Saturday, March 29, 2008

Michael And Me

כ'ג באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 24

I dreamt.

Very simply, giants were on the prowl, looking for Michael. But the giants couldn't find him, because Michael came down, safe and sound with me.

I woke up.

וּבָעֵת הַהִיא יַעֲמֹד מִיכָאֵל הַשַּׂר הַגָּדוֹל, הָעֹמֵד עַל-בְּנֵי עַמֶּךָ, וְהָיְתָה עֵת צָרָה, אֲשֶׁר לֹא-נִהְיְתָה מִהְיוֹת גּוֹי עַד הָעֵת הַהִיא; וּבָעֵת הַהִיא יִמָּלֵט עַמְּךָ, כָּל-הַנִּמְצָא כָּתוּב בַּסֵּפֶר.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Foundation Of The Fire

י'ט באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 20

Another tragic apopsi connection of my writings to immediate news events. This time it is of Monday evening's entry, The Witch's Room (which describes my altar as built upon a foundation of books) with this morning's 3-building fire downtown in my hometown, where the "foundation" of the fire was a bookstore. When the fire event was described to me, the actual words the person used were - "the foundation of the fire was in the bookstore."

Bookstore Blaze Engulfs Businesses
March 26, 2008

DANVILLE — The sky above downtown Danville was filled with smoke this morning as firefighters battled a blaze at Danville Bookworld at 109 N. Vermilion St. The fire also destroyed Briars and Brambles at 105 N. Vermilion St.

Firefighters got the call about 10:17 a.m., and the building was fully engulfed when they arrived.

At first, there were concerns that someone was inside the building, but those concerns were dismissed after a search. Medix was called to the scene, although there have been no injuries reported.

The word on the street is that the fire was caused by an accident related to electrical work that was being done in the bookstore.

Read full story at link above.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beit Zayin - BenZion

י'ט באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 20

Baruch dayyan emet. ברוך דיין אמת

Another tragic link of my writing to immediate news events. This time, it is of my early afternoon entry Eishet Chayil Of The House Of Zayin to a tragic motor vehicle accident which happened that very same night, reported the next day in Vos Iz Neias and today in Jewish And Breaking News:

Jewish Philanthropist Rabbi Benzion Dunner Dies In Crash

A prominent member of Britain's Jewish community was killed in a two-car smash on the Spur Road at the weekend.

Wealthy philanthropist Rabbi Benzion Dunner died instantly when his 175,000 Pound Bentley Arnage was in collision with a Toyota Celica on the south-bound carriageway, around one-and-a-half miles from the Ashley Heath roundabout.

News of the 45-year-old's tragic death was immediately posted on Jewish websites and, in accordance with the religion, his funeral was held within 24 hours.

Rabbi Dunner, from Golders Green in London, is believed to have been on his way to an event at Bournemouth's kosher hotel, the Normandie, when the accident happened at 9.45pm on Saturday. Members of his family were in the car with him but are not believed to be seriously hurt.

Why? Why? Why?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

In A Good Heart, Find Good Peace

י'ו באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 17

In my natal chart, Neptune is found in Libra which itself is in the third House of Communication where the future is brought together and molded.

In Torah Temimah it was shown that Neptune corresponds to tov (טוב) meaning good.

Libra corresponds to the Hebrew letter lamed (ל). Lamed is mystically associated with the heart of Chavah, in which rests a protected place for peace to unfold. What kind of peace? Good peace, like the good heart (Neptune in Libra) which brings it together, molds and gives birth to it.

True Witnesses

י'ו באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 17

Experience (Heart, Soul)

I became a living experiencing acting intelligence (חוה Chavah, 19),

Space (Teli, Universe)

brought down through the ninth astrological sign of the zodiac (Sagittarius), into being

Time (Cycle, Year)

with ten, during the tenth month of the Hebrew calendar (Tevet).

A proof of this,
true witnesses in the Universe, Year, Soul
and a rule of twelve (בי), and seven and three:
set in the Teli, the Cycle, and the Heart.

Sefer Yetzirah 6:1

Perfectly And Abundantly Made

י'ו באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 17

Ten Sefirot of Nothingness, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven
Understand with Wisdom, be Wise with Understanding ...

עשר ספירות בלימה, עשר ולא תשע, עשר ולא אחת-עשרה
הבן בחכמה וחכם בבינה

Sefer Yetzirah 1:4

The moon (ב) is in Virgo (י) in the second House of Acquisition of the zodiac in my sidereal natal chart. What does this בי mean? It literally means "with ten". With ten what, exactly? There is "nothing" to tell me what "ten" בי is referring to. Wait, I understand now! I remember the words "ten sefirot of nothingness, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven" that I am made with.

The word for "ten" in the above excerpt from Sefer Yetzirah is עשר. The shoresh עשר means "enriching", "being abundant", and "complete unit".

The word for "nine" in the above excerpt is תשע. The shoresh תשע means "decrease" and "less than a complete unit".

The word for "eleven" in the above excerpt is אחת-עשרה. Here is where the vessels may become shattered. אחת is the feminine form of "one" unit (as אחד is the masculine form of "one" unit). One complete unit holds the feminine and masculine forces it contains in equal balance. In the Hebrew word for eleven (אחת-עשרה), the feminine unit force (אחת) emerges unilaterally increased (עשרה), which would ultimately result in an uncontainable and destructive imbalance among the polarities, and thereby shatter the vessels.

Thus, "with ten" Understanding and Wisdom are bestowed abundantly and in perfect balance so as not to shatter the vessels.

With "nine", Understanding and Wisdom lack fullness and wither.

With "eleven", there is too much Understanding and not enough Wisdom. Understanding is a powerful force of restrictive differentiation. Without an equal balancing Wisdom force of expansive integration to meet Understanding's movements, the vessels implode and shatter.

Taken together, I wisely have come to understand that I have been perfectly and abundantly made "with ten" in complete harmony.

There are seven Hebrew words in the portion of the excerpt "ten and not nine, ten and not eleven" (עשר ולא תשע, עשר ולא אחת-עשרה).

There are ten Hebrew words in the excerpt "ten sefirot of Nothingness, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven" (עשר ספירות בלימה, עשר ולא תשע, עשר ולא אחת-עשרה).

Thus, I manifestly acquired בי at birth.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aiming High

י'ה באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 16

With all the high-sounding posts about messianic consciousness and Divine Awareness, some people may think I'm crazy and would like to knock me off my witchy "high horse". Actually, I'm not crazy, I'm just clearly a sidereal Sagittarius who aims high! I am the witchy high horse I sit on. LOL.

Fundamentals of Sagittarius:

Element: Fire (ש), eternal Source

Quality: Mutable (yechidah), soul of self-sacrifice able to reveal messianic Torah

Ruling Planet: Jupiter (ת), shabbat consciousness

Symbol: Archer & Bow (ס), hishtavut/equinimity and Divine Blessing

Keywords: Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Freedom-Loving, Spontaneous

Cheshbon HaNefesh & The Secrets Of Time

י'ה באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 16

At the cusp of the tenth zodiac house, the House of National Soul, rests the zenith of the natal chart known as Midheaven (Medium Coeli, MC). Midheaven, situated above the place of birth, is the superconscious point connecting the incarnating life-force to it's mission goals for the particular lifetime into which it is evolving. In my sidereal natal chart, Midheaven is set in Taurus (Shor).

The mazal of Taurus (corresponding to the power of the letter vav) contains the pristine and rectified spiritual origin of the nefesh soul and brings out into purposeful revelation:

radiance and light
the powers of contemplation, introspection and calculation
natural healing
mastering the secrets of time
the power to connect and interrelate all elements within creation

Thus, the "national" origin of my nefesh is represented by the Hebrew letter vav and my introspective Torah is a radiant, light-filled, healing, masterful, connectively creative vav-Torah.

Eishet Chayil Of The House Of Zayin

י'ה באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 16

There are two astrologically significant points in the seventh House of Zayin in my sidereal natal chart. They are, like Betzalel and Ohaliov, artistic talent in partnership with the Divine:

Venus - kaf (כ), the power to actualize potential and manifest rectified Will.

Chiron - כירן, artistic molder, from the shoresh כור meaning to purify, repair and correct; the ability to rectify Will; from which is derived the word כיר, meaning to be molded, to mold - in other words "chiron" brings down the ability to mold (purify and form) and be molded into (actualize) one's messianic spark, represented by nun-sofit.

The House of Zayin in my natal chart is in Aquarius (Dlee, צ), which brings out the ability to draw Divinity into manifest revelation.

The configuration of the seventh house offers insight into the Divine "I" as a helpmate to the personal "self" as described in the first house of the zodiac.

Categories Of Ignorance

י'ה באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 16

Kabbalah teaches there are four categories of ignorance. They are passive ignorance, active ignorance, essential ignorance, and enlightened ignorance.

Passive ignorance is easy to understand and easy to come by. It's what fills a person's head after a lifetime spent in front of a television set. It is the inevitable and automatic outcome of doing nothing with one's mind.

The passively ignorant do not care to understand anything.

Active ignorance is commonly mistaken for knowledge, so that although we imagine that we go to school in order to fill our heads with wisdom, we are really there to exchange one type of ignorance for another. Active ignorance is particularly deceptive because it parades in academic (or religious) trappings. Moreover, it often reflects immense scholarly effort and occasionally, true creative brilliance. It is, nonetheless, false, and its effects are as pernicious as those of passive ignorance.

The actively ignorant think they comprehensively understand but they really don't. Their understanding lacks wholeness. The ultimate goal typical of both the secular and religious worlds is active ignorance.

Essential ignorance is achieved when a person becomes truthfully and sincerely cognizant that he lacks understanding. In contrast to passive ignorance, essential ignorance represents a relatively advanced state of self-comprehension. In Chassidic parlance it is described by the term bittul (self-negation).

The essentially ignorant are seekers of real truth who question the dogma chaining understanding to incompleteness. Essential ignorance contains the soul's "Moses principle" which drives individuals to throw off the shackles of common understanding and move toward extraordinary understanding and truth.

Enlightened ignorance surpasses knowledge and wisdom, it is not knowledge or wisdom, which is to say that it is a form of ignorance. However, unlike essential ignorance, which precedes knowledge, enlightened ignorance supersedes knowledge. It is the great "I don't know" as opposed to the simple "I don't know" of essential ignorance. Enlightened ignorance is as far as one's mind can take one in the quest for truth. Intellect, even of the highest quality, is, by nature, limited. The Divinity that is the foundation of existence, on the other hand, transcends limitation, definition, or description. Enlightened ignorance is the informed realization of this fact.

Enlightened ignorance sits in the crossroads at the interface joining Knowledge with paradoxically unknowable yet knowable Divine Awareness.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stones Of Memory

י'ה באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 16

My astrological sun sign using the tropical zodiac is Capricorn. However, the more accurate sidereal zodiac used by astronomers is the zodiac I have been using to interpret my natal birth chart. Using the sidereal zodiac, my astrological sun sign is Sagittarius.

In my sidereal natal chart, there are 4 planets under the encircling embrace of Sagittarius (ס), the sidereal sun sign of my birth. They are, in order:

Jupiter - tav (ת)
Sun - dalet (ד)
Saturn - reish (ר)
Mercury - pei (פ)

The inner two planets, the Sun and Saturn (dweller, דר), are surrounded by Jupiter and Mercury (middle ear, תף). Significantly, the inner stone (dar, דר) called dweller establishes Malchut, and the satellite stone (socharet, תף) called middle ear establishes Binah. Together, they form the stones of memory.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Purim Stones - Selection & Clarity

י'ד באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 15

Just in time for Purim! I received the tumbled garnet stone, garnet earrings, and the garnet and onyx pendant I ordered a few days ago in the mail this afternoon. Garnet is my birthstone.

Happy Purim!

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Light Of The Land

י'ג באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 14

Today is Ostara (Alban Eilir), the Sabbat fire festival marking the vernal equinox, which fell at 12:48 AM this morning in my time zone. Ostara celebrates the light of the land (aur ha-aretz), the astronomical first day of spring and renewal.

Aurora Borealis, The Northern Lights

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Grandson The Prizewinning Author

י'ב באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 13

I just received good news! My 8-year old eldest grandson Tyler won first place in our city's Young Authors contest, which included contestants from all area schools. His prizewinning story is titled Harry And Sam.

American novelist, film screenwriter and poet William Faulkner, winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize for literature and two Pulitzer Prizes, is Tyler's kin through my mother's mother's father's ancestral line.

Mazel tov to my grandson Tyler!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Disasters That Never Happened

י'א באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 12

I dreamt all night last night of tragedies, both personal and global, that never happened. At one point in the night, before I realized that these were things that could have but didn't happen, I woke up crying, tossing and turning before finally falling back asleep to dream more.

I came to realize that these were things that never happened, and thus were not going to happen, because, of the personal things I was shown, all except one was of real events in my life over several decades ago that could have, but didn't result in the tragedy I saw. The only other personal event I was shown revolved around a current concern of mine - I was shown the tragic outcome. Consequently, as all the other tragic outcomes didn't happen, neither will this situation that I am concerned about have a tragic outcome. And neither will the global disaster I was shown - it too, isn't going to happen.

I am so tired this morning.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In The News: Searchers Look For The Pit

ט' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 10

Ohmygosh. Correspondences to the pit uncovered in my shabbat morning vision and the incense compound entries from yesterday are right on top of "the news" today. CNN reports:

Searchers Find Possible Graves At Manson Compound
March 16, 2008

DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, California (AP) -- Bone-white stretches of salt, leached up from the lifeless soil, lay like a shroud over the high desert where a paranoid Charles Manson holed up after an orgy of murder nearly four decades ago.

Results of just-completed follow-up (investigative forensic) tests suggest bodies could indeed be lying beneath the parched ground. The test findings -- described in detail to The Associated Press, which had accompanied the site search -- conclude there are two likely clandestine grave sites at Barker Ranch, and one additional site that merits further investigation.

Afterward, Daniel Larson took up his part of the investigation. The head of the archaeology department at California State University, Long Beach, Larson has used Ground Penetrating Radar and a magnetometer -- an instrument that can peer 12 feet into the ground -- in archaeological work and to help find mass graves.

At Barker Ranch, he took 2,025 readings of the ground at the suspect site, stopping every four inches within a 26-by-20-foot grid, looking for discrepancies that indicated earth had been moved.

"What I'm looking for is the pit, not the bones," he explained.

Next step, the ad hoc investigators urge: Dig.

Read the full article at link above.

The Contest That Never Happened

ט' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 10

I dreamt.

A jousting match had been set up between the two "warring" factions of the kingdom to decide the singular united fate of the kingdom. Each side sent it's undefeated hero.

I saw the dark knight holding his uniquely long jousting stick which glistened with radiant sparks of light at his side as he rode upon his dark steed into the place where the jousting match had been set up. He had never been defeated and was without a doubt that he would win this joust with the opposition's hero.

Then, I was no longer watching him, I was upon my own light steed. With my equally uniquely long jousting stick which glistened with radiant sparks of light at my side, I rode up to the place where the jousting match had been set up. I had never been defeated and I knew without a doubt that I wouldn't be in this match either.

I watched him watch her as she rode up to the place after he had already arrived. He saw her as a woman robed in light. He wasn't even going to try to knock her off her steed. He recognized her in his heart and mind as his bashert. He resigned from participating in the jousting event even as she rode by him into the place.

The joust (נאבק) was set aside and replaced with a merry feast, while the two "talking" sides decided what to do if the joust wasn't going to take place.

I woke up.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Consciousness Without Death

ט' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 10

In Unblemished Mitzvah, I wrote that my soul is watered by a treasure of the hidden world, namely that known as Ein (אין), meaning "nothing" or "without". Ein is the state of nothing which precedes conscious awareness of Ein Sof (אין סוף, Without End). Conscious awareness of Ein Sof is known as Ein Sof Aur (אין סוף אור), the Light of Ein Sof.

This shabbat morning, before I wrote the entry, Unblemished Mitzvah, I had a waking vision of resurrection, as described in a subsequent entry, Up From The Grave.

Between Ein and Aur, between nothing and conscious awareness, in the name Ein Sof Aur, is the word Sof. Sof is usually translated as "end". Interestingly, another translation of "sof" is "death". Thus, a literal translation of Ein Sof Aur is "without death awareness". In other words, Ein Sof Aur is conscious awareness experienced within a state without death.

Thus, my writings today have gone from Ein (Unblemished Mitzvah and Holy Holy Holy Host) to Ein Sof (Up From The Grave) to Ein Sof Aur (Consciousness Without Death).

None of my writings are ever planned in advance. I sit in front of my computer and just start writing - like in the movie Finding Forrester - I just start writing. It's amazing what one discovers when one writes this way.

Up From The Grave

ט' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 10

As I was waking up this shabbat morning, I had the most strikingly clear vision. I was hovering over the the surface of the earth looking down into a pit-like place which had been dug. It looked like a grave that had been opened up through aeons of time. The shadowy place was so essentially peaceful and reverberated with an embracing accumulation of many ancient, ancient days. The earth in which the pit had been dug had the smell of timeless eternity. I can't describe the excited tranquility that ran through me as I looked down into the dug pit of the earth to see ...

... an ancient box, like a sarcophagus. On it's dark lid was deeply inscribed a large pentacle of protection and identification. The sight was electrifying!

I came awake as the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I felt I had touched a beautiful secret and was participating in a resurrection of that contained within the box.

Holy Holy Holy Host

ח' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 9

Tzav, Pakod, Meumah - Holy, Holy, Holy

In Unblemished Mitzvah I brought down the idea that the vulnerability of meumah to blemish (mum) is neutralized by the presence of tzav (command of mobilization), and that materiality neutralized of potential blemish is actualized through the endless action pakod. Remembering.

Interestingly, as mentioned in the earlier entry, meumah and tzav each have a gematria of 92. The digit sum of 92 is 11. Eleven is the number of Temple incense spices corresponding to the rectification of Tohu (the state from which the vessels may shatter and become seemingly disconnected from Wholeness), the elevation of Tohu back into the realm of Holiness, and the "distillation and transformation of all corporeality and physicality into supernal luminescence."

Torah instructs us not to duplicate the Temple incense compound for personal use, lest s/he be "cut off" (shattered and seemingly disconnected). In other words, the duplication of meumah implies that bringing down the power of meumah without tzav (bringing down something from something), may shatter the personality, while the power of meumah tempered with tzav (bringing down something and nothing), does not shatter the personality. The personality remains whole in the case where the 92-compound meumah is not itself duplicated, but tempered through a different 92-compound, namely tzav.

Tzav tempers meumah by adding it's own digit sum of 11 to the 11 of meumah, bringing down the whole essence of the 22 Creation Letters of the aleph-beit.

Thus, meumah is not duplicated for personal use, it is completed in a wholistic bodily realization (a Host) of Intelligent Creative Consciousness.

Importantly, with respect to the upcoming observance of Purim, the word-set tzav-pakod-meumah corresponds to the "holy, holy, holy" descent of my soul through all contractions of the created world, while yet still remaining bound to the Divine Essence.

Unblemished Mitzvah

ח' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 9

In Treasure From The Hidden World, in analysis of my natal birth chart, I wrote that the "water" flowing through my soul is an unblemished flowing treasure of the hidden world; that is, Consciousness flows through me as it existed before the shattering of the vessels which occurred in the world of Beriyah, the first world of nature "distinct" or apparently "separate" from the Divine. In other words, the heavens and the earth declare and testify my individuality to be a clear conduit for Divine Awareness, a realized tzelem of the Divine Above Nature, a צלילות of flawlessly lucid clarity.

In kabbalah, the unblemished hidden world is known as the world of nothing (ein, אין), as opposed to the revealed world of something (meumah, מאומה). The Torah story of the akeidah (binding of Yitzchak) informs us that "meumah" is the source of spiritual blemish (a mum).

Meumah has a gematria of 92. Interestingly, there are 92 naturally occurring elements in nature, the world of something.

In contradistinction to meumah, 92 is also the gematria of tzav (צב) which means "command" and "mobilize". Tzav describes Pure Action of immaterial Consciousness, before it enclothes Itself in the natural world of 92 elements - as discussed in my entry, Mitzvah Written In The Stars (Go! and Remember!), and described in Truth And Diligence, Candle In The Womb. Tzav is that which speaks forth the ability to do.

To be clear, pristine meumah is not "blemished". In the process of taking on the materiality of "something" (meumah), Consciousness is vulnerable to becoming blemished via the shattering of the vessels. Consequently, I suggest that vulnerability of meumah to blemish is neutralized by the presence of tzav.

In support of this idea, the combined gematria of meumah and tzav is 184, the gematria of pakod (פקד), meaning remember.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dreaming Of The Future

ח' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 9

A young Iraqi girl dreams of life.

Iraqi Teen In Baghdad: I Will Have A Future
March 14, 2008

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- "When a bomb blows or something explodes, you know, I just keep on sitting here. I don't move."

Those are the words of Wurud, a 14-year-old Iraqi girl. She points out a window to the large coils of barbed wire snaking along the outer wall of the protected Green Zone where she lives with her family.

Wurud is haunted by what's happening in her homeland, but she is also remarkably resilient and wise beyond her years.

"Whatever place I am in, I will have a future," she says emphatically.

May it be so. Amen

Seder, Seidr

ז' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 8

A seder is a kabbalistic (shamanic) ritual practiced by some mystics. One ritual seder is typically communal.

A seidr (alternatively spelled, seidhr) is a shamanic (kabbalistic) ritual practiced by some witches. One seid ritual is typically communal.

Both seder and seidr are "orders" or "arrangements" of praxis, the action of free human beings.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thousands Celebrate The Massacre Of Schoolchildren


Israel's Channel 10 News reports on the celebrations that took place in Gaza when news came of the murder of Israeli Yeshiva students.

Yeshiva Massacre

I fail to understand how any civilized person can be "happy" about the violent deaths of children.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Protected Treasure

ה' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 6

Last week, before the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem and the murder of Eve Carson, I wrote of a "treasure from the hidden world" which I discovered in my astrological natal chart. In Celtic folklore and many other cultural traditions, like the Golem of Jewish tradition, Gnomes are elemental earth spirits who guard hidden treasure. Gnomes would thus be earth elementals in charge of guarding and protecting my treasure of the hidden world.

Following the recent Jerusalem massacre and the murder of Eve Carson, yesterday Foxnews reported on sightings of a "Gnome" in South America:

Gnome Caught on Video 'Stalking' Streets of Argentina Town
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A town in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a 'creepy gnome' that locals claim stalks the streets at night, The Sun reports.

The little person — who wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk — was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters.

Teenager Jose Alvarez — who filmed the gnome — yesterday told national newspaper El Tribuno that they caught the creature while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina.

Alvarez added that other locals had come forward to say they had spotted the gnome.

Read the full article at link above.

Faeries, Nature Spirits, Elementals

Monday, March 10, 2008

Clear Point Astrospeak In The News

ד' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 5

This post is about what may be two more examples of psi synchronicities of some of my writings (and dreams, as well) with subsequent news events. I don't know why or how this is happening, but the coincidences are too many to ignore. So, I document a few that I identify. There are other examples that are undocumented because, quite frankly, there are too many examples and I don't want to document them all. I have other things I'd rather blog.

Now, even little things
in my life like the new clear crystal point pendulum necklace delivered to me in the mail on Saturday that I wore for the first time to work on Sunday "made the news" that very evening on Sunday - Foxnews ran an article - Ice, Ice Baby - about a rare and flawless 72-carat diamond with an anticipated worth of $15 million dollars soon to be auctioned off by Sotheby's. Of course, I paid $7.99 for my crystal, but that's not the point - the point is - my crystal pendulum pendant looks and is cut like the diamond in the photo (which accompanied the original front page online news article). Something psychical is happening in my life and I can't fully explain it.

The second news event concerns all my recent ongoing "astro" writings which kabbalistically analyze my astrological natal chart. In the news item, the suspect in the Eve Carson murder case (first reported by Foxnews online on Saturday and itself connected to my Friday writing on Eve-Chavah) is pictured at an ATM machine wearing a retro "astros" cap with a 5-pointed star on it and a letter H (for hei, fifth house of the zodiac). Foxnews follows up today on the Eve Carson murder (who was shot in the temple):

Chapel Hill police believe Carson's killing may have a link to the Hoover Crips gang because of a retro Houston Astros baseball cap worn by a man caught on camera allegedly trying to use Carson's ATM card.

The hats, which have an "H" emblem, are sometimes worn by Crips members. The gang has recently surfaced in the Chapel Hill area, according to authorities.

Eve Carson is believed to have been murdered after midnight very early Wednesday morning.

It's uncanny at the very least. What psi phenomenon is this? The crystal-diamond example wasn't apopsi anti-psi deflective filtering (I don't think), as many of the other occurrences may have been. There are more and additional different kinds of psi connections now.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Throne Of Shechinah

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

There are five stellia (Yods, each with a gematria of 10, for a total of 50) in my natal chart.

Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Mer: 26Sag22 and Jup: 21Sag47
Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Mer: 26Sag22 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Sun: 24Sag26 and Jup: 21Sag47 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Mer: 26Sag22 and Jup: 21Sag47 and Sat: 26Sag21
Stellium with Plu: 13Leo42 and Nod: 14Leo43 and Asc: 15Leo44

Related entry - Shechinah & The Mystery Of Zero

The Thirty-Seventh Tzadi

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Grand Trine with Ven: 10Aqu16 and Mar: 10Gem54 and Nep: 16Lib49

A Grand Trine aspect configuration is found in the Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) of my natal chart. A Grand Trine is where:

Three planets in Trine aspect (120 degrees) to each other, form a triangle around the circle of the chart. Looks like an "equilateral triangle." The planets are typically in signs that have the same element. Generally, an easy-flowing energy, often indicating natural talent in the element involved.

Libra - ל, with a gematria of 30
Gemini - ז, with a gematria of 7
Aquarius - צ, with a gematria of 90

The total gematria of the Hebrew letters representing my Grand Trine is 127, the number of years in the life of Sarah and represents a very special lamedvavnik.

Air Sign Grand Trine strengths - psychic, symbolic, ideas, visionary

Echad, The Cradle Of Creativity

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Cradle from Mar: 10Gem54 to Plu: 13Leo42 to Nep: 16Lib49 to Jup: 21Sag47

In my natal chart, there is an astrological aspect called a Cradle. A Cradle is:

An aspect configuration consisting of two planets in an opposition aspect. There are two more planets, each forming a trine aspect to one side of the opposition and a sextile to the other.

In effect, there are two Wedge configurations. In a Wedge, the apex planet (that trines and sextiles the opposed planets) provides a release or relief point for the stress of the opposition. The apex planet can be a source of great creativity.

Specifically in my natal chart, the apical planets are Pluto/Geut and Neptune:

Pluto/Malchut - Geut (גאות), with a gematria of 410, digit sum 5

Neptune, 17 times the mass of Earth - Yesod, tov (טוב), gematria 17, digit sum 8

The sum of the digit sums which describe the source of the creativity springing forth from my Cradle is 13, Echad (אחד).

Eve Cries For Her Children

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Murderer Struck Eve In The Temple
Saturday, March 8, 2008

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — North Carolina police on Saturday released two ATM surveillance pictures of a "person of interest" in the case of a slain university student and said it appeared to be a random killing.

Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian Curran, speaking at a news conference, described the pictures as "our biggest break so far" in the investigation into the death of Unversity of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson.

Police found Carson's body shortly after 5 a.m. Wednesday, after two callers to 911 reported hearing several gun shots. One of the callers also heard a woman scream as the shots were fired.

Detectives said Carson was killed by a shot from a handgun to her right temple, and until late Friday appeared to have few solid leads.

Carson's death struck hard at North Carolina, where she was prestigious Morehead-Cain Scholar and leader who invited all incoming students to stop by her office for a chat.

"It's just a huge blow. It's a blow against everything we assume about ourselves, about being a peaceful, safe place where kids come," University Chancellor James Moeser said. "She was a joyful person. She loved this place. She loved being here."

"I could see Eve balancing a career as a professional, probably in the not for profit sector, but also being a wife and a mother because she was such a loving person," Moeser said. "The whole package. I get choked up thinking about it."

She was involved in campus programs for hunger relief, among many other activities, and was featured on the Morehead-Cain Web site that described her experiences working in Ecuador. "One of the most important lessons I learned ... is that poverty is not a pitiable thing," she said. "In Chillanes, I saw a respect for poverty and a respect for a non-material way of life."

May Eve's family and friends find comfort in the blessing that is Eve Carson's life, as may the families and friends of those struck down by a terrorist in the heart of Jerusalem.

Our mother, Rachel daughter of Eve, cries for her children.

Manifest Harmony Of Opposites

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

T-Square from Mid: 12Tau27 to Ven: 10Aqu16 and Plu: 13Leo42

The opposites on the T-Square in my natal chart are:

Venus (Aqu) Opp [Leo] Pluto - app 3:26' - power: 11.46

In other words, the energy of Venus in Aquarius is a helpmate to the energy of Retrograde Pluto/Geut in Leo.

On Venus in Aquarius and 7th House: This person's creativity, tendencies for affection and calmness, and relationship needs is progressive, erratic, revolutionary, idealistic, humanitarian, inventive, and desires individuality.

On Retrograde Pluto in Leo and 1st House: This person's destiny, and capacity to transform the self and the outer world is proud, gregarious, dramatic, dignified, and desires self expression. Most often this manifests in an independent, backward, introverted manner, and in the area of life dealing with establishment of personal identity.

The "opposing" energies of Venus in Aquarius and Retrograde Pluto/Geut in Leo are clearly in manifest harmony in my life as demonstrated throughout my creatively progressive, revolutionary, transformative self expressions - Walking On Fire, Craftwork Of A Jewitch and my poetry in motion.

There is no discord at all between the Jewish kabbalist and the Celtic witch in that which I am. Both exist in perfect and complete harmony, as two entwining streams of a united consciousness.

T-Square & The Time Of Mashiach

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

T-Square from Mid: 12Tau27 to Ven: 10Aqu16 and Plu: 13Leo42

The above code describes the T-Square found within my natal chart. On the T-Square phenomenon of astrology, holistic health consultant Dr. Loretta Standley writes:

A T-Square or T-Cross is when two planets are in opposition aspect to each other (180 degrees) and both making a square aspect of (90 degrees) to a third planet. It's an isosceles triangle!

Both square and opposition aspects are supposed to be stressful aspects, which can panic the neophytes in astrology when they see they have a T-Square in their natal chart. This is a frequent chart aspect in most successful people. Most successful people can tell you that their success has had its ups and downs, yet they keep moving toward their intended goal. T-Squares give a person experience, wisdom and character.

Therefore, you will more than likely see T-Square's in the natal charts of CEO's, leaders, famous or creative people because there is nothing that would stop them from attaining their goal. And because of the challenges they experienced, this makes them all the more successful since the focus was brought about by the T-Square.

Look to the planet that is at the 90 degree angle (of the T-Square) and then look directly across to the other side of the chart and THAT is the point focus. What planet is there and what sign is it in? If there is no planet there, then look at that particular house to see what the house focus is.

In my natal chart, there is no planet or aspect directly opposite Midheaven (the point at the right angle of the T-Square, joining heaven and earth) in the fourth house of home, family and ancestry in Scorpio/Cheshvan. Of the house of Scorpio/Cheshvan, with no astrological points in my natal chart, R. Yitzchak Ginsburgh teaches:

Cheshvan is the only month which has no holidays or special mitzvot.We are taught that it is "reserved" for the time of Mashiach, who will inaugurate the third Temple in Cheshvan.

This is another interesting link of my natal statistics to messianic consciousness and the messianic temple.

Dr. Standley further writes on the T-Square:

Having a T-Square is like driving a car with 3 wheels. It's obvious you're only driving with 3 wheels so identifying and fixing the problem is fairly easy. If you drove a car with three wheels, you'd have a fairly Good idea what to do in order to fix the car and make it driveable.

The "problem" to be overcome in my case, that is, the focus of the T-Square, is easily identified as "the problem" of having no special holidays or mitzvot during Cheshvan, the house of Scorpio. I've overcome that in the singularly special mitzvah I was given as I was incarnating - Mitzvah Written In The Stars.

Temple In Time

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

I was born at the 8th hour, fifty and six minutes of the night as it is commonly reckoned in time (8:56 PM).

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Holy Serpent & Creating The Future

Tides Of Rectified Awareness

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

In Holy Serpent & Creating The Future, I gave Pluto the Hebrew name Geut. Following that, I wrote, regarding the astrological point in the first house of my natal chart, that the North Node participates in the process of attaining messianic consciousness:

North Node - Rosh Ha-Teli (ראש התלי), head of the serpent, with a total gematria of 946, a reduced gematria of 19 (Chavah, חוה), and a final digit sum of 1 (echad אחד). Thus, the Chavah archetype mediates transformation of serpent consciousness into the consciousness of Echad.

We can understand then the importance of the rectification of Chavah consciousness. In my own life, my Hebrew name Elishaba, reflects this tikkun (allowing tiding movement between the created awareness of Chavah and the Divine awareness of Elishaba). Chavah corresponds to low tide (shiflut). Elishaba corresponds to high tide (geut).

On my Hebrew name Elishaba, from Walking On Fire, Poetry In Motion

Elishaba, Dark Brilliance

dark and tiding
surging, pulling back to ponder
some faculty without description
some inmost desire riding shadows divine
eternal flames of destiny in one endless light
gathering some peaceful brilliance
some celestial magnificance
standing in the gap, as quantum time
spreads out, yet collapses into being
earthy, riveting, relentless, vital
the lingering taste reverberating in the wake
of the night wind watering my world
with love
made from nothing at all

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Holy Serpent & Creating The Future

א' באדר ב' תשס"ח
Raven 2
Rosh Chodesh Adar II

In follow-up to Soul Of Shomer Shabbat, the final 4 of the 8 Elemental Fire astrological points in my natal chart concentrate in the first zodiac house (the house of personality/purpose). The 4 points are:

Uranus/Hod - Tam (תם), with a gematria of 440, digit sum 8
Pluto/Malchut - Geut (גאות), with a gematria of 410, digit sum 5

According to the Gra configuration of the Tree of Life, the channel connecting Hod/Uranus and Malchut/Pluto is kuf (ק), the letter of kedushah (holiness). With a gematria of 100 (digit sum 1), it connects together 8 + 5 = 13. This is a holy 13, the hand (yad, 13 + 1) of holiness.

North Node - Rosh Ha-Teli (ראש התלי), head of the serpent, with a total gematria of 946, a reduced gematria of 19 (Chavah, חוה), and a final digit sum of 1 (echad אחד). Thus, the Chavah archetype mediates transformation of serpent consciousness into the consciousness of Echad.

Ascendant/Leo - Tet (ט), with a gematria of 9, the vessel of peace.

All of these numbers are very feminine essences - Hod of Binah (8), Malchut of Malchut (5), Chavah (19) and Tet (feminine Yesod, the ninth sefirah).

The digit sums taken together and brought down as one into Malchut through the holy (ק) gates of understanding are:

8 + 5 + 1 + 1 + 9 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6, one pillar creating the future, the redemptive vav

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Torah Temimah

ל' באדר א' תשס"ח
Raven 1

More on my natal birth chart.

There are 4 astrological points in the zodiac houses corresponding to the element of Air. They are:

Neptune, 17 times the mass of Earth - yesod, tov (טוב), gematria 17

Venus - kaf (כ), gematria 20

Chiron, meaning "the healing hand" - yad (יד), gematria 14

Mars - gimel (ג), gematria 3

The total gematria of the one Air element is 54, the gematria of Dan, and the number of parashiyot in the entire Torah. I was born in a city named Danville during the month of Tevet.

Terrorist Attack At Mercaz Harav Yeshiva

כ'ט באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 30

Reports of the number of dead in today's terrorist attack vary. Foxnews reports:

JERUSALEM — Two gunmen went on a deadly shooting rampage, entering a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary through the dining room and opening fire after nightfall Thursday, killing at least 10 people, health services sources told FOX News.

Israeli media said about 35 people were wounded. Channel 2 TV said police special forces killed the two infiltrators.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip praised the operation, and thousands of Palestinians took to the streets of Gaza to celebrate.

David Simchon, head of the seminary, said the students had been preparing a celebration for the new month on the Jewish calendar, which includes the holiday of Purim. "We were planning to have a Purim party here tonight and instead and instead we had a massacre," he told Channel 2 TV.

Yehuda Meshi Zahav, head of the Zaka rescue service, entered the library after the attack. "The whole building looked like a slaughterhouse. The floor was covered in blood. The students were in class at the time of the attack," he said. "The floors are littered with holy books covered in blood."

"It's very sad tonight in Jerusalem," Mayor Uri Lupolianski told Channel 2 TV. "Many people were killed in the heart of Jerusalem."

The yeshiva is in the Kiryat Moshe quarter at the entrance to Jerusalem. Read full article at link above.

Updates - Names Of The Victims, Rachel Weeps For Her Children

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mitzvah Written In The Stars

כ'ט באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 30

As noted in an earlier post, HaLeviah On The Boundaries Of The Universe, in my natal chart, there are two astrological points in the zodiac houses corresponding to the astrological element of Earth. The two points are:

Moon - beit (ב), corresponding to Sunday, the day leading into the night of my birth (Sunday, January 8, 1961 at 8:56 pm)

Midheaven - aleph (א), the atmosphere between heaven and earth

בא means "Go!"

My first mitzvah "Go!" of incarnating life, as described in Truth & Diligence, Candle In The Womb, is even written in the stars.

And the Divine said unto Moses: 'Go in unto Pharaoh' ... Shemot 10:1

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Difference Between Treasure & Tamei

כ'ח באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 29

In my previous entry, Treasure From The Hidden World, in further analysis of my natal chart, I brought down the idea that the "water" flowing through my soul is "water" originating from the hidden (טמן) world of Atzilut (which is whole) as opposed to from the impure (טמא) world of Beriyah (which is blemished by the shattering of the vessels). The Hebrew word for "hidden" comes from a shoresh (טמן) which also means "treasure" (Mishlei 2:4).

Interestingly, in Hebrew, the difference between "treasure" (טמן) and "impure" (tamei, טמא) rests with the identity of the third letter. In the Hebrew word for treasure, the third letter is a nun-sofit (ן). Nun-sofit is the letter which describes the archetypal pattern imprinting my Beriyatic soul in Shechinah & The Mystery Of Zero. In the Hebrew word for impure, the third letter is an aleph (א).

Nun-sofit corresponds to an extension of the Infinite Ein Sof into being. Consequently, "tamei" (ritual impurity) refers to that which "blocks" this extension via the letter aleph.

Treasure From The Hidden World

כ'ז באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 28

In Shechinah & The Mystery Of Zero, I noted that my astrological natal chart contains zero points in the zodiac houses associated with the element of Water (corresponding to the world of Beriyah, the world from which the mythological fall initiated). In A Mystery Of The Pardes, I noted the Divine Presence of two letters yod (stellia) in the zodiac houses associated with the element of Fire (corresponding to the world of Atzilut, the hidden world).

These two entries together suggest that the "water" flowing through my soul is water originating from the hidden (טמן) world of Atzilut (which is whole) as opposed to from the impure (טמא) world of Beriyah (which is blemished by the shattering of the vessels). This idea is further supported by the the facts that:

1. the shoresh טמן, in addition to meaning hidden, also means treasure [Mishlei 2:1-6]

If you recieve my words, and lay up my teachings with you,
So that your ear attends to wisdom, and your heart inclines to discerment,
If you call for understanding, and lift up your voice for discernment,
If you seek her as silver, and search for her as hidden treasure,
Then you shall understand Divine Awe, and find Divine Knowledge,
For the Divine gives Wisdom, and from his mouth comes knowledge and discernment.

2. mem, the Hebrew letter corresponding to water, in at'bash gematria transforms to the Hebrew letter yod, where two letters yod are the Atzilutic stellia found significantly in my natal chart.

Thus, the water flowing through my soul is a treasure flowing unblemished from the hidden world.

Voice Of The Shofar

כ'ז באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 28

Here may be another explicit example of apopsi anti-psi deflective filtering.

Following recent entries concerning dynamics found within my natal birth chart - Soul Of Shomer Shabbat (discussing guarding shabbat and "truth following"), A Mystery Of The Pardes (discussing two letters yod, each with a gematria of 14, whole in the eternal flame of my soul), and Mountains Tremble With Moon Square Mars (discussing the power to move mountains and to turn the world upside down) - CNN reports today:

Reported Tornado Tears Up Guard Barracks
Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A possible tornado touched down late Monday in southern Mississippi, slashing through a National Guard barracks and injuring 14 guardsmen, according to a sheriff and a military spokesman.

Lt. Col. Doril Sanders, a spokesman for Camp Shelby, said severe weather hit the facility around 11:25 p.m. CT.

The barracks housed guardsmen from Mena, Arkansas, who are training at Shelby.

They were taken to Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg with injuries that aren't life-threatening, Sanders said.

Again, the circle remains unbroken by the evil wind, and the northern side of the beit remains closed. The stellium stands as I interpreted it.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Mountains Tremble With Moon Square Mars

כ'ז באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 28

In my natal chart, there is this little bit:

Moon (Vir) Squ [Gem] Mars - orb: +1:47' - power: 10.88

In astrospeak, the above informational aspect is called Moon square Mars.

On a general "square" astrological aspect:

A square is present in a chart when two planets are 90 degrees from each other. The acceptable orb for a square is eight degrees. Another of the major Aspects, squares are generally considered to possess a hard energy.

The essence of a square is friction. Things happen, and they're no small matter. The energy surrounding a square is forceful, intense and power-laden. It's effect on the individual will be to spur them to action, to cause decisions to be made. The risk to the individual influenced by a square is to ignore this Aspect's unmistakable energy. This Aspect will not be managed effectively until its force field and message are addressed. To illustrate the point, an individual with their Sun square Mercury might be expected to have difficulty when speaking. The lesson of this square will be to do the work necessary in order to speak more effectively.

Specifically on Moon square Mars:

This is one of the most difficult and emotionally explosive of all comparative aspects.

No kidding. A feast absolutely senseless.

Yet, when the internal friction created by Moon square Mars is channeled properly (Walking On Fire, Poetry In Motion), the energy of Moon square Mars is boundless and can move mountains.

A Mystery Of The Pardes

כ'ז באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 28

In a previous entry, HaLeviah On The Boundaries Of The Universe, I noted that in my natal chart there are 8 astrological points in the zodiac houses associated with the element of Fire, where the Fire element is likewise associated with the world of Atzilut (Divine Emanation). These 8 astrological points are equally distributed between two "Fire" houses of the zodiac. Four points are located in the first house (the house of self/personality) and four points are located the fifth house (the house of pleasure/creativity).

Each set of four points in its corresponding house of the zodiac forms a stellium. A stellium identifies a particularly powerful concentration of focus and energy in the chart. A stellium is also called a Yod, a Finger of Fate. Thus, two letters yod (יי) emerge significantly in the stellia of the Atzilutic Fire element which clearly characterizes my natal chart.

Moreover, one yod is in the first house (יא) and one yod is in the fifth house (הי). As stellia united within the single astrological Fire element, the hands in the two houses of Fire form the configuration הייא, the Divine She, with a gematria of 26.

שייש and the mystery of zero water

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Soul Of Shomer Shabbat

כ'ו באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 27

Interestingly, in further follow-up to previous entries discussing my astrological natal charts, I note that in both the Tropical Placidus and Sidereal Whole reckonings, 4 of the 8 Elemental Fire signs of my chart concentrate in the fifth house of the zodiac.

On the fifth house of the zodiac (About Astrology):

The Fifth House is commonly referred to as the House of Pleasure. Oftentimes, pleasure is the result of a creative act. The simple act of creating is, essentially, giving of oneself and making something -- making another? Yes, the Fifth House does speak to procreation and children, but it also addresses the creation of art and culture.

Simply, the fifth house concerns pleasurable creative endeavors of Shechinah (see Shechinah & The Mystery Of Zero).

The 4 signs in the fifth house, written in my soul, are:

Jupiter - tav (ת) with a gematria of 400
Saturn - reish (ר) with a gematria of 200
Mercury - pei (פ) with a gematria of 80
Sun - dalet (ד) with a gematria of 4

The Hebrew letter tav represents the "time" of Shabbat.

The letters רפד mean to "surround, envelop with loving affection" (MorFix). In other words, the letters suggest a "guarding action", that is, by surrounding with love and affection.

Justice, justice, it follows (תרדף).

It's truth.

Shechinah & The Mystery Of Zero

כ'ה באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 26

In my previous entry, HaLeviah On The Boundaries Of The Universe, I noted that in my sidereal whole natal chart there are zero astrological points in the zodiac houses associated with the element of water, corresponding to the world of Beriyah (the world initiating the mythological "fall" or "shattering of the vessels"). Further, I noted that there are 9 Hebrew letters which comprise the idea of "zero" (nekudat ha-efes), namely נקודת האפס.

These 9 letters have a combined gematria of 700 - the absolute value of nun-sofit (the final nun). Collecting the 9 letters of nekudat ha-efes into a single vessel, nun-sofit thus creates the archetypal pattern of my "Beriyatic" soul as being a "pure flowing" (שת with a gematria of 700) extension of the Infinite Ein Sof and Shechinah. Importantly, the single Beriyatic "point of nothing" remains whole (tam) as "zero" in my natal chart. It is not shattered.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

HaLeviah On The Boundaries Of The Universe

כ'ה באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 26

The elemental astrological points on my sidereal whole natal chart is heavily weighted toward and established with the element of Fire. The number of elemental points in my chart are:

Fire (Atzilut) - 8 (chet, ח)
Water (Beriyah) - 0 (9 letters of nekudat ha-efes, נקודת האפס)
Air (Yetzirah) - 4 (dalet, ד)
Earth (Assiyah) - 2 (beit, ב)

The elemental analysis of my natal chart confirms my prenatal memory of the fiery river as elucidated in A Mystery Of Consciousness, Chamber Of The Nest and First Beit.

There are a total of 12 Hebrew letters marking the boundaries of my universe in the elemental associations of my natal chart.

R. Aryeh Kaplan explains Sefer Yetzirah 5:1, teaching that if a person wishes to experience the Divine, she must begin with the boundaries of the universe.

Note: Nekudat Ha-Efes means "zero" and "point of absolute nothing".

Yad HaGedolah - The Primordial Drama In My Soul

כ'ד באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 25

Click graphic for larger view.

In my previous entry, I noted that the left-handed ascendant of my natal chart is Virgo according to the Tropical Placidus astrological reckoning. Kabbalistically, Virgo corresponds to the left hand and to the Hebrew letter yod (י), with a value of 10. There is, of course, the other hand which participates in building my story.

According to the astrological reckoning known as Sidereal Whole, the ascendant of my natal chart is Leo, the Lion of Liorah Lleucu HaMasovevet. Kabbalistically, Leo corresponds to the Hebrew letter tet (ט), with the value of 9.

There is an interesting cosmological drama in the astrological information contained within my two equally applicable natal birth charts.

With the two systems taken kabbalistically together (Yad Ramah), I find that my natal ascendant has a united value of 19 - the gematria of Chavah.

According to R. Yitzchak Ginsburgh, "Eve's name, Chavah, means experience and expression" ... Clearly, my natal charts reveal that my soul's expression of my initial experience as an incarnating creature is explicitly and manifestly patterned with the archetype of Chavah.

Of the Chavah archetype, R. Ginsburgh teaches:

The rectification of Chavah encompasses all the reorientations of consciousness required to rectify the primordial sin and restore mankind to its original, pristine level and usher in the final redemption.

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My Natal Torah Portion Via Yad HaChazakah

My Natal Torah Portion Via Yad HaChazakah

כ'ד באדר א' תשס"ח
Keolwulf 25

My Natal Chart[1] (click for larger view).

"The ascendant of a given geographic location at a given point in time is the point on the zodiac which coincides with - i.e., is ascending over - the eastern horizon as viewed from that place and time."

The ascendant on a natal chart wheel is located where the horizontal line intersects with the left side of the wheel.

In my own natal chart, Virgo (Elul, left hand - yad hachazakah, action, pintele yid, days of reclamation) governed by Mercury is on the ascendant. Thus, communication, intellect and awareness exert considerable influence over my chart and throughout this lifetime.

From The Chassidic Dimension, Rambam states in Yad HaChazakah:

The Torah portion of Chukas begins with the laws of the Parah Adumah, the Red Heifer, whose ashes were used to ritually purify a person who had come in contact with a dead body.[2]

The Rambam states in Yad HaChazakah, Laws of Parah Adumah[3]: "Nine Parah Adumos were made from the time it was first commanded until the destruction of the Second Beis HaMikdash. Moshe made the first; Ezra the second; and seven more from the time of Ezra until the destruction of the Temple. The tenth will be made by Moshiach.


[1] Tropical Placidus natal chart. See Tropical Vs. Sidereal Astrology.

[2] Bamidbar, ch. 19

[3] Conclusion of ch. 3

Dare to be true to yourself.