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Cheshbon HaNefesh, Eye To Eye

י"ג באדר תשס"ז

In my dream posted earlier, the (unbleached) Linen String, my enemies are on the run. My liberators are on the way. In the pouring rain, I died. I woke up.

Linen & Nevuah

Linen is made from flax, one of the few plant species to produce a true blue flower. To harvest flax, the plant is plucked up with its roots (not cut) to maximize harvested fiber length. During the threshing process, flax is held in the left hand. Unlike most fibers, flax is stronger when wet. Bleach damages it. It resists dirt and stains. Outlasting cotton, it endures up to 20 years of use. Artists prefer it as a support for oil painting due to its archival integrity, strength and durability.

Importantly, prophets wear linen to "give notice" that they are fit to receive ruach hakodesh.

Judgment Of The Soul

The portion of the reversal and protection ritual I did this evening went rather well and uneventfully. I was alone in a quiet house. It began under a 13-day old waxing gibbous 99% full moon and under the planetary influence of Jupiter (tav, ת). Tav is a dalet making an impression upon the crown of a nun (yechidah), a crown of testimony.

Tonight's ritual actions completed under the planetary influence of Mars (gimel, ג). Gimel corresponds to the concept of reward and punishment, in the context of the physical world.

My enemies are on the run. Liberators are on the way. In the pouring rain, like a flaxen fiber, I found greater strength, lifted my hands to heaven and began to sing.

I died. At death, the nefesh is judged. I woke up.

Eye To Eye

Wound seven times around the left foot (hod) and ankle (ASTMN, Sh'ir Qoma, Sefer Raziel HaGadol) of the servant girl (ruach of yetzirah), the linen string was then placed eye to eye.

Hark! the watchers lift up the voice singing; beholding together eye to eye, the Lord's return to Zion ... Yishayahu 52:8

קול צפיך נשאו קול יחדו ירננו כי עין בעין יראו בשוב יהוה ציון

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