Monday, February 26, 2007

Imperial Dragon

Today I came upon and acquired a few more essential oils for spellwork - among them are Dragon's Breath and Witch's Brew. On dragon symbolism, Mark Schumacher writes:

"In both Chinese and Japanese mythology, the dragon is closely associated with the watery realm, and in artwork is often surrounded by water or clouds. In myth, there are four dragon kings who rule over the four seas (which in the old Chinese conception limited the habitable earth). In China, a fifth category of dragon was added to these four, for a total of five dragon types:

Celestial Dragons who guard the mansions of the gods
Spiritual Dragons who rule wind & rain but can also cause flooding
Earth Dragons who cleanse the rivers & deepen the oceans
Treasure-Guarding Dragons who protect precious metals & stones
Imperial Dragons; dragons with five claws instead of the usual four"

After acquiring these oils, I looked up dragon mythology and symbolism. Interestingly, in my dream this morning, the ideas and symbols of guarding, ruling the wind (sailing), a deepening ocean and protecting were all present.

Of course, the five claws pertain to the letter hei ה, the letter of feminine expression, and the stone surviving to tell of it. Hebrew letters are also called "stones" in kabbalah. [1]


[1] The Hebrew Letters, R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh (p. 5)

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