Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Night Moves, Simple Moses Spell

ב' באדר תשס"ז

A spell good only for the 6th hour of the night tonight, 20 February 2007, Adar 3 5767.

First, calculating sha'ah zemanit, a proportional (variable) hour, by night according to my time zone and location:

sunset is 5:31 pm this evening
sunrise is 6:35 am tomorrow morning

From these data, I can calculate that there are 784 minutes of "night" (as opposed to "day") tonight, inclusive of the minutes of sunset and sunrise.

5:31 to midnight = (60 X 6) + (60 - 31) = 389 minutes
midnight to 6:35 = (60 X 6) + 35 = 395 minutes

389 + 395 = 784 total minutes of "night" between sunset and sunrise

784 total minutes/12 hours = 65.3 minutes per "night" hour

Thus, 1 planetary night hour for tonight is 65.3 minutes long. Rounding to 65 minutes for ease of basic calculation,

hour 1 = 5:31 pm - 6:36 pm
hour 2 = 6:36 pm - 7:41 pm
hour 3 = 7:41 pm - 8:47 pm*
hour 4 = 8:47 pm - 9:52 pm
hour 5 = 9:52 pm - 10:57 pm
hour 6 = 10:57 pm - 12:03 am*
hour 7 = 12:03 am - 1:08 am
hour 8 = 1:08 am - 2:13 am
hour 9 = 2:13 am - 3:19 am*
hour 10 = 3:19 am - 4:24 am
hour 11 = 4:24 am - 5:29 am
hour 12 = 5:29 am - 6:35 am*
sun rises at 6:35 am

*add 1 minute to adjust for fraction (0.3 of 65.3)

According to (Gra version) Sefer Yetzirah (Table 36 in Aryeh Kaplan translation), the first hour of Tuesday night (the night before Wednesday day) is ruled by Saturn. Thus, the planetary associations for the hours of the night tonight are:

hour 1 - saturn
hour 2 - jupiter
hour 3 - mars
hour 4 - sun
hour 5 - venus
hour 6 - mercury
hour 7 - moon
hour 8 - saturn
hour 9 - jupiter
hour 10 - mars
hour 11 - sun
hour 12 - venus

Using all this information, a spell performed during the 6th night hour February 20/Adar 3 is under the planetary influence of mercury. Mercury influences wisdom, skill, writing and language. Consequently, between the hours of 10:57 pm and 12:03 am tonight (in my location and time zone) is a favorable time to perform spellwork to infuse wisdom and skill into my use of mystical language, ability to communicate effectively and to bestow understanding.

The season is winter. Thus, a "communication spell" concerning some "conclusion" to something like galut is appropriate for both tonight's 6th hour, for the season, and for a creative 3-day old waxing crescent moon.

Candle/Incense Magick Moses Spell For The 6th Night Hour

Inscribe pomegranate red pillar candle on the top around the wick:
פקד פקדתי את ואתה

Dress the candle with essential lavender oil, stroking inward

Core spell actions:

set up
dedicate space and time, cast circle
state purpose
raise energy
light red pillar pomegranate candle [1]
light charcoal in censer, add pinch of name incense [2]
add a pinch of organic rosemary [3]
add a pinch of sage [4]
add a pinch of mugwort blend #1 [5]
add a pinch of saffron [6]
light and burn patchouli incense cone [7]
pour wine into chalice, say blessing [8], drink it
let candle burn into the 9th hour
let incense burn out
ground, release, record
reinforce spell by writing (in BOS) פקד פקדתי את ואתה


[1] blessing - Blessed is She, goddess of all life, Who transforms darkness into brilliance.

[2] blessing - Blessed is She, mistress of the mysteries of incense and spices, the One over death, and She who chooses me for life.

[3] blessing - Blessed is She Who remembers us.

[4] blessing - Blessed is She Who bestows wisdom.

[5] blessing - Blessed is She Who guides understanding with insight and vision.

[6] blessing - Blessed is She Who raises and moves the wind.

[7] blessing - Beruchah shem kevod malchutah le'olam va'ed.

[8] blessing - Blessed is She Who guides me to wise understanding, proper compassion and right action. Amen. So mote it be.

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Liorah-Lleucu said...

Spell notes:

1. Moon void of course 10:33 pm 2/20/07 through 12:15 am 2/21/07.

2. Moon enters Taurus at end of void of course. Taurus is good for manifestation.

3. Moon began spell in 20th degree, constellation Pisces, signe Aries.

4. Core spell actions took 26 mintues to perform.

5. health/mood good

6. Core spell under the planetary influence of mercury.

7. Pomegranate candle to burn into the 9th night hour, where the 9th hour is under the influence of jupiter.

8. Jupiter correspondences: tav, shabbat, reshimu, code, more, mouth, grace, David, yesod to malchut, life, peace, good, prosperity, joy, political advance.

Liorah-Lleucu said...

8. Moon enters Taurus at conclusion of 6th night hour. Taurus correspondences: vav, shor, contemplation, Isaachar, keter to binah.

10. Mercury correspondences: pey, mouth, communication, authority, Aaron, gevurah to hod.

11. Pomegranate of candle symbolizes core biblical mitzvot in unity.

12. Ninth hour correspondences (other than jupiter): tet, Divine benevolence, vessel, water-pouch, hearing, shimon, chochmah to tiferet.

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