Saturday, February 10, 2007

Transcendental Magick & The Divine Will

כ"ב בשבט תשס"ז

I've noted a discrepency among void of course moon tables. Most tables I've come across, including both Llewellyn magickal almanacs I have, are in agreement with the AstroProfile tables for the void of course moons. However, a few other tables have the moon courses beginning exactly or near to the time when the AstroProfile table indicates they end.

Consequently, there are apparently alternative ways to calculate the void of course moon. Not having the methods of calculation available to me at this time (which may change with further investigation), I'm going to consider the AstroProfile tables to be more correct. The calculation used by AstroProfile is the same calculation used in the Llewellyn almanacs, and given that I have Welsh-Celtic ancestry in my family tree, I at least know I have some inner connection to the the method used by AstroProfile and Llewellyn.

Importantly, I think I am going to start my planned reversal magick (may it be so!) during the void of course moon pertaining to the Dark Moon as listed by AstroProfile, considering it to be most correct. I'm going to do this for 2 reasons:

First, it's linked to the transcendental power of rectified Tohu.

Second, this link to rectified Tohu is a perfect "control" for the magick - if the Divine Will is to cancel the magick out, the magick will be cancelled out on account of the "natural void course" dynamic. If the Divine Will is to make real the intent of the ritual, the ritual will be infused with the power of the Light of rectified Tohu to make manifest the magick from a place "above natural magick" [1].

The void course is a both a source of great power and a source of "control" whereby magick not in line with the Divine Will may be cancelled out with my blessing.

Thus, if the ritual fails, I am okay with that. On the other hand, if the ritual succeeds, it is by Divine Will that it succeeds.


[1] Though I distinguish transcendental magick from natural magick, I still think both are natural magick, only the former is at a deeper level of nature than the latter. I don't believe in the "supernatural" in terms of something totally divorced from natural reality. I haven't quite decided how to term transcendental magick in a manner that retains the idea that it is still natural magick, only deeper. I don't like the terms high and low magick, because low magick implies something negative as opposed to natural magick as I mean it.

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