Thursday, March 08, 2007

Alert, From The Court Of The Law

י"ח באדר תשס"ז

As I wrote in the comments section of my previous post, noting various additional pieces of "spell data" [1], the profound depression and tiredness I had been feeling all day began to lift as the blend was completed. By 10:30pm, it was completely gone. Consequently, the profound depression and tiredness I felt were likely the result of a psychic attack against me by human beings adept at calling up spiritual entities at the psychospiritual level of reality.

Return To Equilibrium & Ceromancy, The Evidence

Moreover, that I returned to psychophysical equilibrium so quickly following preparation of the magickal incense, coupled with the formation which "climbed up" from my ritual candle, further supports a magickal attack against me. The amazingly clear figure of Lenpw (Anubis) is not one which would easily and naturally form without the Hand of Divine Providence guiding it to provide me with the information.

Thus, these two particular pieces of data merit further investigation into the symbolism associated with the archetype, Lenpw.

From Gnostic Teachings:

The Human Soul [2] of the Initiate (center) stands before Anubis [3], the great Judge of the Law of Karma [4], who weighs the heart (in the jar) against a feather (Mind [5]) to measure psychological Equilibrium [6]: the fundamental requirement of true spiritual development. This also weighs karma and Dharma [7], bad and good actions.

Behind the Initiate is his Ka [8], Astral Body [9] (bird with a human head). It is on the side of the jar containing the heart, which indicates the close relationship between emotion and the Astral Body.

The Divine Father (Chesed [10]) and Divine Mother [11] of the Initiate wait on the far left. They always bow before the will of the Law.

Above are the forty-two judges [12] of the Law.

On the far right is Thoth [13], the Causal Logos [14] of the Initiate, who records the judgment and waits to see if the Initiate is to be consumed by the Demon [15] Ammit with the face of a crocodile.

I was not consumed by the magickally induced depressive state. It died, leaving me alert as to what had transpired.


[1] data associated with the preparation of Liorah's Abramelin Blend

[2] tiferet

[3] one who awakens consciousness

[4] deeds

[5] superior manas, tiferet; inferior manas, netzach

[6] hishtavut

[7] righteousness, duty, inner constitution which governs growth, the law, the way, great truth

[8] solar astral body, "body of desires"

[9] ibid.

[10] 4th sphere on the Tree Of Life

[11] Gevurah

[12] Ana Be-Koach

[13] "mind" of messianic consciousness

[14] unifying principle

[15] a person "becomes" a demon when his or her higher soul withdraws

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