Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Practical Kabbalah Advice

ט' בניסן תשס"ז

It was asked on a forum I belong to "how to tap into" storm energy. This person's question led me to realize that I tap into storm and weather energy naturally and without intention.

This energy can build up in me to annoying proportions and a few nights ago, I had to experiment with various methods by which to release and ground it well enough to enable me to go to sleep. I got rid of enough of it to go to sleep, but I'm not sure that just releasing it wildly (undirected) into the world is a good thing. But, I didn't know what else to do with it. I released it in a rather odd manner and trusted my gut even though it might seem weird if I wrote how I did it. I feel I was deeply guided as I did it and all is fine, but still, I did it in ignorance and I am uncomfortable with remaining ignorant on the matter.

I understand that weather can affect all people to greater and lesser degrees - I'm not talking about normal effects the weather can have on biology. My body can sometimes literally vibrate with atmospheric energy. Some energies are pleasant and some energies are not. The experience of pleasantness has nothing to so with energetic intensity really, but rather seems linked to some quality of the energy itself.

The energetic accumulation that I experience is not "normal". It crosses over into the occult realm and I'm not quite sure how to work effectively with this energy. Is there a book out there that deals with this phenomenon?

I need some guidelines. Don't even bother to respond to this post to tell me what I'm doing is wrong. This is a natural evolution of my development and it's going to happen with or without my acquiescence. I have this energy, it's increasing in frequency and intensity, and I need to know how to deal with it.

I need real guidance, not moralizing.


Anonymous said...

Dear One;Black Goddess And The Unseen Real By Peter Redgrove,Poet Laurete Of England...Hard To Obtain,But Your Answer Is Within The Pages...Best Wishes,And Blessed Be;Arch Druid Shawn BlackWolf,Teacher Of Obri Qabalah,And Runic Kcebealla,The Old Graymmaerr....

Liorah-Lleucu said...

Thank you.

Dare to be true to yourself.