Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Place Of HaShem

י"ח בשבט תשס"ז

Given the instruction "don't ignore the details" which fell out into in my first tarot reading on myself, I've found some esoteric kabbalistic tarot correspondences for the cards of the minor arcana:


Pentacles - Assiyah, earth
Swords - Yetzirah, air
Cups - Beriyah, water
Wands - Atzilut, fire

Number in the spread

1 - keter
2 - chochmah
3 - binah
4 - chesed
5 - gevurah
6 - tiferet
7 - netzach
8 - hod
9 - yesod
10 - malchut

Using this information, here's another layer of meaning to add to my interpretation of the cards of the minor arcana which fell out into my first tarot reading:

Pentacles of Assiyah:

2 of pentacles in position 7 pertains to chochmah of netzach in assiyah

6 of pentacles in position 5 pertains to tiferet of gevurah in assiyah

king of pentacles in position 2 pertains to chochmah of chochmah in assiyah

Swords of Yetzirah:

4 of swords in position 3 pertains to chesed of binah in yetzirah

8 of swords in position 10 pertains to hod of malchut in yetzirah

Cups of Beriyah:

queen of cups in position 4 pertains to binah of chesed in beriyah

Wands of Atzilut:

8 of wands in position 6 pertains to hod of tiferet in atzilut, which includes the Divine Names, Elohim Tzevaot and YHVH Elohim. Consequently, the primary driving force operating in the details of my first tarot reading pertains to the Divine Feminine (Hod-Temple) aspect of Tiferet of Atzilut, in which resides the "hidden" [1] Divine Name "Ehevi".

Importantly, Tiferet of Atzilut is "the place" of HaShem. Now, that is indeed a detail I wouldn't want to miss.


[1] Safety in being "hidden" was also a message which fell out into my first tarot reading. This message links my Book Of Shadows (Sefer Tzelem [2], Book Of A Shadow) to the Divine Name Ehevi. In other words, this Divine Name is and will be "hidden" within the kavanah, letters, words and deeds recorded within my BOS.

[2] Each human being is a b'tzelem Elohim, a shadow of the Divine

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