Friday, July 27, 2007

Miracle Molecule

י"ג באב תשס"ז

This evening's shabbat Hebrew letter tarot reading during the planetary hour of Jupiter under a waxing gibbous moon 95% full.

The 3 letters in order were:

nun-samech-reish נסר
The word נסר means board, plank, to saw, to cut, to be sawed.

"Cutting" reish (ר) from the word-molecule, we have the configuration נס ר. Considering my earlier entry regarding reish as symbolizing time, the new "cut" configuration of the 3 letters brought down through this tarot reading mean "miracle time" (נס ר). In other words, a time of miracle has been delivered to me. Effortlessly, it comes.

Time is the carrier. The miracle is like a ligand, with an affinity for its receptor - my tarot reading.

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