Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sympathetic Telepathy

ה' באב תשס"ז

There is a concept in witchcraft called sympathetic magic, whereby the mechanism of magic action concerns "sympathy" of action on the part of the witch with the desired magical result. A related phenomenon in quantum physics concerns the sympathetic action between photon pairs, where one photon of a photon pair can affect the action of its partner photon no matter where it is in the universe or how far apart they are.

We can see then that there is precedent for sympathetic phenomena in both the magical and physical worlds. This being true, it isn't such a leap to suggest that sympathetic phenomena exist in the world of thought as well. Indeed, I suggest it.

I think I have just experienced the phenomenon of sympathetic telepathy.

Tuesday, I posted my dream about storm brewing, which resulted in the materialization of a storm that very night, and continued over the next two days into Wednesday. In the dream, the storm was brewed under pressure and created from warm salt released like a jet stream for the purpose of disrupting the plans of men on the surface. Awaking from the dream, I had a thought and sound vision which included the sound of breaking glass. My exact words were:

Then I heard the sound of the glass of a large window pane being shattered into itty bitty pieces.

These details are important.

Wednesday, the second storm day, a steam pipe under pressure in Manhattan exploded like a geyser. Today, Foxnews reports:

The loud, rumbling eruption began shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday, breaking windows and rattling buildings as the pipe spewed steam, dirt and debris hundreds of feet into the air.

This is what I'm thinking about all this - I think I heard a conversation between two people in the vicinity of the Manhattan explosion Wednesday and that the "sympathetic" connection between us exists in these details:

heat under pressure
geyser-like hot jet stream
storm-being shaken, shaking ground-explosion
(sound of) breaking glass
the result of "disrupting the plans of men" on the surface

I wonder.

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