Saturday, July 28, 2007

Llughnasadh - The Joy Of Expression

י"ד באב תשס"ז

In an earlier entry, Shown Shamir, I wrote:

Yesterday afternoon I received my witch's order which included the new spellcraft materials of aloeswood (used to intensify power of tikun-tohu blends) and a ritual candle for the upcoming Sabbat, Llughnasadh (initiating the harvest season, corresponding to "joy" as found in the final hei of the tetragrammaton). The Llughnasadh ritual candle contains within the top of the yellowgold wax a tiger eye stone, a stone of well-being. שלום

Llughnasadh is the Celtic fire festival of feminine energy which celebrates the union of matter and spirit, giving rise to joyful expression in actuality. The joy brought down into assiyah through the final hei of the tetragrammaton and observance of Llughnasadh is called sason (see chedvah), the joy of expression.

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