Friday, February 23, 2007

Pituchei Chotam, Key Signature

I've finally found a specific Torah "source" for my unique aleph, my chotimah! It is in parashat Tetzaveh.

"Make a head-plate of pure gold, and engrave upon it engraved like a signet ring, 'Holy to G-d.' " (Shemot 28:36)
ועשית ציץ, זהב טהור; ופתחת עליו פתוחי חתם, קדש ליהוה

From Sichos In English, on parashat Tetzaveh

QUESTION: The words "pituchei chotam" — "engraved like a signet ring" — seem to be superfluous. What are they teaching us

ANSWER: The Gemara (Ta'anit 2a) states that Hashem entrusts the tzaddikim with keys to all His treasures. He appoints them as His messengers and gives them the power to use them as they see fit. An exception to this are the keys to three treasures: 1) The power enabling birth (chayah), 2) the power to resurrect (techiat hameisim), and 3) the power to make rain (matar). The keys to these treasures are reserved and controlled only by Him.

The word "pituchei" can be interpreted to mean "keys" (in Hebrew, "maftei'ach" is a key). The word "chotam" is an acronym for Chayah, techiat hameitim, matar. Thus, the Torah is implying that "pituchei" — the keys [to the treasures of] "chotam" are "kodesh laHashem" — uniquely reserved and sanctified, to be used only by Hashem Himself.

Note to figure legend:

[1] The 4 heads and 3 tails also correspond to the 4 positive and 3 negative mitzvot discussed in parashat Tetzaveh, and to the zayin component of the letter chet. The 6 extremities correspond to the vav component of the letter chet. Consequently, my chotimah is not only a unique aleph made of the forms of the letter shin, it is a unique chet as well.

This unique aleph of emunah represents a synthesis of the worlds of tohu (chaos) and tikun (rectification), and is a complete shin - a shinan tam (Devarim 6:7). With 4 heads, 3 tails and 6 extremities [1], it integrates the coming world (olam haba) with this world (olam hazeh) to draw the future to come (of Imma Ila'ah) into revelation, expression and actualization sublimated within the unity of echad. This acts to raise reality back into the realm of the holy.


Baruch shem kevod malchuto le'olam va'ed.

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