Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Religious Hysteria Zaps Jewess

Sorry, We Thought You Were A Witch.
from The Wild Hunt blog

The Repository in Canton, Ohio reports on a teacher who is suing The Hampton Bays school district in Long Island, N.Y for firing her because they believed she was a Witch. Lauren Berrios, who is Jewish, claims that rumors of witchcraft started circulating when she didn't attend Christian services that she was invited to.

The school claims that the firing was due to poor performance, but this doesn't seem to add up with reports on Berrios's performance at her new job in Atlanta where she was voted teacher of the month. Berrios's attorney (John Ray) also claims to have some fairly concrete evidence proving that the school thought she was a Witch.

"Ray said he has strong evidence to prove Berrios was fired amid religious hysteria. He said he plans to call former principal Andrew Albano as a witness. Ray said he will read testimony into the court record of Albano saying during a deposition that he believed Berrios practiced witchcraft. Albano could not be reached Monday."

Read the entire blog entry and report at links above.

And if she had been a Witch, it would be okay?

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