Monday, February 26, 2007

Adversaries Beneath The Sea

ח' באדר תשס"ז

I dreamt.

It was the middle ages. I was the captain of a sailing vessel, a ship like the pilgrims might have sailed in. My crew and I were in port for some sort of court hearing. The details aren't exactly full, but it seems that we were sent back "out to sea" for some sort of "decisive" test.

We sailed out onto the deep sea. The whole crew was working amazingly in unity, I as an observer on the ship noted and remarked to me, the captain. Even the ship cat was working to make the ship sail well!

Suddenly, the atmosphere went still. Something was about to happen. Everyone perked up. Again suddenly, the sea surface around the ship sunk low and collapsed into the sea! Simultaneously, I then somehow saw that an "adversarial ship" was also in the area. It had also been caught in the collapsing place of the sea.

I lept into action as captain of my ship and instructed my crew regarding how we were going to escape being sucked down into the ocean. The crew followed my instructions perfectly and we escaped as I had outlined we would. As we were fleeing the scene of the sinking ocean, I saw the adversarial ship overtaken by the ocean sinkhole and swallowed up by the sea.

My ship arrived onto the shore of a tropical island. My crew and I warned the islanders of a possible tsunami. I sat and watched from the island shore, on guard. The tsunami never came. I watched as the "waves from the event" finally made it to shore. They were no bigger than normal surf and completely harmless.

I woke up.

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