Friday, February 28, 2014

Testing for SNP P95 and SNP M379 Ordered

In follow-up to my previous post, all of the results for the 37 Y-DNA markers I had tested for my dad are in. His Y-Hg is I-M223 (I2b1*). His Y-DNA was not tested for these I-M223 subclade SNPs:

I2b1a - M284!, L126!
I2b1b - M379!
I2b1c - P78!
I2b1d - P95

In my dad's Haplotype Origins matches, he matches a few individuals in Poland who are confirmed I2b1d (formerly I1b2a4), so I have ordered the test to have have his Y-DNA tested for SNP P95.

According to this information on RootsWeb, the P95 haplotype is rare (but has some time depth to it and has been found in Holland, Germany and Poland). Testing for M284 and P78 may not yield positive results.

I've also ordered the test for SNP M379.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Level Paternal Y-DNA Results In

Yay! The first level results (Y-DNA1-12, the first 12 markers) on my father's Y-DNA test are in. The 25-marker and 37-marker results are still pending, which may refine my dad's Y-haplogroup more specifically. Nevertheless, my dad's first level Y-DNA haplogroup is I2. His final Y-DNA haplogroup using current nomenclature is predicted by FTDNA scientists to be I-M223 (formerly known as I2b1, I2a2a and I1c in earlier phylosystems).

I2 is  generally considered a Anglo-Saxon-Germanic-Fennoscandia genetic haplogroup.

At this point, my dad has exact Y-DNA genetic matches in England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and another one of unknown origin.

So far, he has multiple genetic matches distance-1 to males (in order of frequency) in these countries:

unknown origin
United Kingdom
United States

and 1 match each from these countries:

Northern Ireland

In the ancestral origins results, his top three exact country matches are (in order of frequency):


This is exactly what oral family tradition on my dad's side has passed down - that my paternal family most recently came from England, Germany and Ireland.

According to FTDNA scientists, "The I2b1 lineage likely has its roots in Northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking / Scandinavian populations in Northwest Europe and extends at low frequencies into Central and Eastern Europe."

Looks like my dad is a real Viking! and descends from Vikings who eventually settled in the British Isles.

Friday, February 07, 2014

D.U.D.E. - An Ancestral Secret of Fire & Ice

Rune adorned vintage coupon from old Beard Ice Co. in Danville, IL.

Last night's rune drawing was Sowilo - the fiery solar thunderbolt. Then I dreamt a highly symbolic dream certainly pertaining to an ancestral mystery.

In a prologue dream to the main dream, I back-time traveled to the home of an older woman living alone. She had the ancestral flavor of my paternal grandmother, but she was not my grandmother specifically. I went there to change the future to which this moment in time was connected. Suddenly, I was in another place where a man lay dying. He had an ancient secret key (one which had been passed down the family line since ancient times) he had kept safe in his heart during his lifetime - this secret key unlocked something very mysterious and powerful. As he lay dying, the secret was released (in visible form) from his heart and came into mine like an apparition but more solid. The man had passed this secret key to me.

Then the main dream started.

Though we lived separate lives, I and my brother were living on the edges of normative society. We no longer really fit in with people who live their lives in service to normal society. We were walking around the streets of the town, like proverbial outsiders (James Dean like).

There was a little creature who came up to us, it reminded me of a shoeshine monkey, but it wasn't (another little creature like in a dream of an earlier dream-post). He caught my attention and I sort of adopted him, inviting him to come along. The creature pointed out some ice cubes and I read them. There were secret codes in the ice cubes and the ability to read them was one I was very inherently skilled at doing. I and my brother each now held 3 ice cubes in our hands.

We came to a door to a outsiders' club (reminded me of an underworld mafia-like club, but it wasn't the mafia, it was like a tribal club - a gathering place for the tribal-clans who belonged to the larger tribe). It was dangerous to go inside if one didn't belong there. It was strongly protected. I knocked on the door (again, another similar element from the same earlier dream-post). I felt called to do that.

The door was opened by a burly guard who asked us what we wanted. I really had no idea what I wanted except to go inside and see what was there. The little creature spoke up to the guard and said, "she can read ice cubes!" Immediately, the guard let us in, as if the ability to read ice cubes was something very special indeed and connected deeply to the tribe.

I and my brother were taken to audience with the tribal leader (like a chief earl-boss man), who was non-plussed at first to be bothered by the introduction of us to him (as he sat at the head of a group) by the guard. I felt he would throw us out or worse. But then the guard said, "she can read ice cubes." I held up my ice cubes.

As I held up my ice cubes, an old wooden hutch in the room fell over with a bang and split apart into pieces, revealing a hidden compartment which now was exposed and open. A secret note paper which had been hidden in a concealed compartment fell out. On the note paper was written D.U.D.E. - it was like a bank-note or coupon-note upon which was recorded an old agreement between the chief boss-man (and the tribes overall) and the inheritor of the owner-rights to the D.U.D.E. note - I was the inheritor to the owner-rights of the D.U.D.E. note - and me as the inheritor-owner was directly supported by the fact that I could read ice cubes, by the hutch falling over as I lifted up the ice cubes in my hands (revealing the D.U.D.E. note), and by details that only the chief-boss man could read in the D.U.D.E note.

In some way, the D.U.D.E. note recorded an agreement between an ancestor family member of mine and the chief boss-man years ago before I was born - it seemed like in the 1930's or 1940's. I had a vision of that time with my deceased family member and the chief boss-man back in those days (each wearing the kinds of hats business men wore in those days) talking together and making some kind of deal to save the tribal organization. My ancestor-family member sacrificed something to save everything and everyone. The D.U.D.E. note recorded a debt of gratitude to the descendant inheritor of the D.U.D.E. note - it would ensure the survival and prosperity of my ancestor's chosen descendants in repayment of the sacrifice made by my ancestor at a critical time in history which ensured the survival and prosperity of the tribal organization.

The chief boss-man's eyes welled up with tears, though he didn't cry. He clearly had dearly loved my ancestor-family member like a brother - the two had been blood brothers in fact, strongly bonded together like men who are blood brothers are. The chief-boss man acknowledged my inheritance right and embraced my brother and I into the tribal organization. We would be set up in homes in the west end of town (where most of the tribal clans lived) and taken care of (given a place within the organization), and given respected active roles within the tribal organization. We were safe now, no longer outsiders, safe among a strong kindred.

In my role, I went to a factory (used to be Lauhoff Grain Co.) and drove up to the factory teller window. I was immediately recognized as a VIP (in the tribal organization) and we were let right in.

Then I was at a little store nearby that was getting ready to close for the night. I was a friend to the person who owned and worked the store. The last customer was checking out. I went to check out the last customer as a favor to the person closing up things, and just gave the customer whatever item it was she was going to purchase. I could do that - I could dispense little favors to others at will as I wanted to. This was one of my rightful powers as a VIP in the tribal organization.

When the little shop had closed for the night, we were outside loading some kind of stretcher onto the bed of a truck. A patrolling policeman came up to see what we were doing. Then the policeman recognized we were of the tribal organization and was friendly. He clearly respected our tribal organization.

I woke up.

Later today, I found out that my paternal grandfather and possibly another paternal family member had worked at the old Beard Ice Company that used to exist in my town.

My Sowilo rune dream pertains significantly to Ice and to real mysteries of my ancestors.

Dare to be true to yourself.