Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Moses Spell - Data & Notes

ג' באדר תשס"ז

Data and notes for Moses Spell.

Health/mood, good. Weather, clear night.

Core spell actions began at 11:02 pm, during 6th night hour.

Core spell actions took 26 minutes to perform.

Moon void of course (see Light of Rectified Tohu) from 10:33 pm 2/20/07 through 12:15 am 2/21/07 (which included the entire 6th night hour).

Moon entered Taurus at conclusion of void of course (immediately following the 6th night hour). Taurus good for manifestation. Taurus correspondences: vav, shor, contemplation, Isaachar, keter to binah.

Moon began spell in 20th degree, constellation Pisces (Adar the month of Purim, kuf, expropriation of transcendent Divine lifeforce by the material realm, Naftali, laughter, binah to chesed), signe Aries (hei, expression, Yehudah, keter to chochmah).

Core spell under the planetary influence of Mercury.

Mercury correspondences: pey, mouth, communication, authority, Aaron, gevurah to hod.

Pomegranate candle to burn into the 9th night hour, where the 9th hour is under the influence of Jupiter.

Pomegranate of candle symbolizes core biblical mitzvot in unity.

Ninth hour correspondences (other than Jupiter): tet, Divine benevolence, vessel, water-pouch, hearing, Shimon, chochmah to tiferet.

Jupiter correspondences: tav, shabbat, reshimu, code, more, mouth, grace, David, yesod to malchut, life, peace, good, prosperity, joy, political advance.

Spell "adorned" spontaneously following core spell (but during 6th night hour) by adding extra pinches and drops of various incenses and oils to the still-burning charcoal in censer (I refuse to waste fire) - remaining "mashiach blend" in cauldron, loose rosemary, mugwort blend, ground garlic sprinkles, saffron strings, vanilla oil, lavender oil, sage in no set order.

Kosher Mogen David concord wine used for spell.

Spell sealed with - פקד פקדתי את ואתה - at 12:01 am 2/21/07, Adar 3 5767.

Incense notes:

kabbalistic name incense, mashiach's brew & vanilla, rosemary, sage, mugwort blend, garlic, lavender

saffron - sun-tiferet, healing, wind-raising, strength, happiness
patchouli - earth element-malchut, feminine, grounding

Interestingly, where is netzach in my notes?

From The Inner Dimension on Purim & Netzach:

The only sefirotic term missing in the book (spell) is netzach, the seventh sefirah and one which has unique relevance to the holiday of Purim at which time the events of the book of Esther are commemorated. (The Arizal states that it is on Purim that the sefirah of netzach achieves its tikkun, i.e. rectified expression.) It would thus appear that the absence of the term netzach from the text, like the absence of G-d's Name, actually points in a paradoxical way to the term's pervasive, and thus unrecognizable, presence throughout the book (spell) as a whole.

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