Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Leader In Yisrael

י"ד באדר תשס"ז

Looking at the Hebrew letters of the four tarot readings I have performed on myself, an interesting thread of connection runs through them:

Eden (m'Kedem, Bereshit 2:8) -> govern -> eye (to eye) -> a ruler in Israel m'Kedem

A river (the thread of connection) issues from Eden (from the first tarot reading) to water the garden, and then it divides and becomes 4 branches (the 4 Hebrew letters of the fourth reading) ... Bereshit 2:10

Bereshit 2:11-14
the 4 Hebrew letters of the 4th reading & the 4 rivers of Eden

Pishon (פישון) - revelation of previously unknown knowledge ף
Gihon (גיחון) - gush forth ץ
Hiddekel (חדקל) - prickly, ensnare good words like a net ט
Perath (פרת) - cross over into expression ה

This reflects a dynamic of nevuah, that is, of receiving words of prophecy and prophetic knowledge. Moreover, the specific words of prophecy in this thread of connection may pertain to receiving the prophetic words whereby a leader in Israel may be "recognized" (by a prophet).

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