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Horse Rider, By The Light Of The Moon

כ"א בתמוז תשס"ז

This morning, I dreamt.

There was alot of action in the beginning of the dream that I've now forgotten. That action concerned my husband or boyfriend or significant other (in other words, my other-world bashert to which I have no current real relationship) and I were running to escape those trying to harm us in some way.

Arriving to the part of the dream I still remember in detail [1], I was now heading home on the road which leads to the house of my parents. I was riding a regal looking dark horse bareback. I am the horse [2] (סוס) rider (פרש).

At a corner, where Brewer [3, 4] road meets Perrysville [5] road (in real life and in the dream), sits a bar called Moon Glo [6, 7]. I came riding fast down Brewer road. Turning the horse I was riding onto Perrysville road at the corner by Moon Glo, I was heading home.

Now traveling on Perrysville road, shabbat had also arrived. It was dusk and the sun was going down over the horizon. On the roadway before me was like a roadway cafe where evening diners sat at fancy dinner tables eating an evening restaurant meal from Moon Glo. The tables with diners dining were scattered in the lanes (rows) of the road as opposed to being at the side of the road. I slowed my horse to a walk as I approached the roadway tables as they sat by the Moon Glo on Perrysville road.

It was shabbat, and I had to get past the dining diners to get home. Yet, they were sitting at tables on the road. I sat up straight on the back of my horse, securely gripping with intention the reigns for guiding the path of my horse precisely among the diners dining.

I guided the path of my horse. We walked with expert precision a clear path, through the aisle winding among the tables without touching or disturbing the meal of those dining at all. My horse moved regally with perfect and exact control, as if it and I were of one mind.

Past the tables of dining diners, I and my dark horse regally headed home.

I woke up.


[1] perush (rider, elucidator) - "Ezra promoted the approach of perush. This is an empirical method of analyzing a subject by examining all of its details. Details are compared to one another, without attempting to determine the underlying principles. The word perush comes from the root paras, 'to spread forth' [see Isaiah 25:11]. This form of analysis is less risky, since it limits itself to the material at hand." Chanan Morrison, Rav Kook on Devarim

[2] horse (sus) - "The average value of the three letters which compose the word sus, samech, vav, samech, 60, 6, 60 is 42. 42 is the secret of that one of G-d's Names, which represents the power of creation. This continues the thought that the word sus represents the stages of progression in the evolution of nature." Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh on the word sus (horse)

[3] biur - "From the time of Moses until Ezra, the Torah was clarified through the method of biur. This word comes from the root be'er, meaning a well of water. Like a well, the creative outpouring of learning flowed "like an overflowing spring and a river that never dries up" [Avot 6:1]. This form of analysis begins by deducing the underlying principles; then, all of the details may be derived from these fundamental principles, the hidden foundations of the Torah." Chanan Morrison, Rav Kook on Devarim

[4] hebrew - "The Talmud [Sanhedrin 21b] states that Ezra was a scholar of such stature that the Torah could have been given to Israel through him. While this did not occur, Ezra nonetheless made a revolutionary change in the Torah, by switching the writing in the Torah from the ancient Hebrew script to the square Assyrian script. Why did Ezra make this change in the letterforms? The two scripts reflect different needs of the nation." Chanon Morrison, Rav Kook on Devarim

[5] perush (פרוש) - see fn. 1

[6] klipah nogah, the Land & the walls of Jerusalem - "One klipah (husk) is not unclean which safeguards everything so that the unclean [forces] will not be able to derive benefit from the holy Light. It is recorded in Ezekiel 1:4, "and a Nogah (brilliance) surrounded it". It [the Nogah] protected them (the children of Israel) on all sides, as has been explained." "This is the secret [why] the Shekhina guards over Israel all by Herself, [but] only in the land of Israel. This is not the case outside the land, Heaven help us. When the klipot seek to dominate the land of Israel, to destroy it, then does the Shekhina depart from the land and ascends above to the [spiritual] palaces and then afterwards the entry to the palace is sealed and closed. Then is permission given to breach the walls of Jerusalem, which are the "klipah Nogah" (the brilliant husk) which separates [the good from the evil]. Then enters the nations who contaminate [everything], who send forth their hands upon the children of Israel and destroys all the physical chariots and exiles them. The Shekhina runs after her children to see what is to be with them outside of [their] land . . . For being that her children are cast away, it is impossible for Her to let go of them. Therefore, [does the Shekhina] dwell in the lowest of chariots . . . " from NeHora on Rabbi Avraham Azulai

[7] light of the moon - Rabbi Avraham Azulai's "book Ohr HaLevana (Light of the Moon), he wrote corrections (hagahot) regarding the Zohar text." from NeHora on Rabbi Avraham Azulai

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