Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tsefiya's Blog

I'm mystified, but for some reason Tsefiya finds me inspirational. Tsefiya practises messianic (Christian) Judaism and has studied kabbalah for 6 years. Not to worry - I haven't inspired her to become a Jewitch - yet . Nevertheless, Tsefiya does have an interesting personal story to share and is an excellent writer. Visit her blog Tsefiya.


tsefiya said...

Thank you for your kind words, Liorah. Previously, I've been discouraged by the thoughts and opinions of others with regard to my story, despite the fact that I've been pretty selective in the number of individuals I've told it to. You were the first person who seemed not only to understand but simply to accept. Whether you feel you deserve it or not, I am very grateful to you. Your story, knowledge and blog have been and remain an inspiration to me.

Thanks again,


Liorah-Lleucu said...

I'm not kind. And if you realized how much of a loser I really am and understood just how much the community hates me, you wouldn't be inspired. You'd avoid me like the plague.

tsefiya said...

oy vey...ok, i'll try not to lay on the b.s. quite so thick, but i think you're an interesting lady, lady. i better get back to work now, my boss keeps lifting her eyebrow at me, and somebody's got to do the billing. take care.


Liorah-Lleucu said...

b.s. or no b.s. - I am being serious. My life is a perpetual tragedy that never ends. It will bleed on you if you stick around.

Dare to be true to yourself.