Tuesday, July 10, 2007

People From The Womb Of Ice

כ"ד בתמוז תשס"ז

I had the oddest dream last night. I was with my "husband". We were taken to a place just outside a top secret medical and/or government building for clearance. Once given clearance, we were taken inside by a project official to where the medical and government personnel were located.

There was a top secret project in process. My husband and I were observers. Somehow, we were very important to the project. We were neither the direct subjects nor the experimenters, but somehow still, we were important - almost as if we were providing a critical power source or circuit enabling the project, even unknowingly. In other words, the experiment depended on us powering it, like a power source. Now, the next critical step of the project required our awareness of it for some reason. Our power couldn't be used for any further development of the project without our aware cooperation. For this reason, we were brought inside to see.

There was an ice cold "receiving" chamber - reminds me of a deep mine chamber. It had purposefully been kept cold. It "received" from a cold cold place. It received people who had been dead and who had been kept frozen.

When the small group of mostly adult (some older children) dead people came into the specially prepared chamber, they were no longer dead. They had just been brought back to life. The ice chamber was their "delivery back into life" room. They rode inside an ice wagon full of ice on mine-like tracks from a deep womb of ice (reminds me of Iyov 38:29). They were unfreezing, naked, bloody in places like babies, blue-skinned and moaning, dazed and confused, and on their way to an intensive care-like place to become more unfrozen. They were still in a very critical tenuous state - any little thing could send them back over into death - and they were all connected. If one went, they would all likely go.

My husband and I witnessed this. One of the medical personnel came over to me. He was carrying a large white medical package at his side in his left hand. He wanted me to wonder what was in the strange bag. Given the strange situation with dead people being brought back to life (and where one of the men in the ice cart had had a bloody ring around his neck like Frankenstein), my first thought was - body parts.

Telepathically, I heard him say in his mind "No!", reading my thought and a bit perturbed with it, and to another medical person, I heard him telepathically add "This won't do!" He didn't want me to think it was body parts, as if my thinking it might cause some catastrophe. He didn't open the bag, as if opening it would materialize my thought about its contents. I actually was relieved when I thought this latter thought that he had rejected my first thought, even though he didn't know I had heard him reject it in his mind, to me and to his colleague.

"Okay," I telepathically said back to him, "it isn't body parts then."

I woke up.

There is a big stack of project papers which explain and detail the project in that big white bag.

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