Tuesday, July 10, 2007

EDS Audit - 100% Records Supported!

כ"ד בתמוז תשס"ז

At work, our state EDS (electronic data systems) audit completed today. Our clinical reimbursement assessment data/records were found to be 100% supported! (Hmm, being "supported" was in my Hebrew letter tarot reading Sunday morning. The state audit unexpectedly began Monday morning - a challenge [1] of tinne; tinne was also brought down Sunday morning.)

100% supported means that 100% of our examined records (from late May through June) were in compliance with regulatory requirements and that every piece of reimbursable data had the necessary documentation to support and prove it's accuracy. In other words, everything we claimed to be reimbursably true was proven true - 100%.

A special thank you goes out to Jamie, Jim, Cindy and Tina. I am particularly blessed to work with this group of people. It takes alot of hard work, attention to detail, thoroughness and collaboration to achieve a stellar rating like this!

The auditors conducted the audit in a mere workday and a half. Our atypical standard procedure is to attach "proof" of each reimbursable score as we do it, directly to each assessment. So, the proofs for each score were already in place before the audit even began. I think they liked our organization. It made their job easier too. I think one of the auditors even indicated her appreciation to our admininstrator/CEO regarding how organized our records were.


[1] One of the meanings of the Celtic letter tinne pertains to challenge and testing.

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