Sunday, February 24, 2013

Noble Raido Lives the Stories

In follow-up to today's earlier posts, I like this from Runesecrets on the rune Raido (alternatively spelled Raidho):

Raidho is the rune of ordered movement of energies in time and space as it pertains to human awareness. It is the rune of leading by example and of actions that speak louder than words. Though ANSUZ may tell the stories, Raidho lives the stories.

The old ways made it easier for ancient people to live in the present moment, a skill most valuable in the practice of esoteric arts. Because of its capacity to bring focus and awareness to the present, Raidho will expose hidden dangers along the path, so that no strange place or new circumstance can sneak up on us during our travels.

It is linked to kingship, leadership and nobility, which are not acquired by virtue of birth but earned or held by merit. A context of moral responsibility and integrity accompany all use of this energy.

The Resurrection of SeidrSpins

Ah, another baseless accusation has just been directed at me through the email address I use for another one of my Etsy shoppes - this time the baseless accusation came to the email I use for SeidrSpins (the previous one pertaining to Loki came as a convo through Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy) The baseless accusation (copied and pasted exactly):

i was just wondering why you like stealing the ideas of others shops and recreating their works as if you created them. so, why is this?

I know I'm doing something exceedingly right when I have enemies who slander my name and make baseless accusations against me.

THE RESURRECTION OF FRIGG - I think as a blot to Eostre at Ostara, now that I've restored my rightful conscious essential connection to Frigg, I will begin also earnestly developing SeidrSpins alongside continued development of Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy.

Some have suggested that Ostara is merely an alternate name for Frigg or Freya, but neither of these Goddesses seem to have quite the same fertility function as Ostara does.

Nevertheless that some also do not see the connection between Frigg and Eostre, Ostara IS easily associated with resurrection, and now that I have resurrected my conscious essential connection to Frigg, so the sabbat of Ostara it is for the blot to Eostre and to the resurrection of SeidrSpins.

Tsaheylu and the Warrior in the Hall

In follow-up to my previous post, on Raidho from the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem:

Riding - to the warrior in the hall - is easy,
But very strenuous for one who sits on top,
Of a powerful horse over long miles.

In other words, for the warrior in the Hall (that is, one who has created a tsaheylu bond of being with her/his horse), riding is easy. For one who merely sits on top of the horse (that is, one who has no bond of being with her/his horse), riding is very strenuous, especially as the work continues over long periods of time.

This interpretation of Raidho is supported by the dream/runeworking shared here.

Powerful All-Rune

This is going to be a complex post which may be difficult to follow. Alot of information is going to left out, some of it because it is extraneous, some of it because it is too delicate to communicate publicly. What I will write is the most important information which will provide an accurate report describing the pertinent needed details as to what I should report.

Rune Working

First, before going to bed nearly every night, I always draw a rune from my rune bag of handcrafted Amaranth Younger Futhark runes made of Purpleheart wood. I blooded these runes a few months ago during my first blot ritual on Thor's Day in which I invoked Hel (my patroness), Loki and Thunor particularly for protection (the same ritual which fire-marked new day-old rune-inscribed altar). This rune set has also has a wyrd rune, which I also had previously blooded.

Last night, and the night before, a wyrd thing happened twice in a row on successive nights - this has never happened to me before. I drew the wyrd rune. When I draw the wyrd rune, I also always draw a second rune. BOTH NIGHTS after drawing the wyrd rune, the second rune I drew was Raidho. I always mix around around the runes well with my hand in the bag before making a drawing, and I can't see the runes I draw from the rune bag. This doubled double rune drawing told me that this was an especially important runic communication to and runic divination for me.

I climbed into bed to settle for the night.

My Friend Loki's Candle

Second, before settling down to sleep last night, I checked my cell phone (kept on my nightstand) for emails. One message was a convo just posted at my Etsy shoppe (Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy)- a man was complaining about the Baphomet charm on my Loki blot candle. He complained (I copy and paste his exact complaint as follows):

This Satanic Pentacle has NOTHING to do with Loki, Satan is a Christian deity and Loki is an Asatru deity. This is just flat out disrespectful.

I love Loki.This complaint is totally without merit and Loki, my protector, knows it.

The Dream & Loki's Protection

Third, I fell asleep and dreamt. Much of the dream will not be reported, for reasons given previously, but the significant parts which need to be, will be.

Riding together in a vehicle down Orchardview Drive, myself and a man in the front seat (the man driving), and a woman and some children in the back seat, I was told by the woman that there is an All-Powerful very special rune (whose exact form is hidden), and that if a woman has it, the face of the rune will light up (take the form of) her face, and the woman with whose form the All-Powerful rune takes, her husband is the most powerful leader warrior-king and with it he is immutably undefeatable. She spoke the term by which this  powerful All-Rune is called - the syllables ran quickly together, but it started with the G-sound and was a multi-syllabled word similar to (but not) Gylfaginning and Ginnungagap (mighty gap). Many throughout time have tried to find this powerful All-Rune. I knew that the face of this rune had taken my face.

I heard the man thinking though he spoke not. He telepathically told me to "send him" a rune. He wanted me to send him a rune as a test of our connection.

Suddenly, still on Orchardview Drive, a huge sink hole (Ginnungagap or Sökkvabekkr?) opened up in the middle of the road (I feel now this is related to the unfounded complaint about the Loki candle - an occult attempt to "sink" me, and possibly to the G-name of the All-Rune as the woman uttered it). The man easily drove around it.

I told the woman excitedly that I had recently blooded my runes "on Samhain" (which I knew even as I spoke it that it wasn't on Samhain when i had done this, and that I also wasn't deliberately trying to lie to her, those were the words which came out of my mouth though - so I knew this was also Loki's protection). I also said that I blooded them in a motel room (which, as with stating Samhain to her, I wasn't deliberately trying to lie, but those were the words which issued from my mouth - again, Loki's protection).

I woke up.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Saga-Frigg)

After waking up and sitting down to relate this, it came to my mind that the candle complaint and the woman's naming of the All-Rune were occult attempts to sink my embodiment as an aspect of Frigg. In other words, I now feel that Saga's natural Hall in Asgard is NOT Sökkvabekkr (in terms of being a Sunken Hall), but is something entirely unsunken. Importantly, Saga consciousness has been redeemed, so to speak, and become re-unified with Frigg.

Hail Loki! Hail Loki!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saga in Gylfaginning

In follow-up and addition to my previous post, I found this on Saga (and Frigg) as discussed in Gylfaginning:

In answer to ‘Who are the  Asyniur?’
‘The highest (first) is Frigg.  She has a dwelling called Fensalir and it is very splendid.  Second is Sága.  She dwells at Sökkvabekkr, and that is a big place.’ [From Snorri Sturluson’s Edda, translated by Anthony Faulkes]

This snippet from the lore brings Frigg and Saga together in the same discussion and in the same order as does my poem (in the previous post fully with excerpts reposted below) about one of my own preincarnate experiences. Follow this:

The highest (first) is Frigg.  

The etymology of the name Frigg is thus:

in Icelandic as frjá which means "to love." All of these names, as well as the words friend and affray are ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root pri- meaning 'to love.'

What are the first lines of my poem? These are clearly Frigg-lines which pertain to loving:

from the mind inscribed before time in a dreamlike primeval existence
before my life began, at your side, I loved you
set before seeing

Consequently, first (highest) in my poem is Frigg.

Second is Saga.

Second in my poem comes Saga, goddess of Cosmic Memory whose name means "epic story", who ends my poem with these Saga-lines:

try as I might to rewrite the story, I cannot forget the truth
and some things can never be fixed

In my experience, Frigg and Saga are one and the same. Frigg, in my mind, represents a state of consciousness where love exists pristinely. Frigg (a pristine, unassailable core) remains silent in the face of seeming betrayal, then comes Saga (who deals with the baneful experience as consciousness continues to unfold from the core) and tries to rewrite the story as it unfolds into history, over and over again, trying to "fix it." I now see Frigg as an aspect of the unchanging essence, Saga as the power to act.

Not only am I Saga (in the mythic sense of archetypal consciousness), but I am Frigg as well. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Saga in Helgakvitha Hundingsbana

I'm trembling.

Saga in Helgakvitha Hundingsbana (3 translations of Saga's verse I've found - source

A mischievous crone wast thou,
a giantess, a Valkyria,
Insolent, monstrous, in Alfather's hall.
All the Einheriar fought with each other,
Deceitful woman! for thy sake.
Nine wolves we begat in Sagunes;
I alone was father of them all.

A Valkyrie wast thou, | loathly Witch,
Evil and base, | in Allfather's home;
The warriors all | must ever fight,
Woman subtle, | for sake of thee.
"Nine did we | in Sogunes
Of wolf-cubs have; | I their father was."

“Thou wast, witch-hag, a Valkyrie fierce
In Alfather’s hall, hateful and grim:
All Valholl’s warriors had well-nigh battled,
Willful woman, to win they hand.
On Saga Ness full nine wolves we
Had together—I gat them all.”

I made the immediate connection to this preincarnate experience / poem (as described also in previous writings)

from the mind inscribed before time in a dreamlike primeval existence
before my life began, at your side, I loved you
set before seeing, witnessing the violent play of creation
rising jagged with twisting thorns ascending toward there
wild and fierce the bloody storm from below, a churning pit of cold fire and coal
dripping with pain torn from earth, cutting edges
raging from a lawless horror, a terror untamed upon the earth
spreading as a plague coming near with powerful fury, iterating screams
reverberating with dysrhythm, the battering melody shattering the noise of silence
in agony melding together, into a cyclone of spiraling shrill despair
hopeless, the sound of an inky blackness, line upon line writing
a writhing scroll, twisted with affliction, death and blood everywhere
below the colorlessness of the sanctuary where I stood, immobile in the sight
testifying, not forgotten, revealing some wordless cry of terror
embedding beyond the throat, becoming chained in the belly
burning my world, descending into the hallowed depths of my heart
with no way to restrain it, its direction of attraction
toward me the knife came to cut
please see me! I am here! I cried without sound - to you as you watched it climb up
as you watched it climb up with some curious, strange fascination
not seeing me, or disregarded, either way, outside your direction of attention
as the rabid destruction erupted up the wall, and all I could do to escape the blade
becoming broken, I turned away, pulling myself in ... only to be thown away
thrown down, as a coarse grain into the only history I ever knew, and I know
what you did, throwing me down to be ripped apart, for those who would destroy me
why do you hate me - still you don't see me, you don't hear me, and you don't care
try as I might to rewrite the story, I cannot forget the truth
and some things can never be fixed

Was I witnessing the Einherjar fight with one another? and I was thrown down just before they reached me. Perhaps I was actually saved by that action. I have an entirely new perspective on this preinacarnate experience now. Totally new. BTW though, I wasn't hateful nor deceitful nor monstrous (male commentators, for sure wrote that), though I surely was grim watching the bloody battle climb up towards me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saga in Grímnismál

Grímnismál ... Odin and Sága happily drink there from golden cups while waves resound ...

Odin and Saga - yes, as I've related in other posts, I have never been alone, and my preincarnate experiences were experienced in companionship with another.

happily drink there from golden cups

and the final seeing (vision of forthseeing) was of "that which should be" of a profound destined happiness I've called "the brightening and the brilliance" in other writings

while waves resound

carrying the visions of seeing forward into manifest reality and incarnate remembrance such that I can report of them to this day

Monday, February 18, 2013

Daughter of Saga

In the Freya Aswynn interview linked here (, Freya said something to the effect that her life mirrors a character in one of the sagas (a daughter of Seigfried) in an manner similar to a fractal and then suggested further that the lives of others may do the same. This got me to thinking, that given my "cosmic" preincarnate memory is so essential to who I am (independent of time and space as it exists in physical reality), and that Saga (Frigg) is the goddess who bestows the gift of Cosmic Memory, that perhaps I too am a "fractal" (of sorts) of Saga as Freya considers herself a "fractal" of Seigfried's daughter. It makes sense to me, especially in light of the fact that all of us, as descendents of our deities, are "fractals" of our deities in the sense of being incarnate manifestations of them to some degree. Taking all of this together, while Hel is my patroness, I think I personally am, as an ever-unfolding individual of fate, most closely akin to the essence of Saga. So, in terms of identifying my spiritual root, I think my first root of consciousness aligns with Saga - almost like I am Saga and my best friend in the Cosmos is Hel.

The Sagas in My Motherline

Two Saturdays past, I came upon the discovery of my spiritual connection (through my own preincarnate Cosmic Memory) to Frigg, the Queen of Asgard, through her name Saga (embodying the Power of Memory). At the time of that discovery, I created some new candles in her honor (one of which can be seen here).

Today, researching my ancestral genetic motherline, I came upon another connection to Saga ~

This map shows possible prehistoric entry routes of my maternal lineage (U5b1b-U5b1b1 in this image) into Fennoscandia. [source - The Peopling of Europe from the Mitochondrial Haplogroup U5 Perspective]

The paper Migration Waves to the Baltic Sea Region discusses mtDNA migrations from the Baltic Sea Region and states:
U5b and U5b1b1 were common in Karelia and especially among the Viena Karelians where U5b1b1 reached a high frequency 16.1%.

Here is a map showing where Karelia is located (for consistency and perspective against previous map):

Looking up Viena Karelia (where my maternal lineage reached high frequency), I found this interesting tidbit:

The birth site of the world renowned classic, the Kalevala, lies in the Viena Karelian villages, an area still surrounded by primeval forest. The Finnish national epic owes its existence to the folklore collected from the region´s unlettered peasants.

I think it's cool that my maternal lineage is directly connected to the preservation of a national folkloric epic "saga" and my spiritual connection to the Queen of Asgard is through her name Saga. Importantly, this thread of connection winding down to me around the scientific genetic evidence suggests to me that the transmission and actualization of my preincarnate memory is intimately connected to my ancestral genetic motherline.

Related - Urðarbrunnr

Saturday, February 02, 2013


Hel's Hall Eljudnir in Niflheim is beautiful like this.

I watched the film Prometheus last night - the opening scenes are magnificent and very close to how I experienced Niflheimr in my dream posted not too long ago. My heart jumped with some kind of innate love when I saw those opening scenes. This kind of place is what makes my soul sing. I looked up on the internet where the opening scenes were filmed - it was in Iceland and Scotland. I have ancestral genetic connections to both Iceland and Scotland according to mtDNA and autosomal genetic results.

Hel's Hall, Eljudnir, in Niflheimr, is beautiful like in the opening scenes of the movie Prometheus.While I didn't care for the "Alien-horror-type xenomorph" at the end of the movie so much (which I feel ruined the movie), I'm going to buy the DVD just for those opening scenes - to watch those scenes over and over and over.

Dare to be true to yourself.