Sunday, February 24, 2013

Powerful All-Rune

This is going to be a complex post which may be difficult to follow. Alot of information is going to left out, some of it because it is extraneous, some of it because it is too delicate to communicate publicly. What I will write is the most important information which will provide an accurate report describing the pertinent needed details as to what I should report.

Rune Working

First, before going to bed nearly every night, I always draw a rune from my rune bag of handcrafted Amaranth Younger Futhark runes made of Purpleheart wood. I blooded these runes a few months ago during my first blot ritual on Thor's Day in which I invoked Hel (my patroness), Loki and Thunor particularly for protection (the same ritual which fire-marked new day-old rune-inscribed altar). This rune set has also has a wyrd rune, which I also had previously blooded.

Last night, and the night before, a wyrd thing happened twice in a row on successive nights - this has never happened to me before. I drew the wyrd rune. When I draw the wyrd rune, I also always draw a second rune. BOTH NIGHTS after drawing the wyrd rune, the second rune I drew was Raidho. I always mix around around the runes well with my hand in the bag before making a drawing, and I can't see the runes I draw from the rune bag. This doubled double rune drawing told me that this was an especially important runic communication to and runic divination for me.

I climbed into bed to settle for the night.

My Friend Loki's Candle

Second, before settling down to sleep last night, I checked my cell phone (kept on my nightstand) for emails. One message was a convo just posted at my Etsy shoppe (Witchcrafts Artisan Alchemy)- a man was complaining about the Baphomet charm on my Loki blot candle. He complained (I copy and paste his exact complaint as follows):

This Satanic Pentacle has NOTHING to do with Loki, Satan is a Christian deity and Loki is an Asatru deity. This is just flat out disrespectful.

I love Loki.This complaint is totally without merit and Loki, my protector, knows it.

The Dream & Loki's Protection

Third, I fell asleep and dreamt. Much of the dream will not be reported, for reasons given previously, but the significant parts which need to be, will be.

Riding together in a vehicle down Orchardview Drive, myself and a man in the front seat (the man driving), and a woman and some children in the back seat, I was told by the woman that there is an All-Powerful very special rune (whose exact form is hidden), and that if a woman has it, the face of the rune will light up (take the form of) her face, and the woman with whose form the All-Powerful rune takes, her husband is the most powerful leader warrior-king and with it he is immutably undefeatable. She spoke the term by which this  powerful All-Rune is called - the syllables ran quickly together, but it started with the G-sound and was a multi-syllabled word similar to (but not) Gylfaginning and Ginnungagap (mighty gap). Many throughout time have tried to find this powerful All-Rune. I knew that the face of this rune had taken my face.

I heard the man thinking though he spoke not. He telepathically told me to "send him" a rune. He wanted me to send him a rune as a test of our connection.

Suddenly, still on Orchardview Drive, a huge sink hole (Ginnungagap or Sökkvabekkr?) opened up in the middle of the road (I feel now this is related to the unfounded complaint about the Loki candle - an occult attempt to "sink" me, and possibly to the G-name of the All-Rune as the woman uttered it). The man easily drove around it.

I told the woman excitedly that I had recently blooded my runes "on Samhain" (which I knew even as I spoke it that it wasn't on Samhain when i had done this, and that I also wasn't deliberately trying to lie to her, those were the words which came out of my mouth though - so I knew this was also Loki's protection). I also said that I blooded them in a motel room (which, as with stating Samhain to her, I wasn't deliberately trying to lie, but those were the words which issued from my mouth - again, Loki's protection).

I woke up.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Saga-Frigg)

After waking up and sitting down to relate this, it came to my mind that the candle complaint and the woman's naming of the All-Rune were occult attempts to sink my embodiment as an aspect of Frigg. In other words, I now feel that Saga's natural Hall in Asgard is NOT Sökkvabekkr (in terms of being a Sunken Hall), but is something entirely unsunken. Importantly, Saga consciousness has been redeemed, so to speak, and become re-unified with Frigg.

Hail Loki! Hail Loki!

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