Saturday, July 21, 2007

House Of Shechinah

ו' באב תשס"ז

In another level of my dreams last night, all around me in some earthly but Divine realm, big houses and estates were being uprooted and thrown about in the air through the action of some celestial storm. My humble house was in the middle of all of the chaos.

At first, I feared one of the large houses would land on and crush my house, with me in it. It was almost as if the large houses and estates were being uprooted by powerful otherworld beings for the purpose of trying to crush me. In other words, it was not the owners of the houses causing the mayhem - the owners of the houses and estates being thrown about were human like me. No, it was otherworldly beings doing this - trying to get at me. Unable to get at me directly, they tossed other peoples' houses at me hoping they could "get at me" indirectly through those houses and estates.

But, they couldn't. The otherworldly beings had aimed at the "water" in my backyard pool at the base of an embankment which had piled up with each attempt to hurl a house at me. But, my pool was dry (יבש) for the season. The houses and estates were somehow "stopped" by an invisible wall at the edge of my property through the presence of dryness in my pool. On account of the firm resistance of the dry bed (like the sea bed of the exodus) of my pool, the destruction could not penetrate my house nor into the yard surrounding my house, where I abide (ישב). I also saw the expression of relief on the face of the owner of one house as it was prevented by the invisible wall surrounding me from being thrown alive into the death which awaited him had his house been thrown into my poolbed. He thanked me for having the protective wall around my property and saving him from certain death.

This part of the many-layered dream occurred prior to the part with the 4 marked angels in it.

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