Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emerging Revelation Of Divine Benevolence

י"א באב תשס"ז

Today's Hebrew letter tarot reading was performed during the planetary hour of Venus with the waxing gibbous moon 90% full, nearing the void of course going into Capricorn.

The 3 letters in order:

tet-tav-yod טתי

These letters represent the word spelling (טית) of the Hebrew letter tet, except that the yod is in the third position in my reading as opposed to in the second position as with the spelling of the word tet.

Immediately, the tarot letter configuration brings to mind my dream this morning, Lily Power Plant.

The movement of the letter yod represents the misting water that hovered and spilled over in a controlled fashion from the edges of the covered cauldron waterfall, generating tremendous power. Tet represents concealment of Divine benevolence. Yod, my dream and this tarot reading suggests emerging revelation of Divine benevolence into my life and into my world through the path of tav, the final letter of truth-emet (אמת).

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