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Murder Near Bat Ayin, A Tarot Connection

ח' באדר תשס"ז

Carl at Israel Matzav and Israel National News are reporting today that a Jewish Israeli was stabbed to death near Bat Ayin yesterday. INN reports:

A resident of Bat Ayin, in Gush Etzion, was stabbed to death Sunday evening not far from his home. The victim, Erez Levanon, 42 and father of three, was found late last night in an abandoned village near Beit Omar, some ten miles south of Jerusalem.

Eliyahu Mendelovitch, a neighbor of the victim who participated in the search and retrieval of Levanon's body, told Arutz-7 that the murderers most likely waited in ambush for him. Erez often went to the same spot at the same time each day to pray alone, in the custom of Breslover Hassidim.

Erez was also a talented musician, who "did wonders with his music and lyrics. He put out a disc that is unlike those sold in stores; something very unique." The Maariv NRG Hebrew website article on the murder includes a link to hear the song "The Heart and the Well," written and composed by the victim.

Erez spent the last seven summers in India - first in Manali and afterwards in Bela - meeting with young Israelis seeking to "clean their heads." "What he managed to do there was simply amazing," Yosefi told Radio Kol Chai. "I always wondered where such a talent came from... He had a special strength of faith."

ברך דיין האמת

We are all connected in the web of life. Adar 7 seems to be connected to ayin ע and Bela, as well. The only card (the Tower) from the major arcana which fell out into my Adar 7 tarot reading concerned both ayin and Bela (Bala Lake symbolism of the Tower card). My tarot reading occurred as Adar 7 had begun. The man's brutal murder occurred as Adar 7 concluded (approximately 6:00 pm Sunday). Ayin and "BLA" connected them - although I'm not sure how or why. Nevertheless, a small connection exists, so I am documenting it.

Another point of connection - while neither Bela nor Bala (of Bala [1] Lake) are rooted in Hebrew, and are of the Indian and Celtic languages, respectively - the phonetic Hebrew root of "BLA" is בלע which means to "swallow completely" [2] - just like in my dream early this morning where an adversarial ship was swallowed up completely by the sea. I posted the dream early today (unusual for me) because I was up getting ready to take my father for a medical checkup.


[1] Bala is derived from the Celtic “Belago” meaning the efflux of a river from a lake. In Indian-Hindu Sanskrit, bala means "young".

[2] Etymological Dictionary Of Biblical Hebrew, R' Matityahu Clark; the Hebrew root בלע can also mean "calamity striking".

Note: Chicago Sun Times reported Sunday that a 330-foot deep sinkhole in Guatemala opened up this past Friday, killing at least 3 people and swallowing up a huge chunk of populated land.

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