Saturday, July 21, 2007

Message From Ehyeh

ו' באב תשס"ז

I dreamt a many layered-dream.

In one part of the many-layered dream, 4 men approached me. Each one had a mark engraved like a frontlet (Devarim 6:8) on his forehead. They said they had come to help me.

This is the symbol I saw upon the forehead of each one:

It reminds me of the seals of the planetary angels of Sefer Yetzirah (chapter 4) and of the angelic alphabet some kabbalists use, although this particular symbol doesn't look like any specific symbol I've seen before in books (although it does resemble Poseidon's trident) [1]. This symbol is a composite of the letter tet (ט) and two vavim (ו, one up and one down) and has a combined gematria of 21, the same gematria as the Divine Name, Ehyeh (אהיה). I saw the symbol 4 times, on the foreheads of 4 "angels" who appeared as men, representing the 4 universes of created reality (atzilut, beriyah, yetzirah and assiyah).

The 4th multiple of 21 is 84, the same gematria as Hanoch (חנוך), the angel Metatron.


[1] Poseidon is the Greek god of earthquakes, i.e., earth-shaking like in my dream-vision Storm Brewing and in the Manhattan explosion as described in Sympathetic Telepathy.

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