long life. Indeed, I dressed my black shabbat candle this evening with the essential oil of lavender prior to lighting it.

As a component of healing mixtures, lavender protects against the evil eye. Scattered about the home, it maintains peacefulness. So powerful is the essence of lavender that it has been known to bestow upon one suffering from depression, joyousness.

In Hebrew, lavender (noun) is ארגמן-כחלחל. The first term in this construct is argaman (ארגמן). The royal purple of Torah, argaman is derived from the Akkadian word argamannu meaning "purple". Argamannu (argewan, Sanskrit) itself is a synthesis of two Sanskrit adjectives for red - i.e., two different kinds of red - ragamen and ragavan.

The second term - חלחל - means to "permeate". The first letter - כ - of the second term refers to the sefirah Keter (superconscious crown).

Thus, taken together, the Hebrew phrase for "lavender" means to permeate one's will, desire and Divine connection with the royal color of everlasting (keter) life (ateret hayesod-malchut). To make this royal color of everlasting life, one needs (at least) two colors of red (i.e., two colors of blood). In other words, the key to everlasting life is making peace between different colors of "bloods" (peoples), within oneself and within one's world.

Parah Adumah Temimah - why is there death in the world?


[1] Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunnignham (p. 152-3)

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